New Hampshire Int'l Speedway - 7/15/05 - 8th

Eddie 8th at NHIS

By Dick Casey---Triple Crown Racing

Eddie MacDonald’s eighth place finish in the Busch North Series 125 lap event at NHIS was The One Stop Toy Shop’s third top ten run this season. Thursday’s qualifying was cancelled after violent storms left the area torn and tattered, teams started by points in the standings. MacDonald started seventh to take the green flag and quickly move to third by lap nine but it became evident the car just did not have the horsepower to remain up front.

“The car handled awesome the entire race. We could really get through the turns but we were lacking a little bit on horsepower. We could run deep into the turns because it handled so perfectly and we could pull up along side cars but they would pull away down the straights,” said a pleased yet somewhat frustrated MacDonald.

On a lap 18 caution, MacDonald brought the car to pit road for a gas and go and some tape was removed from the front that affected the aero a bit but the Rowley, Mass. driver was able to remain in the top ten. At the halfway flag, The Triple Crown Racing Chevy was running comfortably in eighth place but just did not have the power to pass Mike Olsen. “I could get to him in the turns and even had to brake so I didn’t run into him and that killed my momentum but it wouldn’t have made a difference since he had more motor than us at that point,” stated MacDonald.

MacDonald was able to bring the car to the checkers for a solid eighth place finish and despite the lack of horsepower everyone on the team was pleased with the finish including MacDonald. “I’m glad it was over, ending up with a top ten and with the car in one piece. I want to thank Rollie LaChance and the entire crew for giving me a great handling car. Whatever the problems are, we can fix them because this team is the real deal.”

Team owner Jerry Morello, who was all smiles after the race, expressed those same sentiments. “I am very happy, very happy. That was as good as we were going to get. We’ll have more motor for him next time, I’ll guarantee you that because I know this car can win here.”

Morello was pleased with the entire team’s effort saying, “Eddie did a nice job but the motor was the reason why we couldn’t advance anymore and he did a nice job holding the position and bringing it home in the top ten. Our guys did a good job again and, all in all, I’m pretty excited. This place hasn’t been kind to me, so I’ll take this one.”

Crew chief Rollie LaChance was equally pleased with the run and was more philosophic regarding what is needed to win at NHIS saying, “There are so many parts to a good race program and when you come to a place like this you can’t leave out any of the parts and a big part of running well here is horsepower. We are lacking in the motor department. We have some good motors but just not the big gun. We need the big gun.”

When told that Morello said the car would have more power when they return to The Magic Mile, LaChance smiled saying, “Jerry’s starting to taste it! Everyone is and the crew has worked hard this weekend, especially in practice. I told the crew before the race that we had a solid top ten car and in my heart I feel if we had a decent motor we had a top three car.”

MacDonald was also awarded the Featherlite Most Improved Driver award for his efforts. The finish also keeps him in the top ten in points in the ninth spot. The team is looking for a good run at Waterford on Saturday, a track that depends more on handling and driving than raw power.

New England 125 Results

Results for the 07/15/2005 New England 125 from New Hampshire International Speedway:

F S # Driver, Car, Laps Completed, Money Won, Reason Out
1 2 55 Mike Stefanik, Burnham Hydronics Chev, 125, 95416 mph, $12,521
2 12 45 Brian Hoar, Goss Dodge Intrepid, 125, $9,521
3 8 74 Ryan Moore, Bill Dodge/RC Moore Chev, 125, $8,321
4 22 47 Kelly Moore, NAPA Auto Parts of Maine Chev, 125, $6,800
5 3 44 Andy Santerre, Castle Chemical Chev, 125, $6,921
6 35 88 Mike Gallo, JBR Racing Ford, 125, $6,300
7 6 61 Mike Olsen, Little Trees Chev, 125, $5,421
8 7 77 Eddie MacDonald, One Stop Toy Shop Chev, 125, $5,221
9 4 96 Mike Johnson, Cabot Ford 125, $4,421
10 29 7 James Civali, Nick Perricone MD Chev, 125, $3,500
11 23 25 Brad Leighton, Irving Oil Chev, 125, $3,671
12 11 99 Bryon Chew, Buzz Chew Auto Group Chev, 125, $3,571
13 5 29 Dave Dion, Berlin City/Continental Paving Ford, 125, $3,471
14 18 32 Dale Quarterley, EDART Chev, 125, $3,371
15 9 8 Joey McCarthy, TechAir Chev, 125, $3,271
16 26 19 Kenny Horton, Pasquarillo Electric Chev, 125, $2,650
17 27 41 Don Wagner, Mannings USA/Snacketizers Chev, 124, $2,625
18 15 16 Kip Stockwell, Sabil & Sons Chev, 124, $3,121
19 1 40 Matt Kobyluck, Mohegan Sun Chev, 124, $3,096
20 34 9 Tim Andrews, Glynn Motorsports Chev, 124, $2,550
21 32 67 Jamie Aube, Red Line Oil Chev, 123, $2,525
22 19 63 John Salemi, DelCorp Co. Pontiac, 123, $3,021
23 30 84 Dion Ciccarelli, Star Sales Ford, 123, $2,475
24 28 98 John Cerbone, Apache Fishing Chev, 122, $2,410
25 16 26 Scott Bouley, Lee Custom Cycle Chev, 122, $2,871
26 10 5 Sean Caisse, Trik Custom Sleds Chev, 122, $2,846
27 13 06 Ryan Seaman, Erbe Carting Chev, 114, $2,821
28 24 03 Rocky Moran, King Taco Chev, 87, Accident, $2,821
29 20 30 Jeff Anton, Whelen Chev, 72, Accident, $2,821
30 36 00 Nevin George, RSR Chev, 72, Oil Pump, $2,300
31 17 01 Charles Lewandoski, Lewandoski Construction Chev, 44, Handling, $2,821
32 21 35 Ted Christopher, Eagle Leasing Ford, 26, Accident, $2,821
33 25 52 Jerry Marquis, Furnace & Duct Chev, 16, Engine, $2,821
34 31 75 Jack Sellers, Aramark Chev, 12, Accident, $12,300
35 14 15 Dale Shaw, Waste Management Chev, 4, Fire, $2,821
36 33 34 Mike Molleur, A&A II Auto Rental Chev, 4, Handling, $2,300

TIME OF RACE: 1 hour, 22 minutes, 31 seconds
AVERAGE SPEED: 95.435 mph
MARGIN OF VICTORY: .435 seconds
CAUTION PERIODS: 7 for 32 laps
LEAD CHANGES: 3 among 3 drivers
LAP LEADERS: Stefanik 1-19, Dion 20-30, Hoar 31-53, Stefanik 54-125
BUSCH POLE AWARD: Not awarded, qualifying rained out


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