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The Father's Day 100

Eddie MacDonald Finishes Ninth
at the Milwaukee Mile

Eddie MacDonald traveled to Wisconsin to race in the ARCA Midwest Tour's Father's Day 100 at the 106 year old Milwaukee Mile and despite the ninth place finish, the veteran racer made quite an impression on those in attendance. Eddie Mac started the 100 lap event on the pole and rode up front for much of the race until a very tight condition cost him in the end.

A deal some months ago with local car owner Dave Lemieux and Pathfinder Chassis' owner Joe Wood set the stage for Eddie Mac and crew chief Rollie LaChance to participate at the legendary track. Lemieux purchased a Pathfinder chassis a number of years ago from the Wisconsin based builder and Wood has been so impressed with Eddie Mac and the East coast team, he asked to partner with the team for the event. The crew at Pathfinder built the Super Late Model while Lemieux provided the engine and transmission.

"It was a great experience to race the Milwaukee Mile and we had a lot of fun with Joe Wood and the crew," said Eddie Mac. "They built a beautiful car and we had plenty of power thanks to our engine builder Paul Rinaldi. The car was very tight from the beginning with Saturday's practice. The crew never stopped working making changes to get us better. The car was better for Sunday's race and we had a stroke of luck that put us on the pole."

The stroke of luck was in reference was the decision to invert the field. The top eleven cars were to be inverted plus a number picked by the pole winner added to that number, which was a six to total 17. Eddie Mac qualified 17th so he inherited the pole position to start the race. He quickly proved it was no fluke he belonged up front.

When the green flag waved over the 32-car field, Eddie Mac held the lead over the stellar starting grid for the first 15 laps before slipping to 4th due to the tight condition. The decision was made to take two tires, only six were allowed for the race, during the first of the two completion cautions on lap 35. Eddie Mac restarted in the sixth position and by lap 68 was running in the third spot. The second competition caution on lap 80 saw a number of cars pit to take on their tires.

When racing resumed the #17Ma had the lead on lap 84 but the combination of the tight car and cars with fresher tires found the Rowley, Mass. driver falling back steadily and into ninth when the green flag waved.

"It was a lot of fun until the very end when the car was so tight it just would not turn in the corners," said Eddie Mac. "I could really pull people down the straights with the power we had but I was getting beat in the turns. I have to thank Joe Wood and his crew for everything they did. They are a great bunch of guys and were fun to be around. Thanks to our car owner Dave Lemieux for putting this all together so we could race at such an historic track. The people out there really support their racing. Despite the cold, rainy day thousands of fans were there."

"Of course, spending Father's Day with my father there was really special," said Eddie Mac. "He has been there with me my whole career and I can't thank him and my Mom enough for all the love and support."

Eddie Mac returns to New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon for this week's Short Track Showdown June 22-23 in the Dave Lemieux owned Super Late Model with practice on Saturday and the race on Sunday. Eddie Mac has won the event twice and is looking for a third title.

SUNDAY, JUNE 2 - 2:00 PM
Eddie Scores Eighth Place Finish in
PASS North SLM Race at Oxford
Eddie MacDonald drove from his 17th place starting position in the Pro All Star Series 150 lap Super Late Model event at Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday afternoon to post an encouraging eighth place finish. In only the second race of the season at OPS, the team is dialing in the new Freddie Peterson owned Camaro and the Rowley, Mass. driver is pleased with the progress.

"During the first practice I knew we had a car that could contend for the win," said the veteran racer. "I was able to drive it anywhere and that was a great sign. After our first race in the new car, we knew we had to make a change which is something to be expected. After a day of testing, Rollie (LaChance) and I were able to figure out the changes we needed to make to get the car better, Dale Shaw, the car builder, spent time with us and his input was very helpful."

Eddie Mac posted the second fastest time in the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric #17 Ma and made minor adjustments for the second and final practice. Eddie Mac started tenth in the heat and could only manage a sixth place finish saying, "The heat was only 15 laps so to come from last was a problem but we had new tires on and that hurt us. We only had two short practices so we didn't get to scuff the tires and that really made the car tight. We tried to loosen the car up for the race but it was still tight."

