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Eddie MacDonald Completes Successful Season
at Seekonk Speedway DAV Fall Classic
Eddie MacDonald's second place Late Model finish in the DAV Fall Classic at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Mass. on Saturday, Oct, 29 wrapped up a highly competitive campaign in the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy. Unfortunately, the veteran driver could not avoid a wreck on lap three of the 150 lap Pro Stock feature causing terminal radiator damage in the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy.

Eddie Mac started the 50 lap Late Model event in tenth place on the grid in the 23 car field to find the early going very difficult as both the inside and outside groove running side by side with the "Outlaw" saying, "There wasn't any place to go for the first 25-30 laps because the cars on the outside just stalled. When I finally got by them, my car was pretty good on the outside and I was able to get by a lot of cars but unfortunately the leader had a big lead. We needed one more caution and I think we would have had something for him but that didn't happen."

Eddie Mac drew the fourth starting position in the heat and met with the same stalled outside groove to finish fourth in the ten lap heat. The EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy started tenth in the DAV feature, so named to honor the 1946 speedway founder D. Anthony Venditti, then moved into the sixth spot by lap eight but again was forced to restart on the outside after the first of eight cautions. It was not until a caution on lap 41 that Eddie Mac was able to restart on the inside. The Rowley, Mass veteran quickly took over the third position then had to race the #7 hard for multiple laps before moving to second place on lap 46. With only four laps to go, Eddie Mac could only close the sizable gap to the leader by a few car lengths. When the checkered flag waved Eddie Mac trailed the winner Ray Parent by 5 car lengths.

"It just took so long to be able to race that the winner had a big lead and I didn't have enough time to catch him," said Eddie Mac. "The car was real good on the outside when I finally had room to race and I think I could have gotten by him if we had a caution or a few more laps. He was really tight and his car had fallen off quite a bit. But we had a good run and we are happy to finish second to end our season. It has been a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to next season."

The nightcap feature, the Pro Stock 150, ended nearly as fast as it started with the EXIT Realty/Neal Excavating Chevy involved in a huge crash started by an impatient driver. Eddie Mac started in the fifteenth position after qualifying fifth in the heat. When the green flag waved to start the event the 24 car field rode side by side for the first three laps. A driver up front on the outside decided to cut to the bottom that is the preferred line around the one-third of a mile bullring. Usually drivers wait until it is clear to do so but this driver turned down with a car in the bottom groove causing a huge pile-up. Eddie Mac weaved his way through the initial carnage but ended up in a wreck as a car that made it through the wreckage suddenly lost control and turned down in front of the approaching field of cars. Eddie Mac and another car plowed into him. Eddie Mac went to the pits for repairs but his night ended with a badly damaged radiator.

"I really feel bad for Dave Lemieux and Brian Neal who have put so much into this car and finally got it to where it could run with the leaders," said Eddie Mac. "We worked on it Friday and Saturday in practice and in the second practice on Saturday, I think, it was the second fastest car on the track. We had hoped for a better starting position but we were stuck again on the outside in the 12 lap heat and just couldn't go anywhere. But we knew the car was fast and we just needed to stay out of trouble. This track dictates that you get to the bottom as quick as possible but the guy up front did not want to wait for an opening to do that and just caused a huge wreck. I was able to get through but as soon as I did a car lost it in front of me and came right down the track sideways. This track and this race require patience and guys have to wait their turn to make the move to the bottom. Unfortunately for us, this didn't happen."

"Rollie (LaChance) and I have had a great season and we are thankful for the support of so many people. Rob Grimm, our K&N team owner, makes all this possible. Sheila and Freddie Peterson own our Late Model and are simply wonderful people to be involved with. Bobby Wood is an important member of the team. Dave Lemieux owns the Pro Stock and we hope to run more with him next season. Brian Neal is a very important cog in the Pro Stock success. We have a small but very dedicated crew both in the shop and at the track starting with Rollie's family. His wife Laura, his daughter Rachel and son Ryan do so much for our team and have for years. Jolene and Rob Drandson and Tom Rice juggle work schedules so they can be with us every race. John Tiernan and Dick Casey are in the shop countless hours preparing the cars. I have to give thanks to my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell for the patience, understanding, and support. Scott and Kenny Thompson of Hancock Electric have been incredible sponsors for a decade and Derek Beatrice has been a huge supporter with EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates, Of course, my parents, Red and Judy, have supported my racing career since I was a teenager and continue to do so. We all have to thank our fans for all their support and wish everyone well and hope to see everyone again next season."
Photos by Richard Casey  


"Pair of Treys" for Eddie MacDonald
at Lee USA Speedway’s Oktoberfest

Eddie MacDonald posted third place finishes in the Pro Stock/ Super Late Model and Late Model features to complete the rescheduled Oktoberfest at his family owned track on Sunday, Oct.23. Due to heavy rain on the second of two days of racing two weeks ago, the Sunday event was completed to end the Lee USA season on a chilly blustery day.

The "Outlaw" piloted the Dave Lemieux owned PS/SLM Chevy to a solid third place finish in fifty lap feature. Eddie Mac drove the famous Flame #17 GTO to a third place finish in the 40 lap Late Model race.

"We are very pleased to have EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates with us on the Pro Stock as well as the Late Model," said Eddie Mac. "Derek Beatrice has been a strong supporter of our racing program and even sponsored the Oktoberfest weekend at the track and our team and family appreciate everything he has done. EXIT Realty will again be on both cars next weekend at Seekonk Speedway and we look forward to even better finishes. We were a little off today but know we can improve to finish off our season with solid runs."

The field was inverted for lead lap cars for the second 50 lap PS/SLM feature. As a result of his second place run in Saturday, Oct. 8 event, Eddie Mac started sixth but struggled with a loose car both entering and exiting the turns before finally making it to fourth by lap 22. At the halfway mark Eddie Mac drove to third place then set sail after the two leaders. The veteran racer closed the gap on the second place #72 as the laps ticked down before mounting the final charge with five laps to go with Eddie Mac missing the second place finish by inches as the checkered flag waved.

The Late Model feature was a mirror image of the PS/SLM with the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric GTO struggling with a loose condition as well with Eddie Mac saying, "The car handled much better two weeks ago in practice and the heat but with only eight laps of practice today there really wasn't you could do. We had to hope it would run okay but the weather and track conditions were very different today."

Eddie Mac started sixth in the 40 lap Late Model feature and was never able to mount a charge while battling the loose condition to run in the fifth spot for much of the race. A late race caution with three laps to go found Eddie Mac in the fourth spot where he finished. However, Eddie Mac was awarded third place when the winner was disqualified in tech after the race for a rules infraction.

"It was a lot of fun to "Come home" to Lee and race in front of a lot of family and friends," said Eddie Mac after the race. "We certainly would have liked to have better runs but it was still fun. We got to see a lot of people who stopped by the pit to say hi and wish us well. I started out on this track and my mother and father have owned and operated this place for thirty years and have done a fantastic job. They are responsible making so many fans and teams happy for all these years. I am proud of them for everything they have done for racing."

Eddie Mac will return to racing next Saturday with the Pro Stock and the Freddie Peterson owned Late Model Chevy to compete at Seekonk Speedway. The team will practice on Friday in preparation for their season finale the following day.
Photos by Richard Casey 

Eddie Mac Finishes ACT Season with Sixth Place Run
The American Canadian Tour completed its season with the World Series 75 as part of the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park on Saturday, October 15. Eddie Mac finished third in the championship points battle in the team's first full season on the tour. The "Outlaw" needed a perfect day to catch eventual champion Nick Sweet for the title but that day did not materialize.

"We needed to win our heat, win the race, lead the most laps, and have Nick finish no better than sixth but we didn't come close," said Eddie Mac. "We struggled with the car right from the first practice and tried a number of adjustments but nothing worked. The car was loose in and off the corners so I couldn't get any speed down the long straights here. Rollie and the crew worked hard all day but it just was not our day."

The EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy started fifth in the third heat after struggling to find speed and handling in the only afternoon practice. Eddie Mac could only finish fifth in the heat and with the even rating started 14th on the grid for the 75 lap feature on the fast, high-banked, 5/8ths of a mile oval. When the green flag waved, Eddie Mac powered into the tenth position after only five laps and into seventh place by the second caution flag on lap 23, then reported to crew chief Rollie LaChance saying, "It is really tough to pass and the car does not have a lot of forward drive."
For much of the remainder of the race, Eddie Mac followed Sweet but was unable to make the pass as the two were unable to mount any charge to the front as the top three pulled away to open up a comfortable margin. For the remaining 25 laps Eddie Mac rode in the sixth position to take the checkered flag to end the ACT season.

"We had hopes of winning the championship at the beginning of the season but we had a few bad finishes and you can't win championships when that happens," said Eddie Mac. "Nick and Scott (Payea) had solid finishes all season and deserved to be first and second in the points. Nick is really a great guy and I am happy for him to win. We had a couple of wins and a number of second place runs but it was not enough. I have so many people to thank for all the support and hard work and I have to start with car owners Freddie and Sheila Peterson who have been fantastic and are wonderful people. Bobby Wood is a huge supporter of this team and does so much to help. Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric have been sponsors for ten years and are incredible. We have been fortunate to have Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty as a sponsor and thank him for everything he has done. Of course we couldn't do any of this without the support of our K&N owner Rob Grimm. Rollie and I are lucky to have the crew both at the track and in the shop. We are small in numbers but strong in desire and effort. Rollie's family is always there with his wife Laura, his son Ryan, and daughter Rachel a huge part of the team. Rob Drandson, Dave Ricker, and Tom Rice do a great job at the track. Johnny Tiernan takes care of the body work in the shop and Dick Casey writes our press releases and works in the shop daily, Jolene Drandson handles our social media and keeps everyone informed from the track. My girlfriend Kelyn Harrell is so supportive and I appreciate everything she does so I can do this. I am blessed to have so many people as part of our team. Thanks to all our fans and the support and hope to see you all next season."

Eddie Mac will return to his home track Lee USA Speedway on Sunday, October 23 to complete the rained out Oktoberfest. Eddie Mac will run another 50 lap Pro Stock/Super late Model race on Sunday after finishing second in the first 50 lap feature on Saturday, October 8. The famous #17 Flame car will compete in the 40 lap Late Model feature after winning the heat on Saturday. The racing card will begin at noon.
Photos by
Richard Casey

Eddie MacDonald Returns Home to
 Lee USA Speedway for Oktoberfest
Eddie MacDonald's return to his family owned Lee USA Speedway in Lee, N.H. track for Oktoberfest presented by EXIT Realty, produced a second place finish in the Pro Stock/Super late Model 50 lap feature and first in the Late Model heat on Saturday, October, 8. Another 50 lap PS/SLM race and a 40 lap Late Model feature were slated for Sunday but heavy rains forced a re-scheduling for Sunday, October 23, beginning at noon.

A late week decision was made by Team MacDonald to run the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy Pro Stock along with the famous "#17 "Flame" Late Model GTO that won three Bond Invitational races at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and two Oxford 250's with many other victories in the record books.

With little work the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Late Model was ready to go performing well in Friday's practice and finishing first in the heat on Saturday. The EXIT Realty Pro Stock proved to be more difficult to get into shape after sitting idle for most of the racing season. Eddie Mac drove the car to victory in the first ever Super Late Model race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last season. The first glitch came after the first practice Friday when the transmission bound up followed by a rear end problem that required changing Saturday morning. Repairs were made in time for the heat race only to get run over on the start causing a flat time and torn up fender. Quick repairs were made as Eddie Mac returned to the track to complete five heat laps.

The crew jumped into action to repair the damage in time for the 50 lap feature starting 11th in the 15 car field. With the gremlins now behind him, Eddie Mac powered the #17ma to the front moving into sixth place on the sixth circuit and into third place on lap 21. The "Outlaw" then set his sights on leader Derek Griffiths and second place driver Jeremy Davis. Both started near the front of the field when the green flag waved and were able to pull away early not having to contend with traffic. Both appeared headed for easy finishes until the first and only caution on lap 45 negated the huge leads. Eddie Mac powered past Davis for second place on the restart with five to go but couldn't catch Griffiths.

