Stafford Motor Speedway - 8/10/05 - 8th

By Dick Casey---Triple Crown Racing

Eddie MacDonald’s second place qualifying run in the Busch North Series TSI Harley Davidson 150 at Stafford Motor Speedway provided optimism that the dark cloud following the team recently had finally disappeared. After two weeks of mechanical problems, MacDonald’s time of 20.017 seconds put him on the outside pole with hopes for a solid top five run. However, things got ugly very quickly on the first lap.

When the green flag waved, The One Stop Toy Shop Chevy was door-to-door with polesitter Mike Johnson and tried to make the pass as the two entered turn three. MacDonald had a nose in front but then Johnson got loose and slid up the track making contact and sending both spinning up the track. He managed to keep it off the wall but the toe was knocked out causing problems the rest of the way.

“I don’t really know what happened on the first lap if Mike drove it in a little to deep and got a little loose and we got together sending us around and it messed up both our nights,” recalled MacDonald of the incident. “It is disappointing because we had a good car and it was handling great and after the last two weeks we were looking for a good finish.”

MacDonald was quick to praise the crew’s work both before and during the race saying, “The guys did a fantastic job on the car and getting the new motor going great. After last week we had a lot of bodywork and the guys fixed it super, it really handled in practice and qualifying. We had a new motor after blowing up last week and I had no complaints at all. We felt we certainly had a top-five car.”

On the lap seven restart, MacDonald began in the twenty-second spot but then started making his way back up through the pack. By lap 20, he was in twenty second steadily making a charge to the front and by lap 35 the Rowley, Mass driver was thirteenth and chasing Mike Olsen. The Triple Crown Race crew changed right side tires and made wedge adjustments to help loosen up the tight racecar on a lap 65-caution and returned to the track behind Jerry Marquis.

On lap 83, MacDonald and the # 52 got together with MacDonald saying after the race,” I was driving real hard trying to get back up through the field and I got into the 52 and I didn’t really mean to do that and I am sorry about that.”

The car just kept was tight and the call was made to pit on caution lap 129. “ With the toe being out so far I just kept getting tighter and tighter and when we adjusted it we got a little too free at the end of the race and we couldn’t get anymore spots and had to finish where we were. We were looking for a top five run but we have to be happy to finish where we did after that start,” summarized MacDonald of the day that started with such promise.

Team owner Jerry Morello although somewhat disappointed was also pleased with his driver’s efforts saying, “ Unfortunately we got tangled up in that first wreck through no fault of Eddie. Mike got in there a little too hot and just slid up the track and we went to the back then Eddie put in a workman like job the rest of the way. He drove himself back up to the front where he needed to be, used his head, picked his spots and did a great job. It is a shame what happened because I know we had a top five car but we got the car home in pretty good shape and a top ten finish.”

TSI Harley-Davidson 150 Results

Results for the 08/10/2005 TSI Harley-Davidson 150 from Stafford Motor Speedway:

F    S   #  Driver, Car, Laps Completed, Money Won, Reason Out
1    8  74  Ryan Moore, R.C. Moore Chev, 150, $7500
2    3  45  Brian Hoar, Goss Dodge Dodge, 150, $3350
3   10  35  Ted Christopher, Recycle America Chev, 150, $2350
4    5  44  Andy Santerre, Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth Chev, 150, $2950
5    6  61  Mike Olsen, Little Trees Chev, 150, $2150
6   12  55  Mike Stefanik, Burnham Hydronics Chev, 150, $1950
7   15  99  Bryon Chew, Buzz Chew Auto Group Chev, 150, $1750
8    2  77  Eddie MacDonald, One Stop Toy Shop Chev, 150, $1650
9   11   5  Sean Caisse, Trik Custom Sleds Chev, 150, $1550
10  21  16  Kip Stockwell, Sabil & Sons Service Chev, 150, $1525
11  19  06  Ryan Seaman, Columbia Home Loans Chev, 150, $1425
12  24  01  Charles Lewandoski, TSI Harley-Davidson Chev, 150, $1400
13  26  26  Scott Bouley, Shorty's Towing & Recovery Chev, 150, $2375
14  17  41  Don Wagner, Mannings USA/Snacketizers Chev, 150, $1350
15  18  15  Dale Shaw, Waste Management/BG Environmental Chev, 149, $1325
16  27  30  Jeff Anton, Prime Media Chev, 149, $1300
17  23  19  Kenny Horton, Pasquariello Electric Chev, 148, $775
18  25  63  John Salemi, Delcorp Co. Pontiac, 148, $1250
19  28  09  Joe Masessa, North Jersey Dermatology Chev, $1225
20   4  40  Matt Kobyluck, Mohegan Sun Chev, 137, $1150
21  22   7  James Civali, Nick Perricone MD Chev, 131, Parked, $650
22  14  29  Dave Dion, Berlin City Ford, 128, Accident, $2125
23   1  96  Mike Johnson, Johnson Lumber Ford, 89, $2125
24   7  25  Brad Leighton, Irving Oil Chev, 82, Accident, $1125
25   9  52  Jerry Marquis, Furnace & Duct Chev, 83, Accident, $625
26  13   8  Joey McCarthy, TechAir Chev, 82, Accident, $1125
27  16   6  Ryan Posocco, Eagle Leasing Chev, 79, Carburetor, $625
28  20  43  Marc Rogers, Drews Enterprises Chev, 30, Engine, $625

TIME OF RACE: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 21 seconds


MARGIN OF VICTORY: 1.456 seconds

CAUTION PERIODS: 5 for 49 laps

LEAD CHANGES: 3 among 4 drivers

LAP LEADERS: Hoar 1-22, Santerre 23-76, Christopher 77-122, Moore 123-150

BUSCH POLE AWARD: Mike Johnson, 19.981 seconds @ 90.086 MPH



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