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Eddie Wins the Granite State Pro Stock Series Race at Thompson

Eddie MacDonald dominated the Granite State 50 lap Pro Stock feature at Thompson's Motorsports Park's World Series of Racing on Friday night, October 12 to close out the season. The EXIT Realty Chevy easily won the heat race then started fifth in the feature after a redraw.

When the green flag waved the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy wasted little time establishing dominance as Eddie Mac powered to second on lap 3 and took command of the race on the fast, high banked 5/8th of a mile oval on lap ten. From that point on, the #17 easily maintained a five car length lead over the closest competitor to post the win.

"This car was just incredible tonight and there are a lot of people responsible," said Eddie Mac. "Paul Rinaldi builds great motors and this had a lot of power so anything Paul builds is fun to drive. Jamie Rouleau was the crew chief tonight and he did a fantastic job. We were not happy with the handling in practice and we needed some changes and he made all the right ones. It was fun to have him on board and to get the win."

"I could not be happier for Dave Lemieux and Brian Neal," said Eddie Mac. "They put their heart and soul into this team and to win the way we did is a clear vindication of the integrity of what these guys are all about. They strive to prepare the best car possible and tonight is clearly evident of their total preparation and commitment. It is a pleasure and an honor to drive for this team."

"We thank Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty in Middleton, Mass, as well as Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction from Waymart, Pennsylvania for their support throughout the season. It means so much to us to have these folks on board."

"Our crew deserves a lot of the credit for their hard work and dedication," said the Rowley, Mass. veteran. "These guys show up every race and work their tails off and do anything asked of them. People like Craig Laroche, Tom Rice, Dave "Logger" Ricker, Jimmy Russell, Brian Neal, Hoppy, and Dick Casey do such a great job. Dave's sisters Denise and Darcy keep the crew fed and we really appreciate it. "This is it for this season but we are already talking about next year and it really sounds exciting so we will have more news in the future."

"Thank you to everyone for your support and have a great off season."
Photos by Richard Casey 

Erroneous Call Costs Eddie a Win and
Possible ACT Championship at Thompson

With four laps left in the final race of the season to determine the American Canadian Tour Champion at Thompson's World Series of Racing, Eddie Mac had an opportunity to not only win the ACT 75 lap event but also win a championship that appeared improbable at best prior to the race trailing Payea by 25 points. However, the erroneous call by race director Chris Michaud to send Eddie Mac to the rear for "his involvement" in the lap 71 caution dashed any hope to do the impossible.

That decision was made quickly and was immediately proved incorrect with video evidence provided by a camera mounted in Eddie Mac's car prior to the race and recorded the entire incident. The video shows both the #5 and the #2 bouncing off one another all the way down the backstretch and both losing control and turning sideways. The video clearly shows Eddie Mac, who was running fourth on the outside, was not responsible for the wreck and the erroneous call cost him the win and the potential championship.

"I could not believe I was sent to the rear for something I had no part in causing,' said a fuming Eddie Mac after the race. "Those guys had been banging each other for quite a few laps and the #2 hit the #5 the final time and sent them both sideways. I was close but I knew the wreck was on them, not me. The decision was made quickly and ended up costing us the win, the championship, and over $12,000. With so much on the line, that decision needed to be looked at closely and not made in haste. Anyone can watch the video and see the #5 was sideways as a result of the leaders banging into each other. All the hard work and effort for everyone associated with this team was all for naught with a hasty decision. I made my feelings known to Chris (Michaud) after the race in hopes that he will learn from this. With a championship on the line, you have to take your time and get the call right. He did not do either."

Eddie Mac started the feature in 11th after winning the heat race. Any winner of a previous race cannot start in the top ten. For the first 41 laps, the Freddie Peterson owned EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy trailed point's leader Payea who blocked Eddie Mac before finally making the pass. Eddie Mac then began his drive to the front and was in sixth by lap 50. With 25 laps to go, Eddie Mac battled door to door with the #22 until the first caution of the race on lap 67. From that point on, five more cautions would bunch the field for the final laps. Eddie Mac rode in fourth place on the lap 68 restart, with the #5, #2, and #40 ahead of him on the grid. With four to go, the two leaders got together again but this time both spun out and Eddie Mac, running in fourth on the outside, was flagged for the wreck. It is almost impossible for a car on the outside running fourth to spin the leader on the inside. Eddie Mac was sent to the rear and finished 12th, the result of a terrible call.

Not only was a terrible call made on the track, series owner and race director Chris Michaud continued to further make another bad decision when car owner Freddie Peterson approached him near tech and next to the #17's pit, and Peterson was met with an expletive filled roaring rant. Complete with multiple F-bombs, Freddie Peterson was told by race director and series owner Michaud that he did not need or want his team in his series. For decades, Freddie Peterson has been a loyal supporter of the ACT Series and certainly deserved better treatment and respect from Michaud who chose to scream obscenities in front of the assembled crowd. Michaud needs to apologize for his childish actions to Freddie Peterson with a phone call then publically apologize on the ACT website since Michaud chose to unleash his tirade in public.

In response to Michaud's statement that he does not need Freddie Peterson in his series, the answer is simple. Yes you do! With the disappearance of quality teams and drivers recently from the series, Michaud can ill afford to lose one of the most dedicated and classy owners in Freddie Peterson.

"This is a terrible way to end the season but Rollie and I are so proud of the effort of our team today," said Eddie Mac. "We were hit in the right side of the car during the heat and this team jumped right in to fix the damage with Freddie leading the way. They did a great job and the car was ready to go for the race. This team has done this the entire season and we could not ask for a better group of guys. We also thank Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty, Scott and Kenny Thompson from Hancock Electric, and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction. None of this would be possible without the sincere effort from all these people. We are truly blessed to have such terrific people associated with this team. I thank my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell for the support and understanding that racing consumes so much of your time. Thanks to all our fans for their support and we wish everyone a good year."

Eddie Wins Inaugural NAPA 250 at White Mountain
Eddie MacDonald overcame pre-race adversity to post the first ever NAPA Blue and Gold 250 at White Mountain Motorsports Park victory on Sunday, September 16. Despite starting 25th in the 30 car field, Eddie Mac utilized a fast car and race strategy to post the dominant victory in the $10,000 to win late model event.