"I have to thank the crew for this finish because they worked their tails off to get this car ready," said Eddie Mac. "Even my father was under the car all morning changing out the rear end and that made all the difference, Craig (Laroche) spent yesterday under the car fixing the transmission. Rollie (LaChance) and I are lucky to have the crew we have to get everything done and do it so well I can drive it to a second place finish. These people are awesome. We have another fifty lap race so we will make some minor adjustments and hope we will be able to win. Derek had a rocket ship today and I hope we will be as good next time out. "

I have to thank Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty from Middleton, Mass. for helping us out on both cars and sponsoring the Oktoberfest at Lee," said Eddie Mac. "He is a great guy and I hope we put on a good show for all the EXIT Realty people who came to the track to support us. Dave Lemieux, from D.R. Lemieux Builders. Inc. is the car owner and I am happy we were able to get together for these two races and hope to do more in the future. His great friend Brian Neal from Neal Excavating is a huge part of the operation and both are fantastic guys. They just love racing and will do whatever it takes to be successful. I know they both enjoyed the second place finish and it would be great to get the win next time out."
Photos by
Richard Casey


Dover International Speedway
Eddie MacDonald Denied Top Five Finish at the
"Monster Mile" in K&N Race
Eddie MacDonald posted a 12th place finish in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Dover 125 in the series final race of the season. For 125 laps Eddie Mac drove the Grimm Construction/Multiple Sclerosis Chevy from his 24th starting position and into the fifth spot for the final two lap shootout after a late race caution only to be wrecked one lap short of the checkered flag.

Two early morning practices and qualifying were scrubbed as rain plagued the Dover International Speedway in Dover, Delaware for much of the week. K&N officials replaced qualifying with one forty minute practice session for the 27 car field. Eddie Mac did post the 15th fastest time but was forced to start 24th due to points standing for the four previous races he ran in the series.

When the green flag waved at 5 pm and the threat of more rain looming, the #71 Chevy struggled to advance over the first 32 laps and was in danger of being lapped when the first caution flag waved, the first of seven for twenty-six laps, but certainly the most important. Crew chief Rollie LaChance made the call to make a three turn wedge adjustment amounting to approximately 3/16ths of an inch during the pit stop and that made all the difference.

The Rob Grimm owned Chevy restarted 15th thanks to a number of cars pitting but the adjustment made the car come alive to produce speed off the turns as Eddie Mac began moving to the front saying, "Rollie made a great call and the car really responded. I couldn't turn in the corners and that killed my speed down the straights and you need to keep the speed up at this place. It is a fast high-banked mile and the speeds are incredible and if you miss it you will have a long day. Fortunately, the car responded and I was able to drive it to the front."

After the halfway break, Eddie Mac restarted 13th then began picking off the competition with methodical precision. By lap 72, the Rowley, Mass. veteran passed the #6 car of Ruben Garcia, the driver later responsible with wrecking Eddie Mac's car, tried unsuccessfully to spin Eddie Mac at that time. Now riding in the top ten, Eddie Mac drove to the seventh position on lap 92 and into fifth place when the caution flag waved on lap 119. Another caution flag on lap 123 proved to be the undoing of any sense of skilled driving as Garcia dive-bombed the field on the back stretch then proceeded to drive it in too hard coming out of turn four to crash into the left corner of the #71 to send it hard into the outside wall with Eddie Mac only yards from taking the white flag, then limped around to get the 12th position. The bonsai driving also wrecked two other cars, including his teammate, to total three cars to gain one position for fifth instead of sixth in the race.

"That kid was just determined to wreck us," said a very mad Eddie Mac on the radio. "The car was so good and we were going to have a solid fifth place finish but the #6 just ruined it. You guys did a great job and I thank you for all your hard work. I know we had a big Grimm contingent come down from Waymart. Pa. and it would have been nice to finish fifth but the #6 was willing to wreck cars to get to fifth to gain one spot. Thank everyone for all the hard work and effort this season and thanks especially for the support of Rob Grimm and his family. I wish everyone will support the Multiple Sclerosis Association with a donation. Thank you everyone and hope to see you all again next season. Finally I want to congratulate Justin Haley for winning the series championship.

The Dover 125 will air on NBCSN on Thursday, October 6, at 4:00 PM.
Photos by
Richard Casey
RACE CENTRAL LIVE powered by Speed51.com:
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The Race: The Dover 125 will be the 14th and final race on the 2016 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East schedule.

The Procedure: The maximum starting field is 30 cars, including provisionals. The first 26 cars will secure starting positions based on the two-lap qualifying session. The remaining four spots will be awarded through the provisional process. The race will be 125 laps (125 miles) with a five-minute break occurring at or near the conclusion of lap 65.

The Track: Known as the “Monster Mile,” Dover is an even one-mile concrete oval with banking of nine degrees on the straightaways and 24 degrees in the turns. The track has hosted the K&N Pro Series East 14 times in standalone events and the season finale for the series seven previous times since 2004.
K&N Pro East Stat Advance - DOVER: HERE

Thirty-First to First for Eddie MacDonald
at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Eddie MacDonald continued his dominance at NHMS winning his fifth American Canadian Tour's Bond Invitational 50 lap event on Saturday as part of the September NASCAR Sprint Cup weekend. With the victory, Eddie Mac became the driver with the most wins at the "Magic Mike" posting his ninth win including three K&N Pro Series and one Super Late Model trips to Victory Lane.

Eddie Mac was second fastest in the early morning practice and following established procedure of starting the most dominant cars near the rear, the #17 EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy started 31st in the 39 car field. It did not take "the Outlaw" long to charge to the front despite the quagmire of cars in front of him powering into the 15th position by the second caution on lap nine. When racing resumed the Rowley, Mass. veteran continued his trek to the front scoring in the fourth spot on the grid on lap 22. The top three cars that started the race near the front were spread out as Eddie Mac had a lot of ground to cover as the laps dwindled down.

"I really had a fun time getting to fourth but the leaders were far ahead and even though I was gaining a little I knew we needed a caution if I was able to catch them and contend for the win," said Eddie Mac. "Fortunately, we caught a caution on lap 35 so I started fourth on the outside but when the green flag waved the 07 in front of me didn't go and I was shuffled back to sixth. But my car was so good I was able to regain my momentum and made it back to third when the caution flag flew on lap 45. My tires were used up but so were everyone's and I figured I just had to go for it."

The first green flag with five laps remaining was nullified with a caution flag as the field was reset for another attempt. Starting in the third spot Eddie Mac made a spectacular three wide pass on the inside going into turn one to grab the lead from Jimmy Hebert and held a two car length to the checkered flag. Eddie Mac dazzled the crowd all race long with three and four wide maneuvers with the final one being the most important.

"My car was great on restarts and that is where you can get a lot of positions but I had to be careful going into turn one and not lose it," said Eddie Mac. "Jimmy (Hebert) blocked me a little but not as bad as I expected and I was able to make the pass. We really needed this win and to do it here in front of the crowd that stayed after the truck and modified race is very special. We love coming here and this is my favorite track. The ACT Tour is really thankful for NHMS having us here as part on the Cup weekend."

When informed that he is the all-time driver with the most wins at NHMS Eddie Mac said, "This is incredible to have the most wins here. There have been so many great drivers here through the years and to have the most wins is an honor and I am very humbled to be in this position. Of course Rollie (LaChance-crew chief) and I have been together for all of them and he really knows how to set the cars up for this place. It is so much fun to have Rollie's son Ryan on the crew to get this win and of course Laura, Rollie's wife, has been on board from day one."

"I am so happy for our car owners Sheila and Freddie Peterson who have given us everything we need to be successful. They are very special people," said Eddie Mac. "There are so many people to thank and Rob Grimm, our K&N team owner, is right at the top. Rob supports us in all our racing and we would not be able to compete without his support and we are so grateful. Our sponsors are fantastic and I have to thank Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric Motor Service in Quincy for their continued support. They have been on board for all our ACT wins here. Thanks also to Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty in Middleton, Mass. for all his support. Derek is also a huge supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and invited nine year old Sebastian Hanson and his parent's Mark and Renee to spend the day with the team. Also Patrick Burke from the Salem Fire Department and his son Will were also Derek's guest after being the highest bidder for a NASCAR experience at an auction at a MDA fundraiser earlier this summer sponsored by Derek's EXIT Realty business."

"Rollie and I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by so many great people," said Eddie Mac. "Our crew of Tom Rice, Rob Drandson Ryan LaChance, Bobby Wood, and Dave "Logger" Ricker do everything, every week to give us the best car possible. I have to say a special thanks to "Logger" for everything. He is our tire specialist but is a fantastic spotter. He was great today directing me through traffic from the back of the field. We did a lot of work in the shop this week to get this car ready and John Tiernan worked hard getting it painted and lettered. My father and Dick Casey did everything to get this car ready. I have to say special thanks to my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell who is always there for me. I am the lucky one that gets to drive this race car but without all these people none of our success would be possible."

Eddie Mac will complete the ACT season with the team competing at Thompson Motor Sports Park as part of the World Series of Racing on September 15 in a 75 lap feature on the high-banked five-eighths of a mile track.

NOTE: Eddie MacDonald Not the All-Timer Leader at New Hampshire Motor Speedway
After Eddie MacDonald's win in the American Canadian Tour's Bond Invitational it was said in the post-race press conference by a reporter that the win placed Eddie Mac as the all-time winner at the track or so I believed it was stated. Afterwards I asked Eddie for his response believing this to be true and erroneously wrote this in the press release. It was my error for not fact checking the record held jointly by Mike Stefanik and Ted Christopher before asking Eddie. He trails the two drivers by one race not leading by one race. The error is totally my doing and I wanted to make it right and apologise to all concerned.
  Dick Casey
Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by Chris Roy
The 2016 American Canadian Tour (ACT) has announced the forty-three (43) teams that will make up the 8th annual Bond Auto ACT Invitational race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) Saturday, September 24, 2016.

ACT teams from all six New England states and the Province of Quebec will compete in the 50-mile race on the traditional Fall NASCAR weekend in Loudon, NH. The field will be led by Rowley, Massachusetts’ four-time winner of the event, Eddie MacDonald.

Joining “The Outlaw” will be former winners of the event, including Joey Polewarczyk, Jr., (Hudson, NH), Ray Parent, (Tiverton, RI), and Wayne Helliwell, Jr., (Dover, NH). “Eddie (MacDonald) is always the favorite, but with the handicap system ACT uses to line up the 50-lap dash, things can be unpredictable. Last year it looked like nobody was going to be able to run down Jimmy Hebert of Williamstown, VT who had an early breakout, and a very fast car. It looked like nobody was going to be able to catch him until something broke and put him out of contention. It is a fun race for us, and a lot of fun for race fans to watch,” said three-time Thunder Road International Speedbowl winner Nick Sweet from Barre, VT.

Quebec race fans will see the best of the SERIE ACT competitors at the 8th edition of the Bond Auto Invitational. The largest contingent of Quebec teams, including five (5) SERIE ACT Champions: Patrick Laperle, (St- Denis, QC), Donald Theetge, (Boischatel, QC), Alex Labbé, (St-Albert, QC), Dany Trepanier, (St-Edouard, QC), and Jean-François Déry, (Quebec City-QC). “This is the race that the Quebec fans and teams look forward to every year. It is an honor to be invited and able to race in front of the large crowd, and we know there will be many of our very supportive Quebec fans who will be at Loudon (NHMS) in a couple weeks. I am very excited, “ said 2015 SERIE ACT Champion Dany Trepanier.

The 8th annual Bond Auto ACT Invitational will be held Saturday, September 24, 2016 as part of the greatest triple header of racing on the NASCAR Championship Chase schedule. The trucks from NASCAR, NASCAR’s Whelan Modified Tour, and the American Canadian Tour will highlight the Saturday before the NASCAR Sprint Cup chase event on Sunday, September 25, 2016.

Due to the weather forecast for Sunday, the ACT/PASS
doubleheader at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway was a
one-day only show on Saturday, September 17, with Twin 150s
for both the ACT Late Models and PASS Super Late Models.

Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Norm Marx

Eddie Scores Second Place Finish at Beech Ridge

For the fifth time this season, Eddie MacDonald, starting on the pole, finished second in the Fall Foliage 150 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine on Saturday. The scheduled two day event reduced to one day due to predicted inclement weather on Sunday also reduced the American Canadian Tour's 200 lap feature to 150 laps.

Eddie Mac won the pole position with a +3 rating after finishing third from his sixth starting position in the first of two heats. The #17 EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy posted the second fastest time in two of the three fifteen minute practices and a fifth fastest in the other practice.