Eddie Mac started the 150 lap race 17th on the grid and was able to make modest gains throughout the first 112 laps when the caution flag flew. The crew went to work making wedge and air pressure changes and Eddie Mac restarted in the 14th position for the final 38 laps. The car just took off and was able to pick up six spots before time ran out to score the eighth place finish.

"We decide to pit and that made a huge difference," said Eddie Mac. "The car was still a little tight but I was able to drive it on the outside and passed a number of cars. This is exactly what we were hoping to accomplish and even though you want a better finish, we know we are headed in the right direction. The car felt really great at the end of the race and we are looking forward to our next race."

"Thanks for all the support from car owner Freddie Peterson and our sponsors Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty in Middleton, Mass. and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric in Quincy, Mass. and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction in Waymart, Pa. Thanks also to Bobby Wood, Dave Lemieux, HMS and Schroth Racing for their continued support. Our crew is the best and every race they do everything to get us running our best. Rob, Jolene, Ryan, Laura, Brian, Tom, and Hoppy are a dedicated group of people and they make all the difference."

Eddie Mac will race next at the legendary Milwaukee Mile in the Pathfinder Chassis house car June 14-15 before returning to compete in the Short Track Showdown at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy Super Late Model on June 22-23.
Photos by Norm Marx

SUNDAY, APRIL 28 - 1:30 PM

Eddie MacDonald Posts 13th Place Finish
in PASS Race at Oxford

Eddie Mac battled the new car blues in the Pro All Star Series' Honey Badger Bar and Grill 150 at Oxford Plains Speedway, Maine on Sunday, April 28 to post a 13th place finish. With Saturday practice virtually wiped out by rain, the team simply did not have enough track time to ready the new Freddie Peterson owned Camaro for the event.

"We were working on it right up to the last minute and having it ready for the race was in doubt, " said Eddie Mac. "We came to the track hoping to get some idea of what we needed but losing Saturday really hurt us. We did the best we could during the Sunday morning practice but it wasn't enough. There are so many variables with a new car it takes a lot of practice and testing to dial it in and we didn't have it. We will get it but we know we need more time."

The EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Camaro qualified fifth in the third of three heats and started 15th in the 33-car feature. When the green flag waved, Eddie Mac was able to advance the Dale Shaw built #17ma into ninth place by the first caution flag on lap 19 of the 150 lap event. Restarting the race on the inside again allowed Eddie Mac to gain two more positions into seventh place by the next caution on lap 39. However, Eddie Mac had to start eighth on the outside with a lapped car staring in front of him and that exposed the fatal flaw.

"I really didn't expect to be real racy today but when we started and the car was going so well on the bottom I thought maybe we will be able to race the top guys," said the Rowley, Mass. racer. "However, as soon as I had to start on the outside the car was so loose I could not make any move to the front. We slid back and lost a number of spots. On the next caution flag (Lap 89), Rollie (LaChance) and the crew made adjustments but I had to start on the outside again and I just couldn't pass anyone. It was like that the rest of the way. At that point we were just trying to learn as much as we could, so we made another adjustment (caution lap 135) but I was just hanging on by then. We managed a 13th place finish but we will get the handle on this car and be back contending for the win."

"I have to thank my crew who suffered through the rain, cold and wind and did everything they could to help as they always do. Rollie and I rely on Tom Rice, Jolene and Rob Drandson, Laura and Ryan LaChance, Kenny Grooms, Hoppy, and Dick Casey and they never disappoint," said Eddie Mac. "Thanks also to our sponsors: Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty in Middleton, Mass., Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric in Quincy, Mass., and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction in Waymart, Pa., as well as, HMS Motorsports and Schroth Racing. And of course, we owe it all to our car owners Sheila and Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto Body in Peabody, Mass."

