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With heartfelt sadness, the Eddie MacDonald Motorsports Team mourns the passing of longtime friend and teammate Herbie Wing. Herbie and his wife Joanne celebrated sixty-two years of marriage just a day prior to his death. Together they raised five children in their Rowley home.

Herbie has been a part of the MacDonald family since 1978 when he worked on their Rowley home, then became the first employee and head of maintenance at Lee USA Speedway purchased by Judy and Red in 1987. Herbie also worked at Red and Judy’s Newbury Trucking Services for many years.

Herbie then volunteered his considerable talents to help young Eddie launch his successful racing career as a teenager competing at his parent’s track. For the rest of his life, Herbie was a valuable member of the race team. Whether it was cleaning the rest rooms, sweeping the shop, fabricating parts, repairing racecars, or installing engines, Herbie was there to do it.

During our down time at the shop, Herbie would fondly recall the many happy years the family spent each summer at their lake house in Salem, NH, as well as the motorcycle rides throughout the countryside with their friends. He was also very proud to be a founding member of their snowmobile club and the development and maintenance of the trails. But Herbie's great joy was speaking about the beautiful garden and the number of flowers Joanne and he planted around the house, not to mention the number of birds their feeders attracted to their home.

Eddie and the team were fortunate to have a guy like Herbie at the shop and at the racetrack. He will be missed.

Saturday, October 9th, 2021
3rd for Eddie at PASS World Series 75
Eddie battled a "strange" handling car to post a solid third place finish in the Pro All Star Series 75 lap feature at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park's Sunoco World Series on Saturday in Connecticut. A seemingly slight collision with the #13 car driven by another MacDonald affected the handling from lap 11 to the checkered flag on lap 75.

The Rowley, MA veteran racer started on the pole after finishing second in his heat with the previous winners rule in effect that any driver who has won a PASS race this season cannot start higher than tenth. Eddie Mac, driving the EXIT Realty/Grimm Construction/Hancock Electric Chevy, owned by Dave Lemieux led the 23 car field to the green flag and led to the first caution flag on lap 11. On the restart, the #17Ma and the #13 car driven by Austin MacDonald appeared to come in contact.

Eddie reported shortly afterward that the toe seemed to be knocked out of alignment saying, "It felt like the car just didn't want to turn after that and I thought when he hit the right front tire that the toe wasn't right. Fortunately I was able to drive it to a third place finish but it was a handful. After the race we checked the toe and it was right so something else happened and we will have to find out the cause when we get it back to the shop. It was definitely strange the way the car handled the rest of the race.

Eddie held on to second place until eventual winner Derek Griffith passed both cars to take the top spot on lap 22. Eddie fell back to fifth place by lap 36 but clawed his way back on impressive passes on lap 64 and 67 restarts after caution flags. An exciting side by side battle with the #7 of Corey Cassagrande with Eddie on the outside for several laps resulted in Eddie taking the third spot on lap 70 to take the checkered flag five laps later.

"Obviously a win would have been much better but with the car handling the way it did we just didn't have enough to challenge for the win," said Eddie. "Rollie (LaChance-crew chief) and I really have to thank our crew for their outstanding work today and for the entire season. It was a long day but they did everything possible to give me a great car. I especially have to thank Kerry Rinaldi and Denise Lemieux for preparing fantastic meals for us all season. "Of course none of this would be possible without the help of our sponsors: Exit Realty, Grimm Construction, Hancock Electric, Peterson Auto Body, Neal Excavating, Arvo Auto, and Ipswich NAPA, and our car owner Dave Lemieux," said Eddie. "I hope everyone has an awesome off season and you all stay healthy and happy."
Photos by Richard Casey  
Photos by Norm Marx

Saturday, September 25th, 2021
7th at PASS Seekonk DAV Classic
Photos by Norm Marx

Eddie Rallies from Near Disaster to
Finish Sixth in the Oxford 250
Eddie Mac's hopes for a third Oxford 250 title looked good with four new tires and the lead on lap 176 of the 250 lap Pro All Star Series Oxford 250 spectacular on Sunday August 29, 2021 only to end two laps later when a lapped car sent the EXIT Realty/Grimm Construction/ Hancock Electric Chevy sailing over the turn three berm. Eddie Mac was able to resume but had to pit for right side tires, then battle from his P 23 restarting position to score an incredible sixth place finish.