Usually a second place run, with five for the season along with two wins, would be enough to gain ground in the race for championship points. However, point's leader Nick Sweet dominated the race after taking the lead from Eddie Mac on lap 63 then lapped the field to the seventh position to increase his point lead over Eddie Mac and second place driver Scott Payea. Sweet now leads the Rowley, Mass. veteran by 26 points and 23 points over Payea with Thompson Motor Sports Park the final point's race of the ACT season to be run as part of the World Series of Racing. The Bond Invitational event scheduled for this Saturday at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, a race Eddie Mac has won four times, is a non-point ACT race.

Eddie Mac held the lead for the first 18 laps before the hard charge of Payea found the two drivers battling door-to-door and swapping the lead until Eddie Mac regained a solid lead on lap 42 after the second of two cautions (laps 33 and 41). The field ran single file with the exception of Sweet who began his incredible march to the front. On lap 63 Sweet powered past the Freddie Peterson owned ride on his way to a dominating run to the checkers. Eddie Mac was never challenged for the second spot as contenders battled for the third position.

"I wish we could have done a little better but that thing (Sweet) was unbelievable," said Eddie Mac on the radio after crossing the finish line. In the pits after the race, the "Outlaw" said, "Nick had the car set up and he hit it just perfect. He was able to run anywhere on the track and we were not going to be able to catch him even if we had a caution. You get the set-up right like that sometimes and it is a lot of fun. Our car was just a little off and unfortunately it cost us big time. It will be tough to catch Nick at Thompson but as they say, "That is why we run the race." Our team never gives up and we will give it our best shot at Thompson."

"I have to thank the crew for all the hard work this weekend and season," said Eddie Mac. "It is really difficult to make changes in the pits during fifteen minute practices but Rob, Tom, and Ryan were able to do just that. Rollie (LaChance) and I appreciate everything the guys do. I also have to thank our fantastic sponsors beginning with our longtime sponsors Ken and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric Motor located in Quincy. EXIT Realty is a great sponsor and Derek Beatrice even brought his grill and cooked for the crew. Derek is a super guy and is an awesome addition to our team since coming on board last year. I also have to thank HMS, Schroth Racing, Stilo, and Grimm Racing. We can't thank Rob Grimm enough, our K&N team owner, for everything he has done for us. Our Late Model owners Freddie and Sheila Peterson from Peterson Auto Body in Peabody are fantastic owners and better people. I hope to see a lot of our fans at Loudon this weekend."

Second Place ACT Finish for Eddie
at Oxford Plains Speedway

For the fourth time this season Eddie MacDonald has posted a second place finish, this time in the American Canadian Tour's Dave's Small Engines/Ferris Mowers 100 at Oxford Plains Speedway on Saturday, August 27. The action was relentless from green flag to checkered flag as Eddie Mac battled eventual winner Scott Payea and Brad Babb for much of the race.

The Exit Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy posted fast times in the three brief practices and scored a plus two for his second place run in the heat after starting fifth. Eddie Mac started in the sixth position for the 100 lap feature as part of the Oxford 250 weekend. It did not take the Rowley, Mass veteran long to move into contention when the green flag waved over the 26 car field. The Freddie Peterson owned ride jumped to third place as a result of some heads-up driving by the veteran shoe.

Eddie Mac fell back a couple of positions early as the early leaders were battling for position before making his move to the front again. By lap 28 Eddie Mac rode in third behind Babb and Payea moving up the track to the outside groove when the #17 Ma became tight going into the flat turns of Oxford. From that lap on the three racers battled for position while distancing themselves from the rest of the field. The crowd was treated to a spectacular race as the three raced door-to-door and nose to tail until the #15 faded late in the race. Eddie Mac battled Payea for the lead and the restarts were close but Eddie Mac could not overcome the tight condition and used up tires to take the lead.

"The car was tight in going into the corners and loose of the turns and I used up the tires driving on the outside for much of the race. I tried everything but Scott was just too fast and drove a great race," said Eddie Mac. "We did gain a few points in the championship race but we were hoping for the win to give us a big boost but we are in a decent position only sixteen points behind Nick Sweet and fourteen behind Payea with two races left. These two guys are tough and we are going to have to post a win to catch them. We are going back to Beech Ridge in a couple of weeks and then to Thompson for the final race of the season so we will have to get great finishes at those tracks."

"I have to thank the guys on the crew for all their hard work on this hot day," said Eddie Mac. "Rollie (LaChance) and I would not be able to do any of this without Tom Rice, Rob Drandson, Ryan LaChance, and Dave "Logger" Ricker. Laura LaChance made it to the track to spot after dropping daughter Rachel off to begin her college career. You can always find our car owner Freddie Peterson cleaning the car after every practice. It is no wonder Peterson Auto Body in Peabody is such a successful business. Derek Beatrice from Exit Realty brought a bus load of Exit people to the race and I hope they had a good time. Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric have sponsored our efforts for years and we can't thank the enough. Of course, our K&N team owner Rob Grimm makes this all possible and we are proud to carry the National Multiple Sclerosis logo on our car. HMS, Stilo, Schroth Racing, A&B Vending help us in a number of ways and we are thankful. A shout out to Jolene Drandson who handles our social media and keeps everyone informed to what is happening on the track. Special thanks to my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell for all the support and encouragement."

The American Canadian Tour will return to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for a two day event beginning with practice and qualifying on Saturday September 17 and the Fall Foliage 200 lap feature on Sunday.
Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by Norm Marx

Eddie Mac Finishes Second at
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway

The American Canadian Tour's Coastal 100 at the Scarborough, Maine track produced an exciting feature from the drop of the green flag to the checkers one hundred laps later with Eddie Mac posting a second place finish in the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy. The finish closed the gap in the point's championship with the Rowley, Mass. veteran driver in third place only four points behind Scott Payea and twenty points behind leader Nick Sweet.

Eddie Mac started on the pole with former track champion Brad Babb starting outside pole, who returned to the track after serving a two race penalty for rough driving involving Eddie Mac at Seekonk. This time the duo battled door-to-door and nose to tail for the entire feature without incident. Eddie Mac led the most laps in the race to gain points to help close the championship gap. However, a lapped car pushed up the track on lap 61 with Eddie Mac on the outside allowing Babb to dive under to take the lead.

The Freddie Peterson owned Chevy posted the fastest time in the third practice and finished second in the first heat from the fifth starting position to receive the pole position. However the fast time was the result of new tires as the team continued to deal with a tight condition with Eddie Mac saying, "We were fast in that third practice but the new tires were the reason. The car was a little tight from the first practice on and we never got it to where we wanted it. During the race it was tight early and after losing the lead it just got way too tight. I tried to push it to challenge for the lead but the handling really got worse. I hate to lose the lead but it was a great race and we gained a lot of points in the process. With only three races to go our work is cut out for us to win the championship but today really helped."

Eddie Mac lost the lead for two laps on the lap 25 restart after the caution but quickly regained the top spot and held it until the lap 61 run in with the #10 car with Eddie Mac saying, "We were able to pass a lot of lapped cars because they stayed on the bottom of the track but the #10 car was all over the place and just rode me up the track allowing the #15 to make the move underneath. I don't know what would have happened if the #10 didn't run me up the track. Brad's car really turned well from the center off and my car just got too tight. With ten to go I got to his bumper but that was it. We had a nice clean run and the car is in one piece so that is definitely a plus. Now we can focus our attention to getting the car ready for Oxford."

"I have to thank Sheila and Freddie Peterson for all the support this year," said Eddie Mac. "Our crew is fantastic with Tom Rice, Rob Drandson, and Ryan LaChance doing all the pit work. The entire LaChance family was working today with Rollie's wife Laura and daughter Rachel spotting and timing. Bobby Wood is a big supporter of this team. Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty was with us today and has been a great sponsor this year. Kenny Thompson from Hancock Electric couldn't be with us today as his family surprised him with a party on his birthday. I am sorry we didn't get the win he wanted but we all wish him well on his 75th."

The ACT will return to Oxford Plains Speedway for their 100 lap event as part of the Oxford 250 race weekend. The ACT cars will open the show on Saturday August 27 with the winner guaranteed a spot on Sunday in the 250.
Photos by Richard Casey

Eddie Subs for the Injured Joey Doiron in the #73 SLM
#7th Place Finish in a Strong Field
Photos by Norm Marx


Second Place Run at White Mountain
After a hectic week rebuilding the #17 EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy, Eddie MacDonald almost pulled off the win in the "Showdown in the Mountains" at WMMP on Sunday, July 24. With 16 laps to go Eddie Mac could not hold off the hard-charge of Dillon Moltz to finish second in the American Canadian Tour's ninth race of the season at the No. Woodstock, N.H. track.

"Obviously we would have liked to get the win but when you consider everything the team had to go through this week just to get here, a second place finish is outstanding," said a pleased Eddie Mac after the race. "I definitely have a lot of people to thank for all the hard work and long hours to rebuild the car starting with Dale Shaw and his guys who put a rear clip on the car in record time so we could have any chance to be here. Donny got parts to Freddie to paint. Tom Rice, my father, John Tiernan, Rob Drandson, and Dick Casey spent countless hours in the shop. It was a miracle to have this ready and for it run as well as it did."

Eddie Mac started ninth in the third heat to finish fifth for a +4 rating giving him the sixth starting position in the feature in the rescheduled race when rain washed out the event on Saturday. The Rowley, Mass. veteran, driving for car owner Freddie Peterson, moved into the second position by lap 50 to challenge Dillon Moltz for the lead. Eddie Mac made the pass for the top spot on lap 97 and held it until the caution flag on lap 134.

"I knew I was in trouble then because I had to start on the bottom and the car was really tight in the turns," said Eddie Mac. "When the green flag waved there was no way I was going to hold him off. Dillon drove a great race and deserved the win. He was fast all day and if it had not been for that caution I probably would have held him off but it was not to be. As I said just to be able to bring this car home in second place, and no damage, is a credit to everyone."

"This is the third time we have rebuilt this car this year and none of could be done without car owner Freddie Peterson and his wife Sheila and Bobby Wood. Our sponsors Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Ken and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric are fantastic. Stilo, Schroth Racing, and HMS Motorsports have been with us for years and Rollie and I appreciate all the help. Of course, great thanks to our K&N owner Rob Grimm who supports us in the ACT Series," said Eddie Mac.

The ACT series will travel next to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine for the tenth race of the season on August 6.
Photos by Norm Marx

Sunday, July 17 - 1:30
New Hampshire Motor Speedway

The Rodfather

204 Country Club Rd #3,
Sanford, ME
Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Chris Roy
Eddie MacDonald Reflects on Sprint Cup Experience
If you are lucky enough to be one of forty drivers taking the green flag in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race, you know all your hard work, sacrifice, and determination has paid off. For the third year in a row, Eddie MacDonald has been one of the fortunate forty as the driver of the Go Fas Racing #32 Ford Fusion owned by Old Orchard Beach resident Archie St. Hilaire. Eddie Mac's participation again in the New Hampshire 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Sunday, July 17 is the result of a number of New England businesses pooling resources to sponsor the ride for the Rowley, Mass. veteran racer. 

"This is an incredible experience for me to be able to compete on racing's biggest stage and I am forever grateful for the local businesses that made this possible," said Eddie Mac. "Archie St. Hilaire has been a long-time friend and does everything he can to get me on the track. He and his son Mason gave me my first Xfinity experience a number of years ago and are responsible for my three years running in the Cup series at Loudon. You could not ask for better people and they make it so much fun."

For three years local business owners have stepped up with this year's main sponsor is a household name in New England racing. Bentley Warren is recognized as the greatest Supermodified driver of all time spanning decades racing at tracks all over the East coast. Bentley qualified for the Indy 500 three times as part of his illustrious career and now operates the well-known Bentley's Saloon in Arundel, Maine, the main sponsor for Eddie Mac and the Go Fas Racing Ford.

"I have watched Bentley race ever since I was a little kid and I am so thankful for his sponsorship this race," said Eddie Mac. "He has been a friend of my father since they were young men and my father always tells the story of the two of them hauling out to race at Indy and I love to hear it over and over. Bentley is a racing legend and for him to do this for me is fantastic. There are a number of others to thank for their help. "The Rod Father" Les Sanborn helped sponsor the car last year and had the rear quarter panel this year. Les also did an awful lot of work making calls and helping to get additional sponsors to come on board to make all of this possible. Weirs GMC Buick, Mike's Clam Shack in Wells, Maine, Bangor Truck Equipment, and Fisher all stepped up to help and I appreciate their support."

