New Hampshire Int'l Speedway - July 14th

MacDonald Motorsports Team Responds to
NASCAR Ruling following the July 14th NHIS Race

After NASCAR handed down its decision to indefinitely suspend Eddie MacDonald and Rollie LaChance from participating in the Busch East Series Grand National Division for violation of rule 12-4-A and section 12-4-L, the team feels an obligation to its supporters and sponsors, and not its critics, to address the situation.

During the post-race inspection after the New England 125 at New Hampshire International Speedway, NASCAR disqualified the #48 race team, negating its fifth place finish, for an unapproved change to the engine, namely the location of the exhaust ports. After placing the template on the head, NASCAR stated the change was in violation of rule 20c-5.6.1-I. At that point, officials wanted to confiscate the heads, which would only be returned if they passed further inspection.

The team, at that point, refused tech for two reasons. One, the engine was borrowed and, second, the team could not financially afford to reimburse the owner for the cost of the heads if taken. MacDonald and LaChance formed MacDonald Motorsports just days before the start of the season when a situation developed beyond their control when they lost their major sponsor. The team has scrambled to get sponsors and has operated on a race-to-race basis since that time. Although, both driver and crew chief wanted to cooperate with NASCAR, they could not.

"We borrowed that motor with the promise we would return it in the shape we got it. I couldn't take the risk that the heads would be confiscated. Financially, we are not in a position to replace the heads if taken. So we refused tech and we were found to be in violation of rule L. I must say though, the motor issues at NHIS were not known to anyone on the team or the motor owner," said LaChance.

After the race MacDonald stated, "We had no knowledge that anything was wrong with the motor. When you buy one from a reputable builder, you expect it to be legal. I really feel terrible about the whole thing. It did violate the rules but as far as we knew everything was fine. With everything we have been through this season, this is really tough to take. I want to thank our fans for their continued support and for our sponsors. New England Mechanical Overlay, Hancock Electric, Tri-State Roofing, Hanover Place Auto Body, and Greg Horrocks really stepped up when things were looking pretty bad for us money-wise."

The engine's history dates back to a top running team in the series that is no longer competing in the Busch East Series. The engine was purchased when the team ceased operation. After the disqualification, LaChance contacted the engine builder and was told, "It could have been a tolerance issue and he had not had this problem before."

LaChance also stated that he never tried to refit the template to know if there were any tolerance. LaChance also stressed that this race was the first time the motor in question has been used. For all the previous races this season, their Butler-MacMaster powerplant was run and the team is very proud of its performance.

Lachance was quick to add, "Despite the many hurdles, this team has run well, although the finishes may not show it. Go on the web to check our practice and qualifying times ( and see what we have accomplished. Not bad for a team with no paid help. Even our run at NHIS had little to do with the motor. The car performed well because it was getting down and through the corner and the driver ran it there."

"I understand NASCAR's reasoning for this very severe penalty. You can't have someone deciding when or where they take tech, but unfortunately, as we have said, we were not financially in a position to comply. I just wish NASCAR would have considered rule K that states the violation could have been vacated if proven that the circumstances were beyond the competitor's control," reasoned LaChance.

While the team hopes to be back racing soon, LaChance admits, "We understand NASCAR had to make a decision to insure fairness to all competitors. That is their obligation. In hopes to put this situation to rest, there will be no appeal. If anyone has any questions, they may contact me."

New England 125
New Hampshire International Speedway, Loudon, N.H., Friday, July 14, 2006