All did not begin well for the Freddie Peterson owned team as it struggled through three attempts to qualify for the 250 lap feature. Eddie Mac drove from his 11th starting position in the third heat to sixth but it was not good enough to qualify for the main event. Then after scoring third place in the consolation race the car was found to be too light forcing Eddie Mac to the last chance B main. A third place finish secured a 25th spot on the grid.

With his work cut out, Eddie Mac once again proved why he is such a highly regarded racing talent along the eastern seaboard of the country as he powered steadily along into 11th on the 50th circuit. During the caution on lap 70 some of the leaders decided to pit for tires since only fuel would be allowed on the scheduled mandatory caution on lap 125. Eddie and crew chief Rollie LaChance decided to gamble and wait until later in the race to pit for four American Racer tires on the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy and this strategy proved to be the winning decision.

While most cars stopped for tires earlier, Eddie Mac finally drove to the pits during the lap 155 caution for the crew to bolt on four new tires. With a thirty lap tire advantage on the leaders, Eddie Mac restarted 16th in the field and wasted little time driving to the front. By lap 172 Eddie Mac rode comfortably in third behind Payea and Hebert but the new tires and fast car were no match for the regular ACT competitors as Eddie Mac took the lead for good on lap 193. From that point on, Eddie Mac maintained a seven car-length lead to the checkers and the $10,000 check waiting for him in victory lane.

"Winning this race is awesome and I want to thank everyone associated with our team for this win," said the victorious Rowley, Mass. veteran racer. "We really had to battle back from earlier problems but there's no quit in this team and we proved it again today. I can't say enough for all the hard work. Rollie made a great call on coming to pit road for tires. We went back and forth deciding when to come and finally on lap 155 we decided the time was now. The crew did an excellent job completing the stop without a flaw and I was able to get a good restart. I knew Scott, Jimmy and a couple of the other guys would be tough but getting the tires when we did made all the difference. The car was fast and it was a lot of fun to drive today."

"We really needed this win today since we have not had the season we had hoped for but the determination and dedication of this team was on full display today," said an enthused Eddie Mac. "Freddie and Sheila Peterson are great owners and no one enjoys a win more that Freddie. Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty was here today with his daughter and he has been a great sponsor. Scott and Kenny Thompson from Hancock Electric have been sponsoring us for a dozen years and we can't ever thank them enough. Rob Grimm, our K&N owner, continues to support us, as well as, Bobby Wood. All these people make it possible for us to do this."

"The heart and soul of this team is the crew and those associated with us every step of the way and I have to acknowledge their effort and support," said Eddie Mac. "Laura and Ryan LaChance, Jolene and Rob Drandson, Tom Rice, Brian Neal, Hoppy, Kenny Grooms, Dick Casey, my Dad, and my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell are instrumental in our success. I want to give a shout out to John Tiernan who has been under the weather lately but has been with us for many years doing his body work and painting magic."

The final ACT race of the season will be at the World Series of Racing at Thompson Motor Sports Park on October 13.
Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Norm Marx

40th Coca-Cola Labor Day Classic

Sunday, September 2nd
Eddie MacDonald Finishes Sixth in ACT Labor Day Classic
Eddie MacDonald battled from a difficult 20th starting position in the 40th American Canadian Tour Labor Day Classic at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont on Sunday, September 2, to post an acceptable sixth place finish in the 200 lap event. A slick outside groove in the heat cost the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy a decent starting position in the feature.
"I was really happy with the car in the race and we were constantly moving forward but the finish in our heat really cost us," said Eddie Mac after the race. "The second groove was really slick and no one could run out there. I started fourth in the heat but a caution put me on the outside for the restart and I fell back to seventh. I got back to fifth on the last two laps (of the 15 lap qualifier) but that gave us a -1 rating and we started 20th."

When the green flag waved the Rowley, Mass. veteran racer began his charge to the front in the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy. On the 23rd circuit on the high-banked Vermont bullring, Eddie Mac rode in the 14th spot and into 9th by the next caution on lap 61. On the lap 125 caution, Eddie Mac made it to the pits for right side tires and restarted 10th. By lap 167, Eddie Mac ran in the fifth spot and was finally passed by Payea with ten laps to go to finish sixth.

"As I said before, I was really happy with the car but we just started too far back," said Eddie. "The -1 rating started us 20th out of 26 cars so that was a big hurdle to overcome. If I had been able to stay in fourth in the heat we would have a 0 rating and we would have started near the top ten. The bottom groove was the only one working so you had to stay down and my car handled well in the turns. We pitted for tires (Lap 125) and we were a little tight after that but Payea was able to get by me when I really got loose at the end. The Thunder Road regulars finished in the top four spots and never stopped for tires. They really have this place figured out because it is a handful."

"It was a lot of fun to have a good car here and to bring it home in one piece," said Eddie Mac. "The crew did their usual great job today and they are the reason we run as good as we do. Rollie (LaChance) had a great set up in the car and although you always want a better finish, we did well today. Thanks to Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric for their continued support, as well as Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction. We hope to finish the season with great finishes at White Mountain and Thompson."

Next on the schedule is the $10,000 to win Late Model race on September 16 at White Mountain Motor Sports Park and the ACT series finale at Thompson Motor Sports Park on October 13.

Eddie MacDonald Wins ACT Oxford 150
and Finishes Eleventh in the Oxford 250
Eddie MacDonald set the tone Saturday for the huge Oxford 250 weekend at the famed Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, Maine with a win in the American Canadian Tour's Oxford 150. Eddie Mac struggled for most of the Super Late Model Oxford 250 to post an 11th place finish on Sunday.

The ACT win on Saturday gave the Rowley, Mass. racer a series sweep at the Oxford oval in the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy and into second place in the quest for the series championship with two points' events remaining on the schedule.

Eddie Mac started 11th in the 150 lap feature as a result of a +4 rating after finishing third in the heat from the seventh starting position. ACT rules dictate winners of a race cannot start in the top ten positions for the race.
When the green flag waved for the 24 car field, Eddie Mac wasted little time getting the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy towards the front and into third place by lap 25. For a number of laps, Eddie Mac and point's leader Scott Payea raced side by side for the third spot before Payea was sent to the rear for dumping Chip Grenier on lap 51 to bring out the second of six caution flags. On the restart, Eddie Mac quickly took the lead from 16 year old Evan Hallstrom on lap 52 and held off Jimmy Hebert the rest of the way to post his second win of the season.