"I remember the first race three years ago and how nervous I was. I didn't know what to expect and just wanted to make sure I stayed out of the way," laughed Eddie Mac. 'Everyone on the crew just told me to relax and have fun. Archie reassured me that I would be fine and as the practices went on, then qualifying I became more comfortable. Curtis, my spotter for three years, was a real stable voice in my head and I was able to relax and race. This year, Curtis was again with me and is so calm you can't help but be calm yourself. You really want to do well when you see how dedicated the crew is and to finish 36th is disappointing."

"When the race started the car ran well for about fifty laps and I was able to pass a number of cars but the tires went away," said Eddie Mac. ""When I ran the bottom of the track the car was good but when the leaders came up on me I had to move up to give them the inside lane and the car was real loose up top. The crew worked on it the rest of the race and it was better. I just wished I had a better finish but I ran all the laps and brought the car home in one piece so the crew was happy."

"Every racer's dream is to compete in the highest series against the best drivers and I have been given that opportunity by a number of great people to whom I will be forever grateful," said Eddie Mac. "To stand on that stage being introduced, then riding around the track in front of all the fans is something I will never forget. This has been the chance of a lifetime and is something that will never get old. The best thing is I get to share this experience in front of my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell, my parents, family and fans."
Eddie MacDonald Leads All-New England Team
in Sprint Cup Race at NHMS
Eddie MacDonald will again partner with Go Fas Racing owned by Old Orchid Beach, Maine resident Archie St. Hilaire in this Sunday's NASCAR's Sprint Cup New Hampshire 301 at Loudon's New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Bentley's Saloon of Arundel, Maine will be the primary sponsor with The Rod Father of Sanford, Maine as an associate sponsor.

For the third time in as many years Eddie Mac will pilot the #32 Bentley's Saloon Ford at the "Magic Mile," saying, "This is a great thrill for me to drive for Archie on my favorite track. This is something you work your whole life for and to be given the opportunity to realize your dream for the third time is incredible. Archie and his son Mason are fantastic people and I can't even describe how thankful I am to them. And to have Bentley Warren sponsor the car is special. Bentley is the greatest Super Modified driver of all time and has been a friend of my father for over fifty years and has always been supportive of my racing since I started at Lee USA Speedway, my parent's track. Les Sanborn, The Rod Father, is another super guy and is always in my corner and does whatever he can to help me out. I am lucky to have these people with me."

Archie Hilaire is pleased to have Eddie Mac in the seat again saying, "We are really happy to have Eddie back in the car at Loudon. He knows the track as well as anyone and is always a crowd favorite. When we sat down with our primary sponsor, Bentley Warren, and talked about whom to put in the car, his first choice was Eddie! Eddie is a great guy from a great family and we can't wait for July 17."

Practice and qualifying for the New Hampshire 301 will take place on Friday, July 15 with Eddie Mac's first of three NASCAR Sprint Cup practices running from 11:30-12:55. Group qualifying is scheduled for 4:45 with the final two practices beginning at 10:10 on Saturday. Forty cars will take the green flag for the New Hampshire 301 at 1:30 on Sunday.

"I can't wait for Friday to get here," said Eddie Mac. "You don't get this chance to often, and to experience it three times thanks to Archie, Mason, Bentley, Les, and my father is something I will never forget. To be out there competing with all the great drivers is special. To be able to do it in front of family and fans is great. I have had a lot of success on this track thanks to a lot of people helping me especially the crew and working with the Go Fas Racing crew at the Cup level is an incredible feeling. I am thankful for everyone's help to get me to this point and I hope to see a lot of our fans at the track. We have a full weekend on our plate with the K&N Pro Series East race on Saturday and the American Canadian Tour race at Seekonk on Saturday night and the Cup race Sunday but this is every driver's dream. Thanks again to everyone involved and see you at the races."

Sat., July 16 - 6:45 PM

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Double Disaster for Eddie MacDonald
at NHMS and Seekonk

Eddie MacDonald, driver of the #71 Grimm Construction Chevy in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and the #17 EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy in the American Canadian Tour, had to survive an ill-handling car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and an intentional, devastating wreck at the hands of another driver at Seekonk Speedway on Saturday, July 18, 2016.

The three-time K&N winner at the “Magic Mile” could not find the handle on the Grimm Racing Chevy beginning with Friday’s practice despite numerous changes to the car. The K&N series participates in the July Sprint Cup weekend in the United Services 70 with Eddie Mac usually a contender for the win. The Rowley, Mass. veteran battled the ill-handling car during practice on Friday and throughout the race on Saturday to finish 26th.

“The car was just so loose I could not get it to turn in the corner,” said Eddie Mac. “Of course we couldn’t make any adjustments since it was an impound race and to make matters worse we had to start in the rear of the 29 car field because we missed qualifying due to a timing mistake. When the green flag waved we were hoping for an early caution but it did not come until lap 33.”

The team made adjustments and Eddie Mac received the “lucky dog” for the lap 36 restart but the car did not respond as Eddie Mac fell off the lead lap and the decision to park the car was make on lap 47 with the disappointed driver saying, “I feel terrible for our performance. We love coming to Loudon and always feel like we have a chance to compete for the win. We have so many family members and fans here we really want to put on a good show. It is an awful experience to be out there and know you are not competitive.”

As soon as Eddie Mac climbed out of the car he headed to an awaiting helicopter to fly to Seekonk Speedway to race in the American Canadian Tour 150. ACT officials gave Eddie Mac a provisional starting position since his NHMS commitment would not allow him to participate in the heat race for position. The team is competing for the championship and in second place so a good finish was definitely needed. The Freddie Peterson owned ride would have to start tail in the 30 car field provided Eddie Mac made it to the track on time. The helicopter landed with time to spare as Eddie Mac strapped in for the 150 lap event.

When the green flag waved Eddie Mac wasted little time charging through traffic and into the top ten with fifty laps to go. With nine laps to go the caution flag waved to set up a dash to the finish with Eddie Mac riding in the third position behind the leader Brad Babb and Scott Payea. Payea challenged Babb on the outside and with two laps to go Babb moved up the track to block Payea’s run. In doing so, the bottom was left open as Eddie Mac filled the position to make it three wide. What happened next set off a series of events that demolished a racecar and could have seriously injured Eddie Mac.

Babb turned down on Eddie Mac causing a crash allowing Payea to get the lead. Babb then deliberately slammed into the back of Eddie Mac’s car lifting it off the ground and driving it and Eddie Mac hard into the outside wall. Babb has admitted publically he did it intentionally and appears to be quite pleased with himself for this cowardly act. He also stated that Eddie Mac will not win another race again that he (Babb) is in. This is a threat not to be taken lightly when dealing with 3500 pound cars travelling at a high rate of speed and a driver pledging to stop Eddie Mac from winning. If this happened action on the street the driver would be arrested. Hopefully the ACT officials will look at the video that shows the attack quite clearly and administer the justice this cowardly act deserves. This is too good of a series to allow this barbaric behavior to put lives in danger. A clear message must be sent to Babb.

Eddie Mac did not suffer serious injury but the damage to the car is severe. Instead of celebrating a positive outcome, Eddie Mac finished 16th because of the boorish behavior of Babb.

White Mountain Motorsports Park will host ACT’s Showdown in the Mountains on Saturday, July23.

Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Chris Roy

Double Duty for Eddie MacDonald at
NHMS and Seekonk on Saturday

On Saturday July 16 Eddie MacDonald will actually participate in three races with the first one taking place at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the K&N Pro Series East's Granite State 70. The third event of the day is the American Canadian Tour's second leg of the Southern New England Tripleheader 150 lap feature. Sandwiched between the two events will be the mad dash from Loudon, NH to Seekonk, Mass. in order to make the starting time for the ACT feature later that evening.

"Accomplishing this will be quite the challenge," laughed Eddie Mac. "Our first priority is to run for the win in the K&N race. We compete in five events in this series and we really want to be competitive at our home track in the Grimm Construction Chevy. We have three wins in this series at Loudon and would like nothing better than to add another title for our owner Rob Grimm. The competition is tremendous in this series but we feel we have the car that can run up front. Last year we fished second at Dover and the year before finished second at NHMS and won at Bristol. Rollie (LaChance) knows the set up for this place so if we can get the car to handle in the turns we should be there at the end. It is only a 70 lap sprint so everyone will be going for it from the drop of the green flag. It should be a lot of fun running on my favorite track in front of all our families and fans."

Once the checkered flag waves at Loudon, both Eddie Mac and Rollie will be on the clock to get to Seekonk Speedway for a chance to regain the point's lead in the ACT series. In the first Southern New England event at Waterford Speedbowl, the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy finished second but sustained heavy damage to the front end that was the result of oil spread on the track. While the car was fitted for a new front clip, Eddie Mac was forced to drive the back-up car at Devil's Bowl to a seventeenth place finish to drop out of the point lead. A win at Speedway 51 moved the Freddie Peterson owned ride into second place just 21 points behind Nick Sweet.

The team decided to go to Seekonk this past Saturday night, July 9 to practice on the track in the Late Model division's Everett's Auto Parts fifty lap feature since they will not have any practice time next Saturday. Initially, Eddie Mac and Rollie planned to take it easy and not compete for the win but when the car ran well in practice the duo decided to run competitively for the win. The car dominated from its 17th starting position and took control of the lead by lap thirty to post the win. However, the win was taken away after track officials decided the car was eight pounds to heavy on the left side despite using faulty scales. The scales were not level with the left side scales one inch lower than the right side. Car owner Freddie Peterson used the team's level to show the difference to track officials who seemed uninterested in the findings only to insist "That's the way we do it." The decision stood despite protests from Peterson and LaChance."

"The track officials said it was the same for everyone when I asked them about the faulty scales," said the frustrated crew chief. "It may be the same for everyone but it doesn't make it right. We use the scales in our shop that are on level ground and so does the ACT tour. We didn't go on the scales before the race because we were working on an engine problem and had the thing apart. I would have picked up the discrepancy immediately. With their scales being off it hurts their own cars because people are setting up their cars to go on their scales. It was a very frustrating experience to go through but we know the car was fast and capable of winning next week. I just hope we use the ACT scales for our race. You just hate to have a win taken away from you when you know the reason was not valid."

Practice for the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Granite State 70 will begin on Friday, July 15 at 6:00 and end at 7:20 pm. Group qualifying will begin at 7:35.

The second leg of the Southern New England Tripleheader 150 is scheduled to begin after 9:00 pm.
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K&N East at NHMS - HERE

For the Event Schedule, Entry List, Practices, Qualifying, Lap by Lap, & Results
K&N Pro Series Stat Advance - NHMS: HERE
Analyzing the United Site Services 70 at NHMS
- The list of winners at New Hampshire is a virtual who’s who of NASCAR K&N East Pro Series competition, including Daytona 500 champion Joey Logano, current NASCAR Sprint Cup Series competitors Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Larson, current NASCAR Camping World Truck Series point leader William Byron, four-time series champion and NASCAR Xfinity Series race winner Andy Santerre, and multi-time series champions Mike Stefanik, Jamie Aube, Brad Leighton and Mike Olsen.
- There have been 29 different winners in K&N Pro Series competition at NHMS, including active driver Eddie MacDonald with three wins.
Eddie MacDonald (No. 71 Grimm Racing Chevrolet)
- Is the active career win leader at New Hampshire with three victories, including a season sweep of a pair of races in 2008.
- Has seven career K&N Pro Series East wins and was the championship runner-up in 2009.
- Finished eighth at Bristol and 13th at Stafford in his only two series starts this season.
K&N Pro Series News & Notes - NHMS: HERE
'Magic Mile' is a Key Thread Weaving Through Series History
Eddie Mac On The Attack: Eddie MacDonald of Rowley, Massachusetts, leads all active drivers with three career wins at NHMS, including a season sweep of the two races in 2008. He also has several Late Model and Super Late Model wins at the speedway, and he’s entered in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series New Hampshire 301 on Sunday.



18th Place Finish for Eddie Mac at Lee in PASS 150

Eddie MacDonald did not have the run at his home track Lee USA Speedway in the Pro All Star Series Super Late Model race he was hoping for, posting a disappointing 18th place finish in his first PASS race of the season on Friday, June 24. Eddie Mac finished first in his heat in the #66 Lemieux Inc. /Neal Excavating Chevy to start on the outside pole in the 150 lap event over the three-eighths of a mile oval on the family owned track.

"The car was a little tight in practice and the heat but turned very loose after ten laps of the feature and it just got worse from there," said the veteran driver. "Unfortunately we couldn't come to the pits to make an adjustment because we would lose quite a few laps by the time we left the track, made the adjustments, and got back out. We just had to stay out and make the best of a bad situation."