Crew Chief Rollie LaChance made the call for the four tires on caution lap 176 and the crew responded expertly to get the Rowley, Mass. veteran back on the track in the top spot with 74 laps to go. Eddie Mac made good use of the new rubber to pass a number of lapped and lead lap cars and was three wide on the backstretch two laps later when a lapped car decided to run two wide and hooked the Dave Lemieux Chevy as it made the pass sending the cars spinning off the track.

"I really felt we had a great shot to win this thing but a stupid mistake cost us the chance," said a frustrated Eddie Mac after the race. "The crew did an amazing job in the pits changing four tires and getting me out so quick. Two laps later they did the same thing with two right side tires after the spin. These guys worked their tails off for three days and Rollie and I are certainly proud of them. We had to restart P 23 after our caution and without their expertise this finish would not have been possible."

After a Friday and Saturday day of testing different set ups, the 17ma started sixth in the third of five heat races and powered his way to an easy second place finish to insure an eighth place starting position in the 43 car field with an eye on the $25,000 first place prize. For the first 75 laps, Eddie Mac ran anywhere from second to fourth place with the untimely caution flags constantly forcing him to restart on the outside with the preferred line around the bottom.

While in P2 on lap 108, the team decided to stay out even though the car was bottoming out in turn three and planned to pit on the next caution for right side tires and an adjustment. As usual, the longest run without a caution happened so it was decided to take four tires on lap 176 with Eddie Mac slipping back a couple of positions. It was great for two laps until disaster struck. The car was so tight the decision to change right side tires proved the right on. Restarting P13 for the remaining laps, Eddie Mac negotiated lapped traffic and lead cars to move into the sixth position with ten laps to go and hot on the bumper of Johnny Clark for fifth when checkered flag waved.

"Of course we wanted this win but the effort tonight by our entire team was awesome," said Eddie Mac. "Rollie had a great set up and the crew worked flawlessly to get me the track position I needed. It was just that one stupid mistake that cost us but our attitude is to never give up. I really had a lot of fun racing all those guys and I hope the fans enjoyed the show. All the leaders ran a clean race all the way to the end. We thought we had a car to contend after our two practices and we came close."

"So many people helped us this race including Derek Beatrice from Exit Realty. Kenny Thompson from Hancock Electric, Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction car owner Dave Lemieux from Lemieux Builders, Brian Neal from Neal Excavating, Ipswich NAPA Hydraulics, Arvo's Auto, and Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto.

"So many people give their time and support to this team, it is truly humbling," said Eddie Mac. "We have to be the best fed team anywhere because Denise Lemieux fed our team for three days and that is just incredible. And our newest team member Silas Grant, the month old son of Ashley and Warren Grant, made his first Oxford 250 debut and hopefully this will become a tradition. Thank you everyone for all your support."
Photos by
Richard Casey
Photos by
Norm Marx

Saturday, August 14th, 2021
8th Place Finish at OPS
Photos by
Norm Marx

The 4th annual Motor Mountain Masters will take place on Saturday, August 7th.
The $10,000 to win pro late model race has become one of the most prestigious
events in the county with over 30 drivers from 13 states expected.
Second Place Finish for Eddie MacDonald
at Jennerstown Speedway Complex 
Eddie MacDonald's first appearance at Jennerstown Speedway in southwestern Pennsylvania for the $10,000 to win Motor Mountain Masters put on an impressive show from the green to checkered flag to post a second place finish. With Mooresville, N.C. crew chief Matt Drake at the helm, the duo combined to dominate practice sessions on Friday, August 6 and the third heat race on Saturday to secure a third place starting position in the 150 lap's fourth annual event on the half mile oval.

Twenty-nine cars took the green flag in the race eventually won by Derek Griffith, with Eddie Mac, Albert Francis, and Cole Butcher all in contention. Nine caution flags and one red flag for a horrendous crash in turn one slowed the action, including an old fashioned on track brawl sure to make the racing highlight shows. The two cars wrecked on lap 26 in turn one as one driver jumped from his car to repeatedly punch the other belted in driver. When officials separated the punching driver, the other climbed from his car, retrieved the punching driver's helmet from his car and tossed it over the outside wall making it all the way to the parking lot. Both drivers were disqualified with a suspension sure to follow. Fortunately, caution laps did not count.