"Our race team wants to send our best to the mother our other car owner Dave Lemieux. Barbara is battling some health issues now and we know she will be back in the stands cheering us on in the near future," said Eddie Mac. "She is at a lot of the races and cooks great food for the team and we appreciate everything she does. She is a real sweetheart! Get well soon Barbara!"
Photos by Richard Casey 
Photos by Norm Marx

Eddie MacDonald Will Open
Oxford Plains Speedway’s
PASS 2019 Season

Eddie Mac and crew chief Rollie LaChance will debut the new Super Late Model Chevy for owner Freddie Peterson this Sunday, April 28 in the Honey Badger Bar and Grill 150 at the historic Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine. Built in the off-season by Dale Shaw, the team has been finalizing preparations for the new ride in anticipation for the upcoming season.

"We are really excited to get this car on the track after all the work to see what it can do," said the veteran racer. "The car looks great and Dale did an awesome job building it for us but now it is up to us to make it go fast. With any new car, there are a lot of unknowns so will have to see where we are at during our Saturday practice. We only have four fifteen minute practices so we really have to be on our game. It should be fun and we are looking forward to test out the new car."

This will be the second race this season for Eddie Mac after finishing sixth in the PASS race at Richmond after battling back from a hard crash in the Friday practice in the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy. Eddie Mac will drive a limited schedule for both owners in the Super Late Model series.

"Freddie Peterson decided after last season to build a super late model to compete locally," said Eddie Mac. "We are happy to be racing our first race for him at Oxford. It is a place both Rollie and I know well and we have had a lot of success there. Hopefully this experience pays off this weekend with a strong showing and a solid finish. There is so much to getting a new car dialed in we feel we will be capable to run with the tough field already entered."

The car and team will again be sponsored by EXIT Realty, Hancock Electric, and Grimm Construction as it has been for many years with Eddie Mac saying, "We are so lucky to have Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty, Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric, and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction on board with us again the year. It means so much to this team to know these people have been our sponsors and friends for so many years. Of course, we could not do any of this without the commitment of car owner's Sheila and Freddie Peterson from Peterson's Auto Body. We have two great owners in the Peterson's and Dave Lemieux and we appreciate everything they do for us."

"Our body/paint crew member John Tiernan is currently in the hospital and we want to wish him all the best and hope for a speedy recovery," said Eddie Mac.

The gates will open on Sunday at 1:30, pit gate at 8:00, with divisions scheduled for final ten minute practices beginning at 2:00 pm. Heat races begin at 4:00pm, followed by the OPS features. Saturday's practice begins at 10:00am until 2:00pm with 15 minute practices on a rotating schedule for five divisions.

Eddie MacDonald Recovers from Friday Practice Crash to Post Sixth Place Finish in Open SLMs
Eddie MacDonald posted a very satisfying sixth place finish in the Pro All Star Series 75 lap Inaugural Commonwealth Classic at Richmond Raceway after a Friday practice crash. A punctured tire entering turn one sent Eddie Mac careening up the track and hard into the wall. The extensive right side damage left serious doubt if the car could be repaired.

After evaluating the damage and locating the necessary replacement parts on hand, crew chief Rollie LaChance and Eddie Mac decided to try to fix the car in time for the Saturday race. With the crew ready to go and with the help of other teams for tools and parts, repairs began shortly after five o'clock and ended shortly after midnight. Without the permission and cooperation from the people at Richmond the repairs would not have been possible.

"First of all we owe a great deal of thanks to Richmond Raceway for letting us stay in the garage long after everything closed up," said Eddie Mac. "We had a great run on Saturday thanks to the fantastic efforts of our guys with some help for parts and tools we did not have from other teams. We are competitors on the track but we always help one another whenever we can off the track. There was so much right side damage it took the efforts of all twelve of us to get the car fixed. Thankfully, we had and extra rack thanks to Brian Neal, otherwise our day was finished."