Eddie Mac rode in fourth place during the early laps but started to fall back to 8th by lap 50 as the back end continued to slide out in the turns. At the halfway flag Eddie Mac fought to hang on to the 10th position in the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy but fell back steadily as the loose conditioned worsened with Eddie Mac saying, "I tried different lines but nothing worked. For a while I moved to the second groove but eventually it made the car really loose going in to the turns. This was our first time racing this car this season so we didn't have a baseline so we just had a basic set-up to go by. I am sure we will have a much better idea for our next race. We know it is a great car and winning the first-ever Super Late Model race at Loudon last year proves that. "

With 25 laps to go, the car was sliding all over the track as Eddie Mac opted to let car pass and avoid a chance for a crash. By race end Eddie Mac crossed the stripe in the 18th position, one lap down saying, "One good thing is the car came back in one piece without a mark on it. I feel bad for Dave (Lemieux) and Brian (Neal) that we didn't have a better run. They are two fantastic guys and totally committed to making this car better. Neither one of them likes the spotlight but they are a great team. I have to thank crew chief Bobby Cabral, Chris Bosse, Dave "Logger" Ricker, and Rob Drandson for their hard work in the pits and John Tiernan for his great vinyl work. I want to say thanks to my father who spent countless hours working in Bobby's shop this past week to help get this car ready. We weren't too good today but we will be much better next race."

The Pro All Star Series returns to Lee USA Speedway on Friday, August 12.
Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Norm Marx

Eddie MacDonald Will Race Pass All Stars Series
Event at Lee USA Speedway on Friday

Eddie MacDonald will team up again with Super Late Model owner Dave Lemieux in the PASS 150 at Lee USA Speedway on Friday night, June 24. The pair joined forces to win the first ever SLM race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last year and hope to repeat that performance at the very familiar surroundings of Lee.

"I am very excited to race Dave's car at my family's track," said Eddie Mac. "A win would be extra special since it would help celebrate my parent's thirtieth year of operation at Lee. I have raced there since I was a kid in high school and my parents have been my greatest supporters in my racing career. We have been working hard in the shop so hopefully we will be very competitive even though this will be our first race in this car this season. Bobby Cabral built the car and will be our crew chief for the race and I am looking forward to working with him."

The PASS race will cover 150-lap on the fast three-eighths of a mile oval beginning on Friday with practice at 4-5:30 and the green flag scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

Fri., June 17, 2016
Time Trials - 6:00 PM

Eddie Mac Wins in ACT, Falters in K&N
In what can only be described as a dominant performance, Eddie MacDonald won the American Canadian Tour's Central Asphalt Paving Generation Next 151 race on Saturday, June 18 at Speedway 51 in Groveton, N.H. to capture his second win of the season. On Friday night, the Grimm Construction Chevy struggled with a very loose racecar to post a 13th place finish in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race at Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

After a hard crash at Waterford Speedbowl a few weeks ago that required a new front clip on the Freddie Peterson owned EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Motor Service Chevy, Eddie Mac and the crew were unsure how the car would respond in its first outing after being essentially rebuilt. They were quite pleased with the result as the "The Outlaw" posted the fastest time in practice and started seventh in the 150 lap event on the quarter mile oval.

"We hoped all the work would pay off and it did right from the start," said Eddie Mac after the race. "The car was fast and handled fantastic in practice, in the heat, and especially the race. We had a very hectic few weeks getting this car put together as well as getting the K&N car ready for Stafford. The guys in the shop worked their tails off to get everything done and I can't thank them enough for all the time and dedication. We have a small crew but they are big time when it comes to this race team. Both our K&N and ACT crews, and a number of guys do both, do so much for us at the track. I just have to mention track owner Joey Laquerre for the outstanding work he has done at this track. He bought it a couple of years ago (2014) and transformed it into a beautiful facility. It is a pleasure to race here."

Eddie Mac wasted little time charging to the front when the green flag waved over the 22 car starting field as he quickly raced to third place on lap 12. By lap 25, the leaders caught the back of the pack and had to deal with soon to be heavy lapped traffic. Until lap 66, Eddie Mac was comfortable following the #4 car through heavy traffic until finally making the pass then set his sights on leader Nick Sweet. A lap 77 pass put Eddie Mac in the lead and was never challenged all the way to the checkered flag, The Rowley, Mass. veteran weaved his way through the field lapping cars with only six cars on the lead lap when the race ended.

"The car was absolutely perfect," said Eddie Mac. "It was a pleasure to drive. The handling allowed me to go inside or outside and it is really a lot of fun when you get a car this good. We are in the fight for the championship so this win will help us gain some ground after Devil's Bowl when we had to use the back-up car. I am so happy for Sheila and Freddie Peterson, our car owners, to get this win. Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty is here so that is great to share the win with him. Kenny Thompson from Hancock was with us last night at Stafford but couldn't make it today and I am sure he is pleased. Our K&N owner Rob Grimm is with us today with his wife Karla and some of his family and we wouldn't be able to do this without his support. My father is here so it was an early Father's Day gift, the kind he likes."

The Stafford 150 was only the second race for the Grimm Construction Team in the highly competitive NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Series this season after finishing eighth at Bristol Motor Speedway earlier this season. The team is scheduled to run five events this season with New Hampshire, Iowa, and Dover races remaining. The series last raced at the half mile oval in 2009 with Eddie Mac winning the event in 2008. Unfortunately the car was not handling well and could not turn in the corners in practice on Thursday. Despite numerous changes the car remained a handful with Eddie Mac saying, "The car was just so loose it didn't have the speed I needed to get down the straightaways. It is no fun to be out there and not have the car handling. We made more changes on Friday's final practice but it was still a struggle."

Eddie Mac qualified 15th as handling quickly became a problem when the green flag waved with the veteran driver saying, "The car was loose but I hoped it would tighten up during the race when things cooled down but it didn't. I was just hanging on waiting for an early caution but it never came. It wasn't until later (caution on lap 91) that we were able to come in for an adjustment. It helped the car but we didn't have anything for the leaders. We came in on the next caution on lap 130 for another adjustment and it was better. We got our lap back and at least we finished on the lead lap but it was a disappointing day to say the least. Hopefully we will get back on track with our next race at Loudon in July. That is our home track and usually run well there. It will be great to see all of our local fans and enjoy the time with them."

Eddie Mac and the crew will have their hands full with the K&N race scheduled for 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 16 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and with the American Canadian Tour race at Seekonk Speedway scheduled later that night around 9:00 PM. Plans for a helicopter ride are currently in the works.

NBCSN will televise the Stafford 150 on Thursday, June 23 at 5:00 PM.

Photos by
Richard Casey

Busy Weekend for Eddie in K&N and ACT
Eddie MacDonald will face a stern test this weekend as he competes in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut on Friday night June 17, then will have to hustle to Speedway 51 in Groveton N.H. on Saturday morning to battle for the American Canadian Tour win that night. A few hundred miles separate the two venues but the preparation of two cars for the events has been demanding.

"We really have been working hard in the shop to get ready and I know everyone will breathe a little easier when this weekend is over," said Eddie Mac. "We were in pretty good shape with our K&N car but when the ACT car got wrecked at Waterford, we had to essentially rebuild it once we got the car back from Dale (Shaw) so now the guys in the shop had to do double duty. Everyone really pitched in and I have to give huge thanks to everyone involved especially Joe St. Jacques for hanging the new body on Freddie's (Peterson) car. The #17 EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy looks fantastic thanks to him. Sometimes good things happen unexpectedly and that is what happened with Joe. He just got laid off so he was at the shop early every day to get this done. Things have been hectic but we are ready for both races. This is our second K&N event this season and we are really looking forward to this race."

The Stafford 150 will mark the K&N Pro Series East return to the half mile oval since 2009. The series began racing at the Connecticut facility in 1987 and ran 29 features. Eddie Mac posted a win in 2008 to go along with seven top tens including a fifth place finish in 2008 with the Rowley, Mass. veteran saying, "Stafford is a lot of fun to drive and we are happy to be returning there. We have had success there in the past and that win in 2008 was a tremendous feeling. We had a solid eighth place run at Bristol in our first K&N race of this season in our #71 Grimm Construction Chevy and hope to build on that. This is a very tough series with all the great teams so hopefully I can use my experience to my advantage. We will have a day of practice on Thursday since none of the other drivers have ever run at Stafford. It should be fun and I am looking forward to getting back together with our Grimm Racing crew."

Early the next morning Eddie Mac begin the three hour trek to Groveton N.H. from the Newburyport, Mass. shop to compete in the American Canadian Tour's Generation Next 151 with a post time of 5:30 pm. Eddie Mac slipped to second place in the championship point's race after posting a 17th place finish while driving a back-up car the last time out saying, "We had the point's lead after our second place finish at Waterford Speedbowl but wrecked our primary car at the start/finish line in the process and had to run our old flame car at Devil's Bowl. We didn't have a great run there but we only lost one spot so it was not as bad as it could have been. We have had good runs at Groveton and the track is a lot of fun to drive, Joey has done a great job with the track and I hope to add another ACT win this season (Airborne). We will all need a couple of days off to recover but this is what racing is all about. You just have to love it."

Final practice on Friday at Stafford runs from 3:00-4:00 with qualifying at 6:00. The green flag is scheduled to wave for the Stafford 150 at 9:15. Gates open at 1:00 on Saturday with post time for the Generation Next 151 at 5:30 at Speedway 51.
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K&N Pro Series News & Notes - STAFFORD: HERE
Series Returns To Its Roots At Stafford Motor Speedway

The Race: The Stafford 150 will be the seventh of 14 races on the 2026 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East schedule. It’s the sixth of 10 oval track events and 14 races overall on the schedule. It will be the series’ 30th visit to the Connecticut oval.

The Procedure: The starting field is 26 cars, including provisionals. The first 22 cars will qualify through two-lap time trials while the remaining four spots will be awarded through the provisional process. The race will be 150 laps, spanning 75 miles.

The Track: A half-mile, slightly-banked oval, Stafford originated as a horse racing track in the 1870s. After seven decades as a horse track, the dirt oval starting holding automobile races following World War II. Stafford became a NASCAR-sanctioned track in 1959 and was paved for the first time in 1967.


Eddie Mac Is Back: Eddie MacDonald of Rowley, Massachusetts will make his second series start of the season in the Stafford 150. MacDonald, who was the championship runner-up in 2009, will be the only driver in the field with experience at Stafford. He finished fifth in 2008, the last time the series was at Stafford, and he won there in 2007. Overall, MacDonald has seven top 10s in 15 career starts at the track.

Tough Run for Eddie at Devil’s Bowl - 17th Place
The 17th place finish for Eddie Mac in the American Canadian Tour's Merchant's Bank 100 at Devil's Bowl Speedway in West Haven, Vermont on Saturday was not the typical run one might expect from the team. After a devastating crash on the last turn of the last lap at the Waterford Speedbowl on May 21, Eddie Mac was forced to activate the old tried but true back-up "flame car" while necessary repairs were made to the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy owned by Freddie Peterson.

With time constraints plaguing the team, the usual meticulous preparation in the shop could not happen with crew chief Rollie LaChance saying, "We literally took the car out of moth balls and tried to get it ready for today's race. We also had to strip the Chevy of the damage, get it to Dale (Shaw) for a new front clip, and take the engine out to be checked out. We lost a lot of time there so we really didn't have a week to get the car ready. We could only put in a basic set-up and hope we could adjust. We only had three twenty minute practices and that wasn't nearly enough time to make the adjustments needed. This is a winning car and if we ran it for a number of races, I am sure we could get it performing as it once did. I was hoping for a top half of the field finish but we fell a few spots short."

The car was tight in and loose off for Eddie Mac and even though the EXIT Realty/ Hancock Electric Pontiac posted a fifth fastest time in the second practice the disappointed driver said, "The fast time was misleading because I was able to arc the car in the turns with no one around me. In the heat and the race I wasn't able to do that in traffic so the car was really tight in the center and so loose off I couldn't mash the throttle and had no power down the straight. We knew it was a longshot with the car when we uncovered it in the shop and not being able to get it ready as we would have liked was tough but this is all part of racing, We lost the point lead but we were able to hold on to second place so now we will get the primary car back together this week so we will be ready for the next ACT race at Speedway 51."

Eddie Mac started 20th in the 28 car-field and struggled right away falling as far as 23rd with the leaders closing. Nick Sweet and Wayne Helliwell set a torrid pace around the flat, half-mile oval as they quickly began lapping cars. By lap 40 in the 100 lap event honoring John Bruno, the #17 went a lap down to the leaders as they continued to march through the field. Despite the handling woes, Eddie Mac was able to keep the leaders in sight and it was not until lap 76 that the third place car was able to make the pass.