"The car was just awesome today and it handled great in the turns and had plenty of power getting off the corners," said Eddie Mac after the race. "We have had a lot of success at this track and we love winning here. Rollie (LaChance) knows this place so well we have a good idea what we need here. The crew did an outstanding job especially since we are competing in both events this weekend so everyone really has worked hard on both cars."

With Eddie Mac in the lead, Hebert continued to pressure but did not have enough to make a pass. Two caution flags on lap 97 pitted the two drivers side by side on the restart as Eddie Mac was able to pull away as Hebert had to fall in behind. The #17 Chevy lengthened the lead as it cruised through lapped traffic as Eddie Mac established his dominance. Two Caution flags on lap 126 again pitted the duo side by side but Eddie Mac had the advantage and powered to the win.
"Our car owner Freddie Peterson is a great guy and it is always fun to win one for him and his wife Shelia, "said Eddie Mac. "Thanks also to Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric for their continued support. As always, none of this is possible without the hard work and dedication of the crew and all the people who tirelessly work for this team."

With two Oxford 250 wins to his credit, Eddie Mac set his sights on adding a record tying third title but an extremely loose car dashed his hopes as the handling was not there for most of the race. The Dave Lemieux Super Late Model entry finished fourth in the heat relegating the EXIT Realty/Grimm Construction Chevy to a 16th starting position in the 42 car field.

From that point on, the ill handling car continued to slide back in the field before going a lap down on lap 129 of the 250 lap event. The team struggled to get in position for the lucky dog. Eddie Mac pitted on lap 199 for four tires then returned to the pits for more adjustments on lap 206. A pit road penalty forced Eddie Mac to restart the race in the 28th position.

After a red flag on lap 225, Eddie Mac received the "lucky dog" and restarted the race in the 21st position. The tires and adjustments finally kicked in as Eddie Mac was able to pass a number of lead lap cars and lapped cars into the 11th spot but ran out of time.

"This was really disappointing to run like this especially after all the trips here to test and after doing well since Friday," said Eddie Mac. "Everyone worked so hard and I thought the car was going to be good. I didn't think we had a winning car but I thought we would be much more competitive than we were. The car was really loose from the start and we finally hit on something but it was just too little too late."

"Thanks to car owner Dave Lemieux and Brian Neal for everything they do for us and I hate it for those guys to run like this," said a frustrated driver after the race.

"We thank Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction for their sponsorship. Thanks also to White Birch Brewing for coming on board this weekend. Thanks to all the crew members and people who support us every race."

Eddie Mac will continue his pursuit of the ACT championship on September 2 in the final Summer Showdown Series at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont in the 200 lap Coca Cola Labor Day Classic with $5,000 on the line for the winner.
Photos by Richard Casey   
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Photos by Norm Marx  

Third Place Finish for Eddie at White Mountain ACT Race
Eddie MacDonald battled lapped traffic and an ill-handling car to post a third place finish in the Autosaver Group 150 in the American Canadian Tour's race at White Mountain Motorsports Park in No. Woodstock, NH on Sunday, August 5. Thirty late model cars took the green flag for the 150 lap event Sunday afternoon after weather conditions forced the scheduled Saturday start to be postponed.

Eddie Mac started fifth in the fourth heat of the day then led the nine car field to the checkers to post the win and a +5 rating and earn the 10th starting position for the race, ACT rules dictate that previous winners cannot start higher than the 10th position.

Early on, Eddie Mac, driving the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy, was content to ride with the pack picking off cars as the opportunity presented itself and rode in the 7th position when the first of four caution flags for the race waved on lap 47. Lapped cars became an issue early in the race and Eddie Mac restarted in the 10th position on the restart saying, "I thought I passed a lot of cars so I was surprised I was in seventh place then restarted 10 but lapped traffic played a major role in the race. It was tough to pass with the lapped cars running in bunches so I had to pick my way through and it was tough to make up any ground on the leaders. I was really pushing at that point and not trying to save my tires."

At the halfway mark, the Freddie Peterson owned ride was battling for seventh position with two cars and had to restart eighth after a lap 101 caution flag. Eddie Mac battled side by side with Masterson then Donahue before moving into fifth place for the lap 141 final caution flag with Eddie Mac saying, "The rear end was jumping out sideways in the turns so it really was a handful to drive. I could run the middle groove but it really didn't like the bottom. I don't know exactly what was causing it to act like that but I was able to get back on the throttle halfway through the turns but I did not have anything for the leaders. With five to go I was in third but those guys were too far in front for me to catch them."

"As always, none of this would be possible without the support of a lot of people," said Eddie Mac. "Car owners Freddie and Shelia Peterson from Peterson Auto Body in Peabody are fantastic. If you ever need body work done they are the people to see. Thanks to Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates in Middleton, Mass and Kenny and Scott Peterson from Hancock Electric in Quincy. It is Kenny's birthday so we wish him all the best. Thanks to Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction and Bobby Wood for all their support. A huge thanks to the most dedicated crew anyone could have, Jolene and Rob, Tom, Brian, Laura, Hoppy, and Dick who do so much for our team. Rollie and I are extremely grateful for everything they do. I also want to thank my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell for all her support and she is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday Kelyn!

Eddie Mac will next participate in the upcoming Oxford 250 weekend in both the Oxford 150 for Late Models on Saturday, August 25 and the Oxford 250 for Super Late Models on Sunday, August 26 at the Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, Maine.
Photos by Richard Casey  
Photos by Norm Marx 

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018 - J.P. Sicard/Kingdom Gravel 151
Fifth Place Finish for Eddie MacDonald at Speedway 51
After a one day delay, 22 American Canadian Tour drivers took the green flag in the second race of the season at Speedway 51. Eddie MacDonald posted a disappointing fifth place finish in the J.P Sicard Kingdom Gravel 151 at the Groveton N.H. facility on Sunday, July 15.