In the first three practices on the 3/4 mile D-shaped track at the famed Virginia raceway, the #17ma Dave Lemieux owned Super Late Model ran seventh, fourth and fourth before the fourth 15 minute final practice when the tire blew sending it hard into the wall in turn one with Eddie Mac saying, "I did not have any notice something was wrong until it let go and then it was into the wall. I thought it was going to hurt but fortunately the safety of these cars is incredible. However we bent at lot of things and we had to make the decision whether we could fix it."

"We checked to see if we had the necessary parts and then Rollie and I decided to try to fix it," said Eddie Mac. "We are so thankful to have the crew of guys we have. I would not have been racing today if it were not for these guys. We have been together for many years and everyone works together to get the job done."

Raceday on Saturday morning the crew was back at it stringing, scaling and doing the usual prep for practice, qualifying and the 75 lap feature later on Saturday night. Rollie and Eddie planned the first practice would shake down the car the first couple of laps but the Rowley, Mass. veteran racer said, "The car felt so good I decided to go for it right away and it really ran great. I was happy with it. We make a couple of small adjustments for the second practice and qualifying. We qualified 13th but we thought we would have a good piece for the race."

When the green flag flew, Eddie Mac was able to maintain his starting position on the track despite a tight condition that became worse leading to the scheduled break on lap 40. New tires and adjustments were made as Eddie Mac found himself on the bottom of a three wide position on the restart lap. In typical, vintage Eddie Mac fashion, he powered past the two outside challengers and into 11th position and started marching forward. By lap 50 and still dealing with a tight car, the #17ma EXIT Realty, Hancock Electric sponsored ride moved to eighth and into seventh by lap 70 while holding off the Derek Griffith challenge. Eddie Mac took the checkered flag in 7th but was awarded the sixth position when the winner was disqualified for an illegal part.

"I am really happy with the finish and extremely proud of the work our team did to get us on the track," said Eddie Mac. "Thanks to car owner Dave Lemieux (Lemieux Builders) and Brian Neal (Neal Excavating) and our sponsors Derek Beatrice from EXIT Reality in Middleton, Mass. and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric in Quincy, Mass., Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction, HMS and Schroth Racing, and Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto Body in Peabody. It was really nice to have Chuck Grimm, Rob's father, Steve Vasey, and Dave Biglin in attendance. Those guys were a big part of our K&N team and it is awesome they still come from Waymart, Pa. to support us."

"We will get this car fixed and ready for Loudon in June and we are waiting for Freddie Peterson's new car to be completed and we will be racing that also in a number of events," said Eddie Mac.
Photos by Richard Casey 
Photos by
Norm Marx

The crew is ready to unload at Richmond! (Richard Casey Photo)

Eddie MacDonald Will Open the PASS Season
at Richmond Raceway

Eddie MacDonald will pilot the Dave Lemieux Super Late Model in the Inaugural Pro All Star Series Commonwealth Classic on Saturday, April 30th on the famed D-shaped 3/4 mile Richmond track. The Rowley veteran will compete in the Open SLM PASS race scheduled for 75 laps as part of the six division races on tap for the Virginia speedway.

"We have been waiting for this day to come and everyone associated with this team has been working hard to get our car ready for this race," said MacDonald recently in the Newburyport, Mass. shop. "Rollie (LaChance-crew chief ) and I have a lot of experience at Richmond from our days in the K&N Series and we hope this experience will give us an edge on the stiff competition already signed up for the event. We are very thankful to car owner Dave Lemieux (Lemieux Builders) and Brian Neal (Neal Excavating) for giving us the opportunity to race this weekend and we would like nothing better than to win this inaugural event."

Eddie Mac's best finish at the Richmond facility was a fourth place finish after starting last in the K&N race. With nearly 40 cars entered in the race to date, all the track knowledge will play a major role in challenging for the win. The #17Ma. entry won a number of big races in the last couple of years and Eddie Mac knows what it takes to win in this highly competitive series.