"The car improved a little as the race went on," said "the Outlaw." "It isn't much fun being out there in a car that is not competitive but we did our best to try to make the best of a bad situation. When you run for the championship things are going to happen to test you and the fact that we were able to get this car, that has not run in three years since winning the Bond ACT Invitational at Loudon, ready in less than a week is a credit to the guys in the shop and the crew at the track, Everyone worked so hard on both cars I am very thankful to all the guys. Tomorrow is Sunday but everyone will be at the shop to start putting together Freddie's car for Speedway 51 on the 18th and working on the K&N car for Stafford Springs Speedway on the 17th, As you can see, we will be busy."

"Thanks as always to sponsors Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Ken and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric for their continued support," said Eddie Mac. "We couldn't do this without help from our K&N owner Rob Grimm, Stilo, Schroth Racing, and HMS Motorsports have been with us for a long time and their support is greatly appreciated. We hope to see all our race fans at Speedway 51 and if you can't make it watch for Jolene's (Drandson) updates on Grimm Racing Buddies."
Photos by
Richard Casey

Second Place Finish for Eddie MacDonald
at New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Eddie MacDonald dominated the field in a late race charge to post a second place finish in the American Canadian Tour's fifth race of the season at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut on Saturday, May 21. The Rowley, Mass. veteran, driving the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy through lapped traffic chased winner Joey Polewarczyk over the final ten laps of the 100 lap feature to just fall short at the checkered flag. The finish was costly as the Freddie Paterson owned Chevy crashed heavily into the front stretch wall.

"We were very happy with the second place run but the car took a big hit and will need some serious repairs before we race again at Devil's Bowl," said Eddie Mac surveying the damage. "I guess the 1vt lost an axle and put down a lot of oil on the track and when I drove off four on the final lap the car just hit the oil and sent it straight into the wall. It was a hard hit but I'm alright but I can't say the same for the car. But we will get it fixed and be ready for the next race."

The #17ma posted the fastest time of the day in the second practice and drew the pole position in the second heat in qualifying for the first leg of the Southern New England Tripleheader to include Thompson and Seekonk. Eddie Mac won the heat easily to receive a plus one rating placing him ninth in the 30 car field for the event.

The scheduled 100 lap feature changed the strategy of a number of the top contenders as most ACT races are 150 laps with many drivers comfortable saving tires for the final thirty laps. In this race, most chose to get after it right from the green with Eddie Mac saying during a lap 12 caution,, "I am shocked at how hard these guys are going. It's like a 100 lap shootout and everyone is going early. The car is handling good so I will pick my spots to pass. I can run on the outside so that will help a lot."

On lap 40 Eddie Mac drove in fifth place and into fourth just past the halfway flag on lap 54 while passing cars on the outside. Joey Pole was able to pull away while the top five cars were forced to deal with stubborn lapped traffic despite the passing flag shown them. To add to the difficulty, an engine laid down a tremendous amount of oil on the track on lap 74 forcing a long delay. With rain looming in the area track officials finally cleared the mess before returning the cars to action for the final 26 laps.

Eddie Mac raced the #37 of Scott Payea hard for multiple laps before finally completing the pass on lap 86 for second place. "The Outlaw" then set his sights on the #97 trying to close a half a straightaway lead. By lap 95 Eddie Mac cut the lead to two car lengths and to one with two laps remaining. However, that is a close as he could get with Eddie Mac saying, "Joey was fast and ran a great race and didn't have to race anyone hard so he was able to conserve and just had too big a lead once I got into second place. My car was good and fast and I think I could have got by him in five more laps. That was my thinking just before I crashed. We will take second and I believe this finish will put us in the point's lead. This takes the sting out of crashing just a little bit. We have a lot to do to get ready for Devil's Bowl (Saturday, June 4) but we will be ready."

"Rollie and I owe huge thanks to our crew that works so hard on this car every race, Tom Rice, Rob Drandson, and Ryan LaChance," said Eddie Mac. "Rollie's wife Laura helps with the spotting and does so many other things for this team and is greatly appreciated. Of course, thanks to Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric as well as, Stilo, HMS Motorsports, and Schroth Racing for their help. Our K&N team owner Rob Grimm supports our Late Model efforts and we can't say enough about our team owners Sheila and Freddie Peterson. Bobby Wood is an integral member of our team and helps in many ways. Rollie and I are fortunate to be associated with such great people. We may be banged up right now but we will be there competing for the win at Devil's Bowl."
Photos by
Richard Casey
The American Canadian Tour (ACT) returns to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (NLWS) this Saturday night for the first time since 2010. The opening of the first round of three races for the newly created ACT Southern New England ACT affiliate Late Model tracks will take place for ACT touring teams and the weekly Late Model teams from New London-Waterford Speedbowl, Seekonk Speedway, and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park this Saturday night, May 21. The three track alliance was put together after last season to help support the ACT fender type divisions that have been introduced to over a dozen tracks throughout the Northeast over the past decade.

"We are all looking forward to this triple-header series in Connecticut and Massachusetts. It has been in the planning process for a few years, and ACT is pleased to see the interest and growth of our full body kind of racing in the region. The talent level has improved dramatically over the years at our affiliate tracks, and of course, there will be the important 'home track advantage'. The 100 laps at the Speedbowl should be a great event at one of the best tracks in the East for competitive Late Model racing," said Tom Curley, President of ACT.

Former ACT Champion, Joey Polewarczyk, Jr. (Pole), from Hudson, NH dominated the two races held at the Speedbowl in 2010. In fact, the October 150 lap final race at the 3/8th mile track was completed in just 47 minutes. Pole will return to drive at NLWS for his first race of the 2016 campaign. He has begun a development program for new drivers and has the Speedbowl as one of his several chosen events to actually compete in this season.

Pole said, "I can't wait to strap in this weekend. I have enjoyed the crew chief and spotting thing, but after nearly a dozen years of 100% commitment to racing, I'll have to admit it has been different. The perfect track for me to return to is at the Speedbowl, I love it. It is certainly one of my very favorites. I can't wait to finally get to race," said the Pole.

One of the tightest starting Championship point battles in the 30 years of ACT racing has shaped up after the first four events on the 2016 TOUR. Only forty-five (45) points separate the top five in points, with just eighty-one (81) points between the top ten going into the first of the three Triple Header races. Nick Sweet, Barre, VT has a
narrow 9 point lead over Rowley, Massachusetts' "Outlaw", Eddie MacDonald, following the dramatic win by MacDonald last week at the 1/2 mile Airborne Park Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY.

A solid contingent of local Late Model teams from the Speedbowl, Seekonk, and Thompson, including among others, Keith Rocco, Larry Gelinas, Brian Tagg, Jeff Smith, and William Wall are all likely to compete in the first of the three ACT Triple Header events.

Post time is 5:15. The price for admission is $32 adults, $28 members of the military, teens 13-16 years old are $5, and under children 12 are free.

Eddie MacDonald Wins the ACT Spring Green 116
at Airborne Park Speedway

Eddie MacDonald staged an impressive door-to-door battle in the closing laps with Nick Sweet to capture his first win in the American Canadian Tour event at Airborne Park Speedway in Plattsburgh, N.Y. in the Spring Green 116 on Saturday, May 14. Eddie Mac powered the Exit Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy to the lead on lap 107 and held on to the lead to post his sixth ACT win of his career.

"This is really a great win and to do it against Nick and Patrick (Laperle) is one of those races you remember forever," beamed the veteran racer. "We had so many things go our way today, especially the weather. At the halfway mark the rain came and I thought our day might be done with a sixth place run but the officials kept us out there for 25 minutes to keep the track dry. It was a great call on their part and gave us the opportunity to win it."

Eddie Mac started the 116 lap race on the half-mile oval in 13th place after an even rating in the heat with the winner saying, "I was a little concerned after the heat because we started in third place and didn't pass a car. The handling wasn't great so I didn't know what to expect. However the car didn't change for the worse and actually got a little better after the rain break and I was able to drive it to the front. I think the leaders fell off a bit and that helped me as well as the lapped cars."

With the possibility of rain looming, Eddie Mac began his charge immediately after the green flag and ran in the sixth position when the yellow flag waved for rain on lap 60 with Eddie saying, "This was a tough race and I had to fight for every spot. We never seemed to do well here so when the car reacted the way it did, I thought we had a chance. I drove it hard right from the beginning and it paid off. The tires held and I wasn't sideways coming off the turns."

On lap 82 Eddie Mac rode Patrick Laperle's bumper and finally passed the Canadian driver on lap 93 then set his sights on Sweet saying, "Patrick was very tough as usual and it took a number of laps to clear him and when I caught Nick I knew it would be a battle to the end. It took ten laps to catch him and another five to pass him. We were in lapped traffic and I was able to use one of the cars as a pick to finally make the pass. My car was able to run on the outside and that made all the difference. It was a fantastic battle for the win."

The Rowley, Mass. driver made the pass on lap 107 then put a couple of lapped cars between himself and Sweet to take the checkered flag almost a second ahead for the impressive win. Eddie Mac and Rollie (LaChance- crew chief) committed to run for the ACT championship this season and the win put the team back in contention after a couple of disappointing finishes with Eddie Mac saying, "We definitely needed this win and now we have to go and get more. It is never easy to win in this series with all the great drivers and teams, so every win is special. It is our goal to win the championship so this is a great start."

Of course, Rollie and I could not do this without the hard work of the crew and the support of team owners Sheila and Freddie Peterson. This is our first win with Exit Realty and Hancock Electric as our primary sponsors and we are thankful to Derek Beatrice and Kenny and Scott Thompson for their support. I have to give a special shout-out to Jolene Drandson who does our social media and keeps all our fans at home informed through our Grimm Racing Buddies site. So many people tell me how much they enjoy Jolene's reporting. We also thank HMS, Schroth Racing, and Stilo for the support. It was great to have my father and Kelyn (Harrell) there to share this."

The ACT Tour returns to battle next Saturday, May 21, for a 100 lap event at Waterford Speedbowl in the first leg of the Southern New England Tripleheader championship.

Moved to Sunday, May 8th

Eighth Place Finish in ACT Race at Thunder Road

Eddie MacDonald battled a tight race car on Sunday, May 8 in the 18th Annual Merchants Bank 150 at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont to post an eighth place finish in the American Canadian tour's race at the famed speedway. The event originally scheduled for last weekend but postponed due to rain, was again delayed by morning rain and blustery cold weather prevailed throughout the day.

"I don't really know what happened to the car during the race," said Eddie Mac. "We were really happy with it in practice and in the heat. Even during last Saturday's practice here, we felt like the car was going good and we would have solid shot at the win. I don't know if it was the cold or something else but the car was tight right from the start of the race and just didn't have any speed."

Eddie Mac drew the sixth starting position in the second heat but actually started second when cars in front of the Rowley, Mass. veteran dropped out. The Exit Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy easily won the heat earning a plus one rating forcing a 12th place start in the feature with Eddie Mac saying, "We started on the outside and there were a number of cars in front of us that just couldn't run out there. I fell back in the pack and with the car not handling, it just kept getting worse. It was a struggle during the race to get the car going."

A caution on lap 49 gave crew chief Rollie LaChance an opportunity to bring the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy to the pits to try to free the car up. Another caution on lap 54 found Eddie Mac in the pits again for a little more tweaking. When Eddie Mac took the green flag, the #17 restarted in the 23rd position with Eddie Mac saying, "After we made the two adjustments, the car was better and I was able to drive it to the top ten but we probably needed one more adjustment to get it where we could compete for the win."

With 30 laps to go in the 150 lap event, Eddie Mac rode in the 13th position and into ninth on lap 133. With 17 laps remaining, Eddie Mac gained one more spot to post the eighth place run saying, "The finish was a lot better than we ran. It was a strange day because the car was so good in practice and the heat but just changed once we started the race. It was just one of those days you struggle at the track for every spot. The crew did a great job considering how cold it was all during the day. We sat around from nine o'clock before the rain stopped and we finally unloaded around one-thirty, then it was a rush to get everything done. Rollie and I appreciate all their hard work."

"We have such great support beginning with our team owners Sheila and Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto Body in Peabody," said Eddie Mac. "Derek Beatrice from Exit Realty Beatrice Associates in Middleton is with us full time this year and we really appreciate Exit's support. Of course, we are forever grateful for Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric Motor Service in Quincy for their sponsorship over the last ten years. Our K&N team owner Rob Grimm has been a huge supporter of our Late Model efforts and we appreciate everything he has done. Hopefully we can have a good, solid run at Airborne next week."