When the green flag waved to start the race, Eddie Mac drove the Grimm Construction/EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric Camry owned by Matt Drake with Dave Lemieux's engine providing the power, quickly grabbed the second position behind Griffith. With multiple cautions early on, Eddie Mac was able to power his way to second and on lap 45 powered past Griffith from the outside to take the lead. The duo battled for the lead with the 12g regaining the top spot on lap 48.
Two competition cautions on laps 40 and 90 gave teams five minutes to make adjustments while most waited for the lap 90 break to change right side tires and add fuel. By lap 70 Cole Butcher and Hopkins passed the Rowley, Mass. veteran. While in the fourth position, Eddie Mac then battled the #15 side by side for third from the outside position. After making slight contact the #15 spun on the backstretch on lap 88 to bring out another caution.

During the competition caution on lap 90, Eddie Mac's team strapped on two right side tires, filled it with gas, and made a small adjustment for the final 60 laps. Eddie Mac quickly challenged the #24 from his third restarting position and jetted into second place on the 110th circuit. Over the final 30 laps Griffith held the lead with Eddie Mac slowing closing the gap with no pressure from anyone in the remaining 14 car field. With ten laps to go Eddie Mac trailed by only two car lengths and appeared poised to challenge for the win but a lapped car forced Eddie Mac wide and killed his momentum to cross the line in second place.

"We had a great car for most of the race and just got a little loose at the end but I have to thank crew chief Matt Drake and his dad Ron and Matt's 13 year old son "Cru" for all their help. Matt had a great setup and Dave Lemieux's engine provided all the power,' said Eddie Mac. "We didn't have a big crew from home but the guys worked their tails off including Craig Arvo, Brian Neal, Paul and Kerry Rinaldi, Dave Lemieux and Dick Casey. It was a long trip to get here but it was a pretty good way to finish. Derek drove a great race and to finish second our first time here is special. This is a great facility and the people here are fantastic. We hope to be back next year."

"Rob Grimm and Steve Vasey from Grimm Construction were here to support us and we really appreciate everything they have done for our team for over a decade," said Eddie Mac. "We also thank Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty, Brian Neal from Neal Excavating, and Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric for their continued support. Kenny is still on the mend from his severe leg injury but we were pleased to hear he had a great family outing for his 80th birthday the other day. He and his wife Carol are two of the nicest people you would ever be lucky enough to know. Finally we have to thank all our fans for their continued support. It means a lot to all of us."
        Photos by
Richard Casey

Eddie Finishes Fourth at Claremont Motorsports Park
Eddie Mac overcame a near race-ending crash to post a fourth place finish in the $10,000 to win Granite State Pro Stock Series event at the tricky Claremont New Hampshire one-third of a mile track. The Dave Lemieux owned Chevy started seventh in the surprisingly low 14 car field for the 150 lapper.

After time trials, then heats, the top four finishers from both heats (Eddie ran third in the second heat) drew starting positions in front of the fans. Eddie Mac drew a seventh place starting position that quickly proved to be difficult on a unique track known for making a pass very difficult. The EXIT Realty/Grimm Construction/Hancock Electric Chevy was loose from the beginning of the race yet Eddie Mac was able to run comfortably in the fifth spot for the first 102 laps.

While Eddie Mac drove to the inside of the #93 for the fourth position in turn two, the driver of the #93 overdrove the corner, turned sideways and down into the right front of the #17ma in the middle of the short backstretch nearly sending Eddie Mac on a spin into the infield. Remarkably, Eddie Mac regained control and was able to continue. However the crash did affect the already loose racecar, further enhancing the already loose condition. Upon closer inspection after the race, the tie rod appeared to be bent, the toe knocked out, and the wheel bent.

On the 104 restart Eddie Mac rode in fourth place and then was heavily challenged by Derek Griffith with the two battling side by side for the position until lap 140 before Eddie Mac was able to develop a two car lead to the checkered flag.

"The car was loose from the start of the race and then when I got hit it really got worse," said Eddie Mac. "It was just a racing deal but it really