"Richmond is a tough place to get around with the D-shape configuration because you are continually turning down the front straight, then a straight back stretch with two different sets of turns at either end," said Eddie Mac. "It is difficult to set up the car but hopefully our experience there will give us the information necessary to get around the track. And oh yes, you have to be fast. We count on Paul Rinaldi, our engine builder, to give us the power and speed you need at Richmond. Paul has provided great engines in the past and this weekend should not be any different."

"Of course, you can't do any of this without great sponsors and crew members," continued Eddie Mac. "We have been so fortunate to have both with us for a number of years. EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates will again help us this year. Derek (Beatrice) is an awesome guy and has really helped us a great deal and we appreciate his support. Our long time sponsor, Hancock Electric will be with us again this season and we owe huge thanks to Kenny and Scott Thompson for their sponsorship for twelve years. Grimm Construction, operated by our K&N team owner Rob Grimm, will be on the car this weekend and his support means everything to us. Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto Body has helped us considerably with this car while building a Pro Stock/SLM we will race in a number of races in the local area. Freddie has done so much for us and continues to be a huge help in our Richmond efforts. We also appreciate the support from HMS Motorsports-Schroth Racing."

"We are blessed to have a group of people to work tirelessly in the shop and at the track and have been together for years," said Eddie Mac. "We owe so much to: Tom Rice, Brian Neal, Ryan LaChance and his mom Laura, Rob Drandson and his wife Jolene, Dave "Logger" Ricker, Kelyn Harrell, Kenny Grooms, Dick Casey, Hoppy, and Bobby Wood."

The schedule includes tech on Thursday with practice for all divisions beginning on Friday from 11-5. Race day activities on Saturday begins with practice 9-12 followed by time trials at 1:00 p.m. with the racing scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m.

  Date Track Location Length

Richmond Raceway

              75 Laps
Richmond, VA .750

Oxford Plains Speedway 

The Honey Badger Bar & Grill
Oxford, ME .375 

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Grimm Racing Is More than Just Winning 
Racing may be about winning but it also has plenty of room for support and compassion for people and causes and this is what Grimm Racing is all about. If anyone has any doubt about the validity of the statement, all they have to do is to look at the vinyl covering the car. The MS, New Path Adventures, Boston Strong logos, and the Eric Williams emblem are displayed on every Grimm car.

Recently Megan Spaulding, the daughter of Carla and Rob Grimm, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to support MS Awareness Week, the #71 carried the logo for the first race on the rear quarter panels at Bristol. Rob Grimm decided the MS banner would be permanently displayed on the car for the entire season. The family and members of Grimm Nation will participate as the “MS Warriors” in the May 5 MS Walk at Pocono Speedway.  (

The Grimm family was deeply moved by the horrific events on Marathon Monday in Boston and the decision was easily reached to display the “Boston Strong” ribbon on the car. Eddie MacDonald and many of the team members call the Boston area home and felt the need to support those killed, injured, and their families was something Grimm Racing does for all those in need.

Rob Grimm decided that “New Path Adventures” logo would be displayed on the back of the car for the season. New Path Adventures is based in Dallas, Texas and ministers to troubled youths ages 13-19. Crew member Steven Owens, nephew of Rob Grimm, is proud to say his brother Jonathan Owens and Alan Owens offer guidance and a positive change in the choices these youngsters make in their daily lives. The Spanish to English Ministry recently completed a very successful bike ride across the state of Texas, an 865 mile journey, to raise money. Alan and Jonathan work with a group of 7-10 youngsters by taking them from their environment and harmful behavior, minister to them while living out of backpacks in the wilds of Texas.
NewPathAdventures.org is a good source for information.

On February 25, 2013 Corrections Officer Eric Williams was murdered in the line of duty at the U.S Penitentiary located in Canaan, Pa. that is within sight of the Grimm Racing shop in Waymart, Pa. In order to honor Officer Williams and those men and women that serve, every Grimm car will display the emblem for the remainder of the season. (

Being a member of Grimm Nation is much more than supporting the #71 on the track. It means a commitment to show support for those in need.

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