The team will have a short week to prepare for the Spring Green 116 on Saturday, May 14 at Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY.


Eighth Place Finish in ACT Governor’s Cup at Lee

After posting the fastest time in practice on Saturday, Eddie MacDonald hoped to repeat his 2014 win in this year's American Canadian Tour Exit Realty Governor's Cup 150 at Lee USA Speedway on Sunday. When the checkered flag waved Eddie Mac crossed the stripe for a frustrating eighth place finish.

"We made an adjustment late Saturday that really helped us in the short run but killed us in the long run," said the driver of the Exit Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy. "The car was pretty fast on Saturday and we thought the change would help the car in the late stages of the race but it didn't turn out that way. It was pretty frustrating knowing I didn't have the car to win it. With all our family and friends here, it would have been great to win it on our home track."

Eddie Mac posted a plus one in his qualifying heat to start 13th in the 32 car field scheduled to go 150 laps around the 3/8ths of a mile oval owned and operated by Eddie's parents Judy and Red MacDonald who are celebrating their thirtieth year operating the track. The American Canadian Tour's Governor's Cup had to be rescheduled from an earlier date due to weather concerns. When the green flag finally dropped to open the Lee USA season, Eddie Mac was comfortable riding the Freddie Peterson owned #17 near the middle of the pack to conserve tires. ACT rules do not allow teams to change tires unless damaged.

"It seemed like the guys up front were really running hard so I was just riding and taking care of the tires," said the Rowley, Mass. Veteran. "Around lap 80, I decided to begin moving and managed to gain a few spots passing on the outside but then the car just wasn't responding like it did on Saturday. At that point everyone was bunched up and there were a lot of lapped cars to pass and that hurt. We were not going to win but I still tried to get as many spots as possible. We are trying to run the full Act schedule so every position is important in the point's race. We learned from this and hopefully next week we will be better. We wanted a better run at home and especially for all the Exit Realty fans Derek Beatrice brought to the track."

Two late race cautions on laps 140 and 141, only three for the race(lap 47), bunched the field as Eddie Mac was able to gain two positions to finish eighth when the checkered flag waved with "The Outlaw" saying, "We had a much better car than it showed today but we will take this finish and come back stronger. It is our intention to race for the championship so hopefully this will be our one "bad" race. Next week we are at Thunder Road so hopefully we will be more competitive.

"I have to thank Derek Beatrice from Exit Realty for his support," said Eddie Mac. Exit Realty Beatrice Associates is sponsoring us this season and sponsored the ACT race today. Of course, Hancock Electric, Kenny and Scott Thompson, has sponsored us now for ten years and we are extremely grateful for all their support. Sheila and Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto body in Peabody are fantastic car owners and we thank them for everything. Chuck Grimm, Steve Vasey, and Dave Jenkins even drove up from Pennsylvania this morning to be at the race. Rob Grimm owns our K&N team based in Waymart, Pa. and also helps us with our Late Model, so it was great to have his father, Steve, and Dave with us today. The crew did a great job and worked hard for two days and Rollie and I greatly appreciate their hard work and dedication."

The American Canadian Tour will be back in action next week at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont for the Merchant's Bank 150.
LEE RACE DAY - 4/24  
Photos by
Richard Casey

Eddie Mac in the ACT #71
at Lee USA Speedway April 24

Eddie MacDonald will take the green flag at Lee USA Speedway, his family-owned track, on Sunday, April 24 in the New Hampshire Governor's Cup 150 American Canadian Tour's 25th season opener. As the 2014 Governor's Cup winner, Eddie Mac would like nothing better than to start the season off with a victory on the track he honed his skills as a teenager.

"We are really looking forward to this race and hope to win in front of all our families and friends," said Eddie Mac. "My parent's, Judy and Red, will be celebrating their 30th season owning and operating Lee. It would be awesome to win this for them for everything they have done for me. They haven't put any pressure on me to win other than my father expecting me to win every race, but I know it would mean a lot to them."

Following last season's finale in the Fall Brawl at Speedway 51 the #17 Freddie Peterson owned Hancock Electric/Exit Realty Chevy needed extensive body repairs with Eddie and the crew spending a lot of shop time getting the car back in shape with Eddie saying, "We had to replace all the body panels, nerf bars and just about everything else you could think of but it looks great and we think it will be fast once we hit the track. The guys worked hard getting everything done. Joe St. Jacques did a great job with metal and tin and John Tiernan did his usual great job with the paint and lettering. Rob Drandson took care of all the welding. Herbie Wing and Dick Casey were the guys taking everything apart and putting it all back together. Rollie and I have been putting the final touches in for the set up so we are ready to go."

A full field is expected to be on hand this year when Tom Curley's ACT Tour takes the green flag for the first of the thirteen scheduled races for the 2016 season. Eddie Mac and crew chief Rollie LaChance will attempt to run as many ACT races as possible to compete for the ACT championship with Eddie saying, "Rollie and I talked about running for the championship and we will run as many as we can as long as they don't conflict with our K&N Pro Series East schedule. We will run a limited K&N schedule but of course that is our main focus. There are a few scheduling conflicts and one coming up soon. We will race the K&N Pitlite 125 at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday night April 16 then fly back Sunday morning April 17 to run the afternoon ACT race at Oxford Plains Speedway. There are a couple of other races we have to work out logistics. We will be busy but it will be fun."

Of course none of this would be possible without the help of the sponsors. Celebrating another anniversary is the relationship with Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric Motor Service in Quincy, Mass with Eddie saying, "This is the tenth year Hancock Electric has sponsored our efforts. When we didn't know if we would get to the next K&N race ten years ago, Kenny Thompson stepped up to keep us racing for the season and I will be forever grateful. After Rob Grimm bought our K&N team Kenny stuck with us and sponsored our Late Model. Even after Kenny retired and his son Scott took over the business, Hancock Electric is still on the car. I can't thank them enough. They are and will always be a member of our family."

Last year Exit Realty Beatrice Associates located in Middleton and Somerville came aboard and will again sponsor the car for the upcoming season with Eddie Mac saying, "Last year we welcomed aboard Exit Realty and we have a great relationship with Derek Beatrice and have had a lot of fun with the Exit Realty family in a number of promotional events last year. Derek is a terrific guy and we continue to look forward to expanding our relationship."

The #17 will again display the Grimm Construction logo on the hood of the car as it does in the K&N series. Also on the car are the logos of Stilo, HMS Motorsports, and Schroth Racing. Also, Bobby Wood is a huge contributor to the Freddie and Sheila Peterson owned ride from Peterson Automotive Inc. in Peabody, Mass.

The action begins with a test and tune day scheduled for Saturday at Lee with the action beginning on Sunday at noon with the ACT car's Happy Hour practice. Qualifying and last chance qualifiers will follow with the Governor's Cup 150 scheduled to take the green flag at 4:00 pm.

on SUNDAY, APRIL 24th, 2016
Lee, NH - Lee USA Speedway is readying for the 2016 season opener just two weeks from now on April 24, with the annual running of the New Hampshire Governor's Cup 150 American Canadian Tour (ACT) Late Model event. The traditional season-opener will also feature the NEMST Mini Stocks and Northeast Classic Lites doing battle at "New Hampshire's Center of Speed".

Last year's running of the Governor's Cup event saw longtime Lee USA regular and eventual 2015 ACT champion Wayne Helliwell, Jr. of nearby Dover take down his first career ACT win at Lee, with Maine racer Brad Babb and
hometown hero Eddie "The Outlaw" MacDonald of Rowley, MA rounding out the podium.

Both Helliwell and MacDonald cut their racing teeth on the fast 3/8th's mile oval back in the 1990's, with feature wins and track championships coming early and often in their careers. "Junior" has taken home championship titles in the Late Model Sportsman, Late Model, and Supermodified ranks over the years, with the 2015 Governor's Cup 150 win among his career highlights.

Likewise, Eddie Mac has picked up checkered flags in virtually every division to ever hit the Lee high banks, dating back to his early career as a weekly Hobby Stock competitor, right up through the Late Model and Pro Stock ranks, where he was a consistent threat to win whenever he hit the track.

MacDonald was the 2014 winner of the Governor's Cup, and is expected to be on hand again this year. Eddie has also logged hundreds of laps aboard PASS Super Late Models and NASCAR K&N Series rides at the track he grew up at, owned by his parents Judy and recently-elected NEAR Hall-of-Famer Red. The MacDonalds are celebrating their 30th year of operating Lee USA this season.

The current iteration of ACT Late Models has been in competition 13 times at "New Hampshire's Center of Speed" for the season-opener, with 12 different winners adding their names to the Governor's Cup during that time. The only two-time winner was Brian Hoar, who grabbed the checkers in 2011-2012, but has since retired from racing.

Drivers from all six New England states and a couple of Canadian provinces typically make up the starting field for the Governor's Cup 150, and this year is expected to be no exception, with upwards of 30 entries anticipated for the race.

In addition to the ACT Late Models, the highly-successful Northeast Mini Stock Tour will be contesting the first race of their 2016 points chase, with defending race winner and 2015 series champion Toby Wells looking to make it back-to-back wins.

Lee USA Speedway 2009 Roadrunner and 2014 Late Model Sportsman champion Niko Maniatis of Hooksett is among those expected the challenge for the NEMST win, coming off an impressive 2015 campaign that saw him victorious when the tour contested the tough road course at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in CT.

2012 Ironman champ Jake Rheaume is another driver among the full field of entries expected for the NEMST season-opener, and after a solid fifth-place season in 2015 on the NEMST, his Lee USA experience puts him among the favorites to take home the win.

The Northeast Classic Lites will round out the program on opening day, the first of six appearances for the 5/8th's scale racers at Lee USA Speedway this season. Defending race winner "Hollywood" Dave Helliwell is rumored to be moving up to the EKeys4cars Supermodifieds for the 2016 campaign, leaving the door open for any of the expected 20+ entries to find the winner's circle.

Lee USA will be swinging the gates open for a test and tune session on Saturday, April 23, open to teams from any track and/or division in advance of the season opener the next day.

The test and tune session will be followed by a full card of racing action on Sunday April 24, as New Hampshire's Center of Speed opens up the northern New England racing season with the annual Governor's Cup 150 for ACT Late Models along with the North East Mini Stock Tour and Northeast Classic Lites season openers.

For more information on this or any other upcoming event at Lee USA, log on to our website at
www.leeusaspeedway.com, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Bristol - Sat. April 16th

Oxford - Sun. April 17th

Back to Back Top Tens for Eddie
at Bristol and Oxford

Eddie MacDonald spent the weekend racing, literally, after posting an impressive eighth place finish in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Pittlite 125 at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday night then flying into Boston on Sunday morning then race to Oxford Plains Speedway to score a third place finish in the ACT Tour's Oxford 100 later that afternoon.

Nothing was easy for the Grimm Racing team beginning Wednesday evening when the lift gate on the hauler malfunctioned and unable to close with the car loaded in the top. With the gate stuck eight feet in the air, two ramp trucks and a construction forklift were called into service to free the car. One ramp truck was place on top of the other and supported by the forklift, the Grimm Construction/Multiple Sclerosis Chevy was rolled from the hauler on to the ramp truck and eventually lowered to the ground. The car and the equipment were loaded into two car trailers the following morning for the trek to Bristol.

"That was something you do not see every day," laughed Eddie Mac. "We knew the weekend would be hectic making two races in Tennessee then Maine in two days, so to start out like this was definitely strange. Fortunately Rob (Grimm) knew the right people to call to get the car down and those guys worked until one in the morning. Then early the next morning Rob's guys showed up to help us load the trailers for the trip. It was a huge relief to get to the track that night without anything else happening. Racing was easy after all that."

The Pittlite 125 was Eddie Mac's first race in the K&N series this season with the team running a partial five race schedule. The Rowley, Mass. veteran driver has had great success on "The World's Fastest Half-Mile" posting a win in 2013 and two top ten finishes. The team struggled in practice and qualifying on Friday night to find the speed and ended up in the 26th starting position for the race on Saturday with Eddie Mac saying, "It was strange because the car turned well in corners and was down where we wanted it to be but we just didn't get the speed so our time was off. We just have to figure this qualifying thing out."