Finish Start Car # Driver Hometown Car Laps Money Won Reason Out
1 5 61 Mike Olsen N. Haverhill, N.H. Little Trees Chevrolet 125 $12,500  
2 3 44 Sean Caisse Pelham, N.H. Casella Waste Systems Chevrolet 125 $9,500  
3 16 52 Jerry Marquis Broad Brook, Conn. Furnace & Duct Chevrolet 125 $7,800  
4 10 33 Tracy Gordon Strong, Maine The Woodworks/Archer Corp. Ford 125 $7,300  
5 1 45 Brian Hoar Williston, Vt. Goss Dodge Dodge 125 $7,300  
6 17 12 Ruben Pardo Mexico Supercuts Dodge 125 $5,800  
7 23 5 John Freeman Huntersville, N.C. Freeman's Stereo & Video Chevrolet 125 $5,700  
8 40 29 Dave Dion Hudson, N.H. Berlin City/Continental Paving Ford 125 $5,900  
9 13 3 Joey McCarthy Randolph, N.J. STI Motorsports Chevrolet 125 $4,400  
10 8 47 Kelly Moore Scarborough, Maine NAPA Auto Parts Chevrolet 125 $3,500  
11 14 35 Brad Leighton Center Harbor, N.H. Irving Oil Ford 125 $3,150  
12 34 67 Jamie Aube Manchester, N.H. Red Line Oil Chevrolet 125 $3,550  
13 6 96 Mike Johnson Salisbury, Mass. Johnson Lumber Ford 125 $3,450  
14 20 03 Rocky Moran, Jr. Irvine, Calif. Telmex Chevrolet 125 $2,850  
15 12 4 Andrew Myers Newport Beach, Calif. Toyota of Escondido Chevrolet 125 $2,750  
16 21 30 Jeff Anton Russell, Mass. Engineered Floors Chevrolet 125 $3,150  
17 26 32 Dale Quarterley Westfield, Mass. EDART/Northeast Mortgage Chevrolet 125 $2,625  
18 18 01 Charles Lewandoski Stafford Springs, Conn. Lewandoski Construction Chevrolet 125 $3,100  
19 25 8 Rich Gould N. Brunswick, N.J. Nassau Painting Chevrolet 125 $3,075  
20 19 72 Nick Joanides Woodland Hills, Calif. MacDonald Motorsports Chevrolet 124 $2,550  
21 28 84 Dion Ciccarelli* Severn, Md. Jamerson Motorsports/Star Sales Ford 124 $3,025  
22 33 14 Joe Masessa Franklin Lakes, N.J. Skin Cancer Foundation Chevrolet 124 $3,000  
23 36 26 Scott Bouley Thomaston, Conn. Towne & Aurell Excavating Chevrolet 124 $2,975  
24 7 06 Ryan Seaman Toms River, N.J. ERS Fleet Repair Chevrolet 121 $2,410  
25 29 92 Doug Krpata Bethpage, N.Y. Island Trees Automotive Chevrolet 121 $2,350  
26 38 10 Pierre Borque* Ottawa, Ont. Full Metal Minerals Chevrolet 121 $2,825  
27 37 25 Jeremy Clark* Cortland, N.Y. Drake Oil Chevrolet 118 $2,800  
28 32 15 John Salemi Nashua, N.H. Waste Management Chevrolet 95 $2,800 Accident
29 22 41 Aaron Fike Galesburg, Ill. Mannings USA/Snacketizers Chevrolet 95 $2,300 Accident
30 30 24 Patrick Dupree Onchiota, N.Y. Outback Steakhouse Chevrolet 95 $2,800 Accident
31 24 88 Mike Gallo Sanford, Maine JBR Racing Ford 95 $2,300 Accident
32 11 99 Bryon Chew Mattituck, N.Y. Buzz Chew Chevrolet Chevrolet 95 $2,800 Overheating
33 2 31 Peyton Sellers Danville, Va. Whelen Engineering Chevrolet 71 $2,300 Accident
34 38 97 Brent Cross Cortland, N.Y. Cummings Auto Machine Chevrolet 40 $2,800 Engine
35 9 40 Matt Kobyluck Uncasville, Conn. Mohegan Sun Chevrolet 35 $2,800 Engine
36 31 16 Kip Stockwell Braintree, Vt. Stockwell Racing Chevrolet 35 $2,800 Electrical
37 27 00 Danny Sammons Trenton, N.J. Solhem Racing Chevrolet 29 $2,300 Overheating
38 35 1 Alex Hoag Bath, N.Y. Mavericks Fortune Racing Chevrolet 24 $2,800 Suspension
39 15 9 Tim Andrews Concord, N.C. Paul Andrews Racing Chevrolet 8 $2,300 Clutch
40 4 48 Eddie MacDonald Rowley, Mass. N.E. Mechanical Overlay Chevrolet 0   Disqualified

TIME OF RACE: 1 hour, 32 minutes, 11 seconds
AVERAGE SPEED: 85.428 mph
MARGIN OF VICTORY: 0.242 seconds
CAUTION PERIODS: 9 for 44 laps
LEAD CHANGES 4 among 4 drivers
LAP LEADERS: Sellers 1-9, Caisse 10-20, Myers 21-39, Caisse 40-124, Olsen 125
BUSCH POLE AWARD: Brian Hoar, Goss Dodge Intrpid (30.624 seconds @ 123.433 mph)
POWERADE POWER MOVE OF THE RACE AWARD: Dave Dion, Berlin City/Continental Paving Ford

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