Despite a +4 finish in the second heat and running in the top three in practice, the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy fought both a tight in and loose off condition throughout the race. Eddie Mac started 11th due to the ACT rule that previous winners cannot start higher than tenth.

When the green flag waved to start the 151 lap event, Eddie Mac gained four positions by the lap 4 caution, the first of six caution flags in the race. Another caution on lap 7 forced the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy to restart sixth on the outside that was not the place to be. It appeared no one could run the non-existent outside groove with Eddie Mac slipping back to eighth. Running eighth and in a battle with the #54 car running side by side with Eddie Mac stuck on the outside, the decision was made to pit during the caution on lap 86 for much needed adjustments. Eddie Mac returned to the track in the 12th position.

"Rollie and I decided to make wedge adjustments and they really helped the car in the turns," said Eddie Mac. "We struggled with the handling right from the start so coming to the pits was an easy decision. The adjustments helped a lot but we were not going to compete for the win. We are not happy with finishing fifth but that is the best we were going to do today. Unfortunately we finished the first race here looking like a modified and today we got caught up in one of those accordion wrecks and caused considerable damage to the front and rear. We will get it fixed and ready for the race at White Mountain."

From lap 86 to the final flag, Eddie Mac was able to make his way from the 12th position to ninth by the final of two caution flags on lap 124. Over the remaining 26 laps, Eddie Mac drove to the fifth position to take the checkered flag.

"It was an extremely hot day so Rollie and I have to acknowledge the hard work by the crew in these conditions," said Eddie Mac. "We are thankful to Freddie and Shelia Peterson (Peterson Auto Body in Peabody, Mass.) for all they do. Of course we can't do any of this without sponsors and we have the best. Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates in Middleton, Mass. and Scott and Kenny Thompson from Hancock Electric in Quincy, Mass. and Rob Grimm from Waymart, Pa. provide us with the help we need to do this."

The ACT Tour will take the green flag again on August 4 at White Mountain Motorsports Park.
Photos by Richard Casey 

Eddie Finishes Fourth in Firecracker 200 at Spud Speedway
Eddie MacDonald celebrated the new opening of Spud Speedway in Caribou, Maine on July 3 with a fourth place finish in the Pro Series All-Star Firecracker 200. With the top five finish the Dave Lemieux owned #17 Super Late Model secured a guaranteed starting position in the Oxford 250.

Eddie Mac's EXIT Realty/Grimm Construction Chevy posted a fourth place finish in the heat and had to struggle with a loose car early in the race saying, "This quarter mile track is tricky and most of the time you had to run the second groove where there is some banking because the bottom is so flat. The car was loose for the first 125 laps until we were able to make adjustments and for the final 75 laps it responded much better. As the race went on, I discovered a few tricks to get around this place."

Eddie Mac started sixth in the 200 lap feature due to the rule that recent winners cannot start in the top 10. For the first 100 laps the Rowley, Mass. veteran was content to ride in the eighth and ninth position. When the competition flag waved on lap 125 for the 10 minute break, Eddie Mac had moved into the sixth position knowing a top five finish would guarantee a spot in the Oxford 250.

"Naturally I was hoping to challenge for the win but I just didn't have the car tonight but I thought I could get a third place finish. With 25 to go I was in third place and just overdrove the turn trying to get to second and almost lost it completely. My two right side tires were off the track and I was lucky to save it and only lose one spot. One of our goals was to qualify for the 250 and we did that so that is a lot of pressure off of us. Now we can race for a starting position at Oxford and not have to worry about qualifying for the race."

"It was a hectic day traveling up there, racing, and then getting home so everyone could enjoy the 4th with their families, but it was a lot of fun," said Eddie Mac. "The track owners did a great job getting the track ready for racing after it had been closed for a couple of years. The crowd was great and we could not have been treated any better."

Thanks to our sponsors Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty in Middleton, Mass. and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction in Waymart, Pa. Thanks also to car owner Dave Lemieux from Lemieux Home Builders and Brian Neal from Neal Excavating for everything they do. Rollie and I would be lost without the dedication of our crew. Rollie's wife Laura and son Ryan are always there along with Jolene and Rob. Tom, Frenchy, and Brian also made the trip and we can't thank them enough. It was a very hot day and we are thankful for all their hard work in the heat."

Eddie Mac and the team's next competition will be at Speedway 51 in Groveton, NH on July 14th for the American Canadian Tour's second visit this season to the track. The much anticipated Oxford 250 for the Super Late Model race is scheduled for August 25-26.
Photos by Lindsay Ellison

New England Short Track Showdown
New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Sat.-Sun., June 23-24, 2018
Eddie Scores Second Place Run in Granite State Pro Stock Series
Eddie MacDonald won the inaugural Granite State Pro Series New England Short Track Showdown last year at New Hampshire Motor Speedway but fell one half of a lap short to retain the title. After dominating much of the 50 lap event on the mile oval, Eddie Mac could not hold off the outside run of winner Reid Lanpher to post a second place finish.
Eddie Mac started on the outside pole after easily winning the second heat earlier in the day. When the green flag waved to start the feature, Eddie Mac established a comfortable lead before the first caution flag waved on lap 22 sending the 20 car field to the pits for the "completion caution" with the Rowley, Mass. veteran racer saying, "The car was great in the clean air and handled pretty well but I knew things would change in the second half and those guys would be fighting back."

The EXIT Realty/Grimm Construction Chevy #17 maintained the lead with Derek Griffiths battling Eddie Mac as the duo rode side by side for multiple laps with Griffiths beating the Dave Lemieux owned Chevy to the stripe on lap 27. Eddie Mac quickly retook the top spot with Griffiths falling behind with 15 laps to go. However, the battle for the lead took its toll as Lanpher was able to real in Griffiths and then set sail for Eddie Mac.

"Derek and I had a great race against each other but with him on the outside my car was not as fast and it allowed Reid to catch us," said Eddie Mac. "It was a fun battle but I think it took a lot out of the both of us. I could see Reid closing and I tried running inside and he was just able to get a great run on the outside down the backstretch. You hate to lose especially on the last lap but his car was really strong and he deserved the win."

"Rollie (LaChance, crew chief) thank all the crew for their hard work. We never made it on the track on Saturday because of the rain so they had to deal with a couple of problems we had in the early morning Sunday practice. They always do a great job and we appreciate all the effort," said Eddie Mac. "Thanks also to car owner Dave Lemieux (Lemieux Home Builders) and Brian Neal (Neal Excavating) for everything they do. Exit Realty with Derek Beatrice as our primary sponsor has been with us a couple of years and we thank him for his support, as well as Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction. Special thanks to my girlfriend Kelyn Harrell for all her support during the hectic months maintaining, fixing and racing two cars. There just so many great people supporting this team we are forever thankful."

Next race for the Pro Stock will take place at Spud Speedway in Caribou, Maine on July 3 in the PASS race. The Late Model returns to Speedway 51 in Groveton, NH for the ACT race on July 14.
Photos by
Richard Casey

Eddie Finishes Second in ACT Race at Waterford
Eddie Mac's hopes to win the second leg of the ACT Summer Showdown Series fell one position short as he scored a hard-earned second place finish in the New London-Waterford Speedbowl 150 on Saturday, June 16 at the Connecticut facility. Eddie Mac started the 150 lap feature on the flat, 3/8 mile oval in the 11th position.

After repairing significant damage to the front clip of the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy from a wreck at Speedway 51 two weeks ago, Eddie Mac struggled in the first practice. The crew leaped into action to make major changes to the car and their diligent action paid off as the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy turned in some of the fastest times in the final two practices.

"I have the best guys for a crew that you could ever have," said Eddie Mac after the race. "We fixed the car but didn't have time to test so the first practice let us know what we needed to do. Everyone jumped in to make major changes and I can't thank all of our guys enough. They are truly amazing."

Eddie Mac posted a +3 in his heat finishing second from his fifth starting spot in the 12 lap qualifier. The field remained bunched up due to multiple cautions in the early going so passing was limited. By lap 25, Eddie Mac rode in the ninth position with a car handling on the loose side. After another caution on lap 50, one of ten yellow flags, Eddie Mac was able to make his way to third place on the long green flag run before the next caution on lap 86.

The top three point's leaders, eventual winner Payea, Hebert, and Eddie Mac pulled away from the field before more cautions on lap 96, 97, and two on lap 105 bunched things up again for the final sprint to the finish. On lap 119 Eddie Mac passed Hebert for second place on an outside move and began his chase of Payea who jumped out to an eight car lead. Eddie Mac chased the leader to close the gap to two car lengths as the checkered flag waved.

"I spent a lot of laps trying to get around Hebert and Ziter so when I finally got to second, Payea had a pretty good lead," said Eddie Mac. "We needed another caution or for him to make a mistake but neither happened. My car was handling good on the outside so I was hoping I could get alongside of him but we ran out of laps. We were hoping to win the second leg of the Showdown for another $5,000 and a chance for the bonus but it was not meant to be. We still had a great finish after all the changes we had to make but the win would have been nice."

"Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty was with us today and we are thankful for the sponsorship and for the Hancock Electric sponsorship from Scott and Kenny Thompson. Kenny's wife Carol has been under the weather lately so we wish her well. The Thompson's are fantastic people and have been with us for eleven years. Thanks also to Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction for his continued support."

ACT returns to Speedway 51 in Groveton, NH on Saturday, July 14 to kick off the second half of the season.

Eddie Mac will compete at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in the Granite State Pro Stock Series Short Track Showdown this Saturday and Sunday, June 23, 24. Practice is Saturday with the race on Sunday as Eddie Mac attempts to defend last year's title.
Photos by Richard Casey


Eddie MacDonald Finishes Twelfth
After Wreck in ACT at Speedway 51

Eddie MacDonald appeared poised for a top five finish in the American Canadian Tour's Caron Fabrication 151 at Speedway 51 in Groveton, N.H. on Saturday, June 2 only to be caught in a lap 62 wreck. After a tremendous effort by the crew, Eddie Mac returned to the race without losing a lap to post a 12th place finish despite the severe damage.

On lap 62, two of the leaders tangled on the front stretch collecting the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy in the melee causing extensive front end damage with the frustrated veteran racer saying, " It happened right in front of me and I did not have any place to go, The hood was pushed up and I couldn't even see out of the windshield and it looked pretty bad but Laura (LaChance) radioed that the car was not leaking so with some guidance I made it back to the pits and the crew went to work."

Eddie Mac is competing for the ACT championship and trailed Scott Payea by seven points before the race so every point is important and with that in mind crew chief Rollie LaChance and the crew began cutting and ripping the damaged nose, fenders, and support pieces from the car in an effort to get Eddie Mac back into the race. A win was out of the question but a solid finish was the goal of the team that stresses teamwork, dedication, and determination.

"I am just so proud of my guys for everything they did so we could get back into the race," said Eddie Mac. "Rollie took control of the situation and even though they were working pretty fast, everything they did was done right. I could not ask for better people. Rollie and I really appreciate the effort of Tom Rice, Rob Drandson, Ryan LaChance, Hoppy, Kenny Grooms, Brian Neal, my father, and Bobby Wood. Even our car owner Freddie Peterson was in there with a sawsall cutting up his own car so we could get back on the track. Of course Freddie owns Peterson Auto Body in Peabody so he is no stranger to body work. A number of other guys from other teams pitched in to help and we thank them."

When Eddie Mac rejoined the field the flagman threw the green flag to restart the race on lap 63, the #17 Ma took the green in 19th place and while looking more like a modified that a full fendered racecar, the Rowley, Mass. veteran showed the determination that is characteristic of this team and drove under and over cars to the 12th position by lap 122 with Eddie Mac saying, "I think we could have had a much better finish but the car was just too loose. We were hoping for a quick caution after the repairs were done to make an adjustment but we didn't get one until late in the race and by then it was too late. We did what we could and 12th was the best that we could get so now we will be back in the shop getting the car fixed for the next race at Waterford."

Eddie Mac started the 151 lap event in 14th, the result of a -1 score in the heat race. After starting on the pole, Eddie Mac lost the lead after spinning the tires on a restart on a lap seven caution restart in the 12 lap qualifier. When the green flag waved to start the feature, Eddie Mac moved cautiously through the field despite a tight handling car in the center of the turns. Prior to the lap 62 wreck, Eddie Mac ran in the seventh position saying, "I didn't think we had a winning car tonight because it was so tight in the center but I knew it was good enough to be near the front and you never know what could happen but unfortunately we got involved in the wreck."

"Thanks again to our sponsors Derek Beatrice from Exit Realty in Middleton, Mass. and Kenny and Scott Peterson from Hancock Electric in Quincy, Mass. and Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction from Waymart, Pa. Thanks also the Jolene Drandson for handling our raceday social media and Laura LaChance for spotting duties. It was great to have my mom, Judy, at the track and to have new grandmother Sheila Peterson there for us. We have so many great people with our team, we are very lucky."

The second leg of ACT's three race Summer Showdown Series will take place on Saturday, June 16 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl with $5000 going to the winner. Eddie Mac won the first of the series at Oxford Plains and if he wins all three events, the team will pocket an additional $5000.
Photos by Richard Casey

SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018
ACT TOUR RELEASE: Rowley, MA’s Eddie MacDonald held off Williamstown, VT’s Jimmy Hebert in the closing laps to take the Summer Showdown Series opener at Maine’s Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday, May 20. The win made MacDonald $5,000 richer and also makes him eligible for an additional $5,000 bonus should he go on sweep the 3-race series.
Eddie Wins ACT Race at Oxford and
Finishes Eleventh in PASS Race
Eddie MacDonald started the day at Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday, May 20 with an impressive win in the first of three American Canadian Tour's Summer Showdown Series. In the nightcap, Eddie Mac struggled with an ill-handling car to post an eleventh place finish in the Pro All Star Series' Honey Badger Bar and Grill 150.

Fresh off a second place run last week in the ACT Governor's Cup at Lee USA Speedway, Eddie Mac would not be denied the win on the flat, demanding oval in Oxford, Maine. The EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy started seventh in the first 12 lap feature, then finished third to earn a +4 rating good enough to start on the outside pole in the 30 car field in the 150 lap event.

Eddie Mac started next to long-time ACT competitor Nick Sweet as the two distanced themselves for nearly 75 laps before Eddie Mac made an epic three wide pass for the lead in heavy lapped traffic on lap 76. Eddie Mac dove to the inside with Sweet on the outside of two lapped cars to gain the top spot to hold off Sweet and late challenger Jimmy Hebert to post the his 10th career Act win and the $5000 payoff.

With Eddie Mac cruising along the first caution flag of the race flew with only 18 laps to go set the stage for a tight finish with Hebert close behind. Another caution on the restart reset the field with Eddie Mac holding off the Hebert challenge to post the win by a car length.

"This is a great win for our team today and I have to thank our car owner Freddie Peterson and his wife Shelia for everything they do for us," said Eddie Mac. "Rollie (Crew chief LaChance) and the crew gave me a great car today. I was able to run inside and outside and with all the lapped traffic playing a major role today, handling was extremely important. The crew did a masterful job today because we had both the late model and the pro stock and that is very demanding. I also thank our sponsors Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric. We could not do any of this without their support.

Immediately following his win and trip to ACT tech, Eddie Mac raced to his EXIT Realty pro stock for the Honey Badger Bar and Grill 150 in staging. The Dave Lemieux owned Chevy started sixth in the event after posting a third place run in qualifying. The car was extremely tight right from the drop of the green flag and was dragging the track. Eddie Mac rode in the 8th position then decided to pit on the lap 50 caution flag for major adjustments, returning to the track in the 18th spot. The #17 returned to the pits on caution lap 56 for another adjustment to restart the race 19th.

With the car freed up too much, Eddie Mac battled to get to the 11th position by lap 125 but was unable to gain any more spots before the checkered flag on lap 150 with Eddie Mac saying, "We definitely hoped for a better finish but the car was just too tight to start the race then it was to free and it was a struggle. However, it gave us a good understanding of what we need to do when we come back here for the 250. I have to thank car owner Dave Lemieux (Lemieux Home Builders) and Brian Neal (Neal Excavating) for everything they do for us. They are both great guys with a real passion for this sport. Dave's Mom and sister are committed like Dave and are here every race and make all the food for the crew. We couldn't ask for better people. With the Peterson's and the Lemieux's support, our team is very lucky."

Eddie Mac's next ACT race on the schedule is at Groveton, NH on June 2 with the Pro Stock competing in the Granite State Pro Stock Series at Loudon, NH on June 23-24.
Photos by Richard Casey
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Photos by Norm Marx

Eddie Mac Finishes Second in ACT Governor’s Cup at Lee
Eddie MacDonald started on the pole and led 108 laps in the American Canadian Tour's New Hampshire Governor's Cup 150 at Lee USA Speedway on Saturday, May 12 only to lose the handling to post a second place finish. The EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates/Hancock Electric Chevy won the pole position thanks to a +5 rating coming from eighth to third in the 12 lap heat.

The Freddie Peterson owned #17 powered its way over the 25 car field for 108 laps before losing the lead to eventual winner Scott Payea with Eddie Mac saying, "This was a tough one to lose. As the race went on, the car just became tight in the middle of the turns and loose off. All the cautions at the end did not help and I had a real battle with the #37. Scott drove a great race and it was a nice win for him but really disappointing for us. We were great in practice yesterday and the car was really good in the practice and in the heat today."

Eddie Mac was the strong earlier leader maintaining a two to three car length lead over his closest competitor for the first two thirds of the 150 lap event. Multiple cautions beginning on lap 69 pitted Eddie Mac with Payea in a side by side battle until relinquishing the lead on the 108th circuit. The veteran racer closed the three car length gap with two to go when the leaders had to negotiate side by side lap cars that made for an exciting ending. Eddie Mac almost pulled it out with three wide racing only to finish in the runner-up position.

"It is definitely frustrating to lose but it was a good point's day for us and now we have to prepare for next week's races at Oxford running both the Late Model and the Pro Stock." said Eddie Mac. "Congratulations are in order to new grandparents Shelia and Freddie Peterson whose daughter Emma gave birth to a baby girl this past week. We thank Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty who was with us today for all he does for this team. Also thanks to Kenny and Scott Peterson from Hancock Electric for their long time support. We hope Kenny's wife and Scott's mother Carol, who has been under the weather, a speedy recovery. The crew did another amazing job today and special thanks to Rollie's (crew chief Rollie LaChance) son Ryan who took care of the tires despite ankle surgery a couple of weeks ago. Thanks also to Bobby Wood for all he does for this team."

As mentioned, Eddie Mac and the team will race in the ACT and PASS races at Oxford Plains Speedway on Sunday, May 20 with practice on Saturday.
Photos by
Richard Casey
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Photos by
Norm Marx

 Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Eddie Mac Battles for Tenth Place Finish at Thunder Road

Eddie MacDonald battled his racecar and a caution filled race to post a determined tenth place finish in the ACT opener at Barre, Vermont's Thunder Road on Sunday, May 6. After a two week delay, the 33rd year for the American Canadian Tour took the green flag in the 20th Community Bank 150 only to wait out a two hour rain delay after completing only two laps of the 150 lap feature.

Eddie Mac's season opener appeared headed in the right direction after posting top five practice times on Saturday, then repeated top five times on Sunday. However, when the green flag waved for his qualifying heat, the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Chevy changed dramatically. The veteran racer started sixth but was unable to transfer after scoring a sixth place finish, then had to make the race after posting a second place run in the "consi."

"It was a mystery to all of us when the car just did not respond the way it had since the first practice on Saturday," said Eddie Mac. "After the last practice on Sunday morning we were happy with the car and didn't make one adjustment, so to go out there and have it react that way was a total surprise. We made some changes afterward but when we started the race it was the same."

Eddie Mac started 18th in the 30 car field then just missed a big wreck on lap two. The threatening skies finally gave way to a steady rain that sent the ACT cars to the pits for a two hour delay. Eddie Mac and crew chief Rollie LaChance strategized and formulated a plan when racing resumed and pitted on caution lap 34 for right side tires and wedge adjustments.

However, the Freddie Peterson owned Chevy struggled and returned to the pits on caution lap 75 restarting in the 19th position. Before a lap could be completed a huge pile up ensnared Eddie Mac's car causing front end damage and knocking out the toe. The crew responded with efficient effort to fix the toe on the next four cautions, the last one on lap 112. Finally the car responded as Eddie Mac began his move to the front on the outside.

"All race long the car did not like the outside so I had to drive the bottom," said Eddie Mac. "I decided to move to the outside after the last pit stop and suddenly it started to go. It was very racy and I was able to start passing cars. I only wish it could have happened sooner because I think I could have finished a lot better. I have to give special thanks to the crew. They worked their butts off making all the changes over the last half of the race. Rollie and I really appreciate everything they did. They were asked to do a lot and each guy responded and they are responsible for me being able to get to tenth. I know it is not the finish we wanted, but it was because of the crew we were able to finish as well as we did."

Eddie Mac will take the green flag next Saturday, May 12 in the ACT Governor's Cup at Lee USA Speedway.
Photos by Richard Casey

Eddie Mac to Make a Run at 2018 ACT Title
Monday, April 09 2018 - Contributed by: ACT Staff

After spending the 2017 season up to his “Outlaw” ways, Eddie MacDonald will be rejoining the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) championship battle in 2018. The Rowley, MA driver has filed a full-season entry for the ACT Late Model Tour and will pursue the $10,000 prize for winning this year’s title.

MacDonald last ran the full ACT campaign in 2016 when he finished third in the standings. He won two events last year as part of a limited schedule, giving him nine Tour victories in his career. In addition, he is a 5-time winner of the ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and triumphed in the 2014 Vermont Milk Bowl.

“When the ACT schedule came out, a lot of the races interested us,” MacDonald said. “We always try to plan our season out with the races that we’d like to run, and most of the races on the ACT schedule were ones that we would enjoy going to anyway. So we figured we might as well hit a couple extra ones and do them all.

“We don’t usually worry about points,” he added when asked about his title chances. “Our thing is that we just try to go out and run the best we can every week, and everything else plays into that and however it works out. Our goal is still the same – to go out there and try to win every week. You know that’s not going to happen, but you still try to do the best you can and try to at least get a decent finish in the races that are more challenging.”

The 2018 ACT title hunt gets underway on Sunday, May 6 at Barre, VT's Thunder Road Speedbowl for the Community Bank N.A. 150

For the second time in April, American-Canadian Tour (ACT) and Lee USA Speedway officials have announced the postponement of the 28th New Hampshire Governor’s Cup, citing unsuitable ground conditions at the facility. The event has now been rescheduled for Saturday, May 12 at 2:00pm. Eddie was the 2014 Governor’s Cup winner at the track his parents Red and Judy MacDonald owned and operated for many years. The track was sold to Norman Wrenn II this past winter.

“We’re looking forward to going to Lee,” MacDonald said. “We don’t usually get to run the Test & Tune day beforehand, because usually that weekend we’re in Bristol. So we’re looking forward to being able to have that test day ahead of time. We’d really love to get a win at Lee. The track means a lot to me, and I always want to win that race, being the first one of the year. We were lucky enough to do that once before, and we’re going to put in all the effort we can to try and make it happen again this year.”

MacDonald will have plenty of competition at Lee and throughout the season. Defending ACT U.S. Champion Scott Payea of Milton, VT returns in search of a second straight title, while Williamstown, VT’s Jimmy Hebert and Lebanon, NH’s Rich Dubeau rate to be consistent challengers. Defending Thunder Road Late Model Champion Bobby Therrien of Hinesburg, VT has entered the Governor’s Cup as has Barre, VT’s Mike Ziter in a car prepared by Joey Pole Racing.

44th Annual ICEBREAKER
Sunday, April 8, 2018
6th in the PASS Thompson Icebreaker
Photos by Norm Marx
Photos by Richard Casey

Eddie MacDonald Finishes Sixth
in the Icebreaker at Thompson

Eddie MacDonald appeared poised to claim another Icebreaker PASS (Pro Series All-Star Series) title at Thompson Motorsports Park on Sunday, May 8, with an impressive Saturday practice. However, a mismatched set of tires for qualifying and the race negated a positive chance to repeat as champion. Eddie Mac scored a disappointing sixth place finish in the EXIT Realty sponsored Chevy.