Eddie Mac had his work cut out for him starting 26th in the 29 car field but as he usually does the #71 was glued to the bottom while the rest of the field opted to run the high side. By the second caution flag on lap 26, Eddie Mac was running in the 17th position saving tires and passing where he could without pushing the car too much. No tire changes were allowed unless a tire was damaged so everyone had to find ways to conserve. Eddie Mac continued to run the bottom and move up through the field. After the break on lap72 the #71 restarted in the 11th position with fifty laps to go and quickly grabbed three spots to p.8 then to sixth with 25 laps to go.

With 18 to go Eddie got into another car in turn three costing him three spots but was able to get back one to finish eighth saying, "It is too bad I lost those two spots but it was a good finish. The tires were just by the end. Starting as far back as we did use up a lot of the tires, even though I tried to save as much as possible. Running the bottom uses them up more but I had to pass all the cars. We had a lot of fun and everyone did a great job. Now we are off to Oxford. You have to love it!"

Eddie, Rollie, Rob, and Ryan started the trip from Boston to Oxford Sunday morning hoping to make the last ACT practice to get some laps on the #17 Exit Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy after extensive repairs over the winter. With two Oxford 250 wins and multiple Oxford wins both Eddie Mac and Rollie (LaChance) know what is needed to be successful and despite the lack of practice they were able to run well in qualifying and started 16th in the Oxford 100 after posting an even rating.

Eddie Mac moved steadily to the front and into p.11 by lap 40. With 50 laps to go, Eddie Mac began to power his way past the early leaders and into p.5 by lap 70. From that point on, lapped traffic made passing more difficult on the quarter mile, flat oval. Eddie Mac rode in third place and engaged in a door-to-door battle with the #28 for the remainder of the race. Eddie finally passed the #28 on lap 94 for the second position but a caution on the lap restarted him behind the #28. Lapped traffic starting in front made passing impossible for the final six laps.

"We are happy with the finish but you always want to do better," said Eddie Mac after the race. "Everyone was sliding around at the end so it was really difficult to pass and the lapped cars made it very tough. But that is racing and we hope to have an even better finish next week at Lee USA Speedway in the Governor's Cup. I have to thank all the people that helped us this weekend to get everything set up for us here: Bobby Wood, Tom Rice, Brian Neal, Kelyn Harrell, Jolene and Rob Drandson, Ryan, Rachel and Laura LaChance, Freddie Peterson and I am probably forgetting someone. Thanks to Exit Realty and Derek Beatrice and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric. We hope to see everyone at Lee next Sunday. It should be a great show."

Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Norm Marx

The PittLite 125
Sat. April 16, 2016

Eddie MacDonald Races in His NASCAR
 K&N Pro Series East Season Opener at Bristol

Eddie MacDonald and the Grimm Racing Team will open the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season in the 5th annual Pittlite 125 at Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday, April 16. Eddie Mac will pilot the Grimm Construction/Multiple Sclerosis Chevy in the first of the five race partial schedule the team will compete in this season.

Eddie Mac has achieved great success on "The World's Fastest Half-Mile" posting a win in 2014, a seventh in 2013, and an impressive sixth place finish after recovering from a flat tire in last year's race with the Rowley, Mass. veteran driver saying, "We love racing at Bristol and feel we have a chance to win every time we come here. We had a great car last year but got a flat (lap 49) to go a lap down but we came all the way from the rear to post a sixth place finish. Rollie (LaChance) has a great set up for Bristol so we hope we can run up front and be there at the end."

Thirty cars are entered in the highly competitive series comprised of many Sprint Cup affiliated teams, yet the small team based in Newburyport, Mass. continues to raise eyebrows despite competing in a partial schedule. The #71 finished last season with a solid second place finish at Dover International Speedway and hope to carry that momentum this weekend. Along with Bristol and Dover (Sept. 30), the Grimm Construction Chevy will race at Stafford Motor Speedway (Ct.) on June 17, New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 16, and Iowa Speedway on July 29. Eddie Mac will also compete in many, if not all of the scheduled American Canadian Tour races.

The Pittlite 125 will take the green flag on Saturday at 4:30 pm. after the completion of the Xfinity race with practice and group qualifying taking place on Friday beginning at 6:00 pm. with Eddie Mac saying, "It will be a hectic two days for the crew to get everything in place. There isn't much room left in the infield with the Xfinity and Cup in there so it is really hard on the crew to get everything in place and do the work on the car. It just shows how dedicated our guys are and Rollie and I appreciate everything they do."

"Of course, none of this would be possible without our team owner Rob Grimm (From Waymart, Pa.)," says Eddie Mac. "Rob has been an incredible team owner and we have become part of the Grimm family. He and his wife Karla have given us everything we need to be competitive and we thank them for that but, more importantly, they have welcomed all of our team into their family. All of Grimm Nation is very supportive and we have developed great friendships."

Grimm Construction is the main sponsor for the team with Stilo, HMS Motorsports, Schroth Racing, Waymart Building Center, Peterson Automotive, and Kustom Vinyl also on board. The National Multiple Sclerosis logo is displayed on the rear quarter panel with the New Path Adventure logo on the rear of the car with Eddie Mac saying, "We are so thankful for all the help and support we have received through the years starting with Rob, Karla, and their family, Grimm Nation, our sponsors and the many fans we have throughout the country. We are ready and anxious to get our K&N season with a great run at Bristol."
RACE CENTRAL LIVE powered by Speed51.com:
K&N East at Bristol - HERE

For the Event Schedule, Entry List, Practices, Qualifying, Lap by Lap, & Results
K&N Pro Series East Bristol News & Notes: HERE

The Race: The PittLite125 at Bristol Motor Speedway is the fourth race of the 2016 NASCAR K&N Pro Series East season. It is the fourth of 10 oval track events and 14 races overall on the schedule. This will be the series’ fifth visit to the iconic high-banked Tennessee oval.


MacDonald to Make First Start of 2016: NASCAR K&N Pro Series East veteran Eddie MacDonald is set to make his first start of the 2016 season. MacDonald has recorded seven wins, 35 top fives and 92 top 10s in 187 series starts. One of his victories occurred at Bristol in 2014.

New Qualifying Format to Take Place This Weekend: The PittLite125 will feature a new qualifying procedure this weekend. Instead of the traditional two-lap time trials, group qualifying similar to road course procedures, will be utilized. Each group will participate in a five-minute session and the fastest single lap speed of each car will determine the first 32 starting positions.

Eddie Will Race from Bristol to Oxford
for the ACT 100 on Sunday, April 17

The real race for Eddie MacDonald begins Sunday morning in Bristol, Tennessee when the team will race to Charlotte Airport in No. Carolina to catch a plane to Boston Mass. then drive to Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine in time to run in the ACT 100 later that afternoon. The beat the clock schedule is due to Eddie Mac running in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East race on Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway.

"It will be a crazy couple of days so we are hoping everything falls into place so we can arrive at Oxford for the last practice," said Eddie Mac. "We did a lot of work on the Hancock Electric/Exit Realty Chevy so we hope to get some practice in to just check things out. Rollie has a pretty good set up for Oxford but there is always something that needs attention."

Exit Realty Beatrice Associates has signed on again this year and will sponsor the #17 Ma. for the entire season with Eddie Mac saying, "Having Exit Realty on board for the full season is a huge benefit for our race team since we hope to try to compete in all the ACT races. We look forward to working with Derek Beatrice again this season. He helped us out last year in the ACT, K&N, and Cup races and we really appreciate all Exit Realty has done for us and will continue to do this season.

We will also have Hancock Electric with us for the tenth year in a row. Kenny and Scott Thompson have been an integral part of our Late Model success and we are thrilled Hancock Electric will be with us again this year. Freddie and Sheila Peterson are the car owners and have been fantastic to us. Freddie lives and breathes racing and gladly gives us anything Rollie and I need to make the car go fast. I know he likes to stay in the background but Bobby Wood supports our efforts in a quiet but big way. Stilo, HMS Motorsports, and Schroth Racing will also be on board. Of course our K&N team owner Rob Grimm is a huge factor in allowing us to race the ACT series and we could not do this without his blessing and support.

The ACT 100 is part of a doubleheader along with the PASS 150 with a post time for heat races to begin at 2:00 pm. It is a one day event with practice beginning at 10:00 am.

The Grimm family and members of Grimm Nation participated as
the “MS Warriors” in the May 5th MS Walk at Pocono Speedway.
Grimm Nation Walks for One of Its Own
There are usually one or two things that define a race team whether it is a huge win or a race changing pit stop but for Grimm Racing its defining event occurred on a race track yet had nothing to do with racecars flying around an oval at incredible speed. The Grimm Racing Team was at Pocono Raceway on Sunday, May 5 for the third annual National Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk as part of Grimm Nation’s “MS Warriors” team in support of Megan Spaulding, the daughter of team owners Karla and Rob Grimm.

“This was one of those events when you look back afterward and just say “Wow,” recalled driver Eddie MacDonald. “The turnout from the Grimm Nation supporters was incredible, not to mention the thousands of people that joined us that day to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for this disease. It was really overwhelming at first to realize you are part of something so huge. I had no idea what to expect but just being a part of something like the MS Walk was as rewarding an experience as you can have. It meant a lot to us to be there for Megan and her family.”

Megan, her husband Ryne and both children and the Grimm family, plus her extended family enjoyed a beautiful day with Eddie saying, “Everyone was so relaxed and having a great time being together sharing in something so important. It was special that both sets of Megan’s grandparents were there to participate in the event. We had our Richmond car at the track with the MS emblem displayed on it and a lot of people posed for pictures. The tremendous turnout of support of over a 100 people there for Megan raised a lot of money just by the “MS Warriors” team. Karla had shirts made for all the participants and it was fantastic to see all the orange shirts walking as one in support of Megan. Karla did an incredible job getting everything organized. She had sandwiches drinks, and snacks and she is really an amazing person. Robin (Allaire) and I and Laura and Rollie (LaChance) were part of this and then spent time afterward with the Grimm family to complete a phenomenal weekend.”

Photos of the day’s events are displayed on Grimmracing.com as well as the Grimm Racing Facebook page. Ralph Smith took many beautiful pictures that are posted and can be seen on his Facebook page as well. So many people were responsible for making this a life-changing day. Jolene Drandson was actively involved with all of the preparation from the beginning to help make this MS Walk a huge success. Since 1988 the MS walk has raised over $10,000,000 dollars to support research to find a cure and donations are always welcome. Simply contact the Nationalmssociey.org for more information.

Karla Grimm’s quote under the family picture on her Facebook page may be expanded to include all of the members of Grimm Nation and the legion of supporters in the fight against MS when she said, ”We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”

Grimm Racing Is More than Just Winning 
Racing may be about winning but it also has plenty of room for support and compassion for people and causes and this is what Grimm Racing is all about. If anyone has any doubt about the validity of the statement, all they have to do is to look at the vinyl covering the car. The MS, New Path Adventures, Boston Strong logos, and the Eric Williams emblem are displayed on every Grimm car.

Recently Megan Spaulding, the daughter of Carla and Rob Grimm, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to support MS Awareness Week, the #71 carried the logo for the first race on the rear quarter panels at Bristol. Rob Grimm decided the MS banner would be permanently displayed on the car for the entire season. The family and members of Grimm Nation will participate as the “MS Warriors” in the May 5 MS Walk at Pocono Speedway.  (

The Grimm family was deeply moved by the horrific events on Marathon Monday in Boston and the decision was easily reached to display the “Boston Strong” ribbon on the car. Eddie MacDonald and many of the team members call the Boston area home and felt the need to support those killed, injured, and their families was something Grimm Racing does for all those in need.

Rob Grimm decided that “New Path Adventures” logo would be displayed on the back of the car for the season. New Path Adventures is based in Dallas, Texas and ministers to troubled youths ages 13-19. Crew member Steven Owens, nephew of Rob Grimm, is proud to say his brother Jonathan Owens and Alan Owens offer guidance and a positive change in the choices these youngsters make in their daily lives. The Spanish to English Ministry recently completed a very successful bike ride across the state of Texas, an 865 mile journey, to raise money. Alan and Jonathan work with a group of 7-10 youngsters by taking them from their environment and harmful behavior, minister to them while living out of backpacks in the wilds of Texas.
NewPathAdventures.org is a good source for information.

On February 25, 2013 Corrections Officer Eric Williams was murdered in the line of duty at the U.S Penitentiary located in Canaan, Pa. that is within sight of the Grimm Racing shop in Waymart, Pa. In order to honor Officer Williams and those men and women that serve, every Grimm car will display the emblem for the remainder of the season. (

Being a member of Grimm Nation is much more than supporting the #71 on the track. It means a commitment to show support for those in need.

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