Eddie Mac posted the fastest time in the opening segment in the first practice and with a minor adjustment improved his time to run fourth fasted in the second segment. Eddie Mac ran in the top three in the second and final practice before bolting on new Hoosier tires for the ten lap qualifying race to follow. At the drop of the green flag, it was obvious that the car was not the same fast, handling car Eddie Mac had in practice.

Eddie Mac started 11th in the heat and moved into sixth place but was unable to move up. Upon returning to the pits the team quickly discovered the mismatched left front tire. As the University of Texas coach Darrel Royal frequently stated, "You have to dance with the one who brung you," and the same held true for Eddie Mac and the team. Rules dictate only four designated tires could be used for the race so crew chief Rollie LaChance had to devise a plan overnight to overcome this dilemma.

After the mandatory fan appreciation Sunday morning the team worked feverishly to implement the changes, starting with putting the left front on the left rear in hopes of stabilizing the car in the turns. A number of other adjustments were completed in time for the car to roll out on the starting grid for the 100 lap event,

Eddie Mac started ninth in the field after two cars went to the back and was able to begin a solid run to the front. By lap ten, Eddie Mac had the Dave Lemieux owned #17 in fifth place and heading toward the front with the notable difference that the car would not handle high in the turns, forcing Eddie Mac to stay on the bottom of the track. The inability to run up top would ultimately become a major factor with 25 laps to go.

At the halfway flag, Eddie Mac ran in the fourth position in a heated battle for third with Jared Irvin, the son of NASCAR legend Ernie, with Eddie Mac saying afterward, "I had to use up a lot of the tires to get by Jared and that put a lot of pressure on the right front since I could not go high. I eventually got by him on lap 65 but the car was already sliding the nose in the corners. I was hoping it wouldn't get worse but it always does."

Despite the gallant effort of the driver and crew, the tire situation couldn't hold out any longer as Eddie Mac lost three positions over the final 25 laps to post the sixth place finish saying, "It really is something when one mismatched tire can change the outcome of a race. We were really happy with the car in practice and believed we could contend for the win. To have this happen is frustrating and disappointing. Rollie and I thank car owner Dave Lemieux and Brian Neal for everything they do. Even in the frigid cold Dave's mother Barbara and sister Denise were there cheering us on and we really appreciate the food and sweets they bring each race. Thanks to Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty and Rob Grimm for their support and especially the crew that worked tirelessly in the cold, windy weather to get the car ready. We have a month break so we will be busy in the shop getting ready for our next race."

Eddie Mac will take the PASS green flag again on Saturday, April 14 at the Oxford Plains Speedway.
Eddie Mac Ready to Defend PASS Title
in Icebreaker at Thompson
Eddie MacDonald opened last season's PASS schedule with a victory at Thompson Motorsports Park's Icebreaker and hopes to repeat that performance this Sunday, April 8 on the famed Thompson speedway. Eddie Mac will pilot the Dave Lemieux owned Pro Stock in as many as nine events with his sights set on an Icebreaker win.

"Racing at Thompson is always fun and you couldn't ask for anything better than starting the season off competing in the Icebreaker," said the Rowley, Mass. veteran racer. "Everyone is excited to get going this season and we have the car ready to go so it should be a lot of fun. EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates will be our main sponsor for this race and we are thankful to Derek Beatrice for all his help. We had a great car last year in the opener to get the win so the goal we have is to get another victory to start the season."

The Pro All Star Series race on Sunday is scheduled for 100 laps as opposed to 75 laps last season with practice and qualifying scheduled for Saturday. The first practice is 9:30-9:55 AM, with the second and final practice 11:50-12:15 PM. Qualifying races of 10 laps are scheduled after the 12:15 opening ceremonies with consolation races, if necessary, of 12 laps to follow later in the afternoon.

"We don't have a lot of practice time so it is very important to have the car set-up and ready to go right from the start of practice," said Eddie Mac. "Rollie (crew chief Rollie LaChance) and I know what we need to have to be competitive at Thompson but we have to be ready to make quick adjustments. Everyone is in the same boat so it will fun to get things dialed in for qualifying. This track is very fast with long straights and high banked corners so the car has to have a lot of power but also needs to turn in the corners. You can't win at this track unless you have both."

"None of this would be possible without the help of a lot of people and we are thankful to have the continued support of many of the same people through the years, "said Eddie Mac. "Dave Lemieux (Lemieux Home Builders) and Brian Neal (Neal Excavating) have given us everything we need to be successful. Derek Beatrice has been great as well as Rob Grimm. Our Late Model owner Freddie Peterson (Peterson Auto Body) helps us out and huge thanks to Paul Rinaldi for his engine building expertise. Our crew from last year will be returning and their experience and dedication is a huge part of our success. We hope to see a lot of our friends at Thompson this weekend."

Eddie Mac's American Canadian Tour first race this season will take the green flag at Lee USA Speedway in the New Hampshire Governor's Cup 150 rescheduled for Sunday, April 22 with practice on Saturday, April 21.

  Date Track Location Length

Thompson Speedway
Motorsports Park

The 44th Icebreaker
Thompson, CT .625

Thunder Road Speedbowl

The Community Bank 150
Barre, VT  .250 
Lee USA Speedway

The New Hampshire Govenor's Cup
Lee, NH  .375

Oxford Plains Speedway 

The Oxford 150
Oxford, ME .375

Speedway 51

The Caron Fabrication 151
Groveton, NH .250

New London Waterford Speedbowl

The Waterford 150
Waterford, CT .375

New Hampshire Motor Speedway

$5000 to Win - 50 Laps
Loudon, NH 1.058

Speedway 51

The JP Sicard & Kingdom Gravel 151
Groveton, NH .250

White Mountain Motrosports Park 

The White Mountain 150
North. Woodstock, NH  .250 

Oxford Plains Speedway 

The Oxford Plains 150
Oxford, ME .375 

Oxford Plains Speedway 

Oxford, ME .375 

Thunder Road Speedbowl

The Coca Cola Labor Day Classic 150
Barre, VT  .250 

Thompson Speedway
Motorsports Park

The 55th Sunoco World Series
of Speedway Racing 75
Thompson, CT .625

Richmond Raceway

              200 Laps
Richmond, VA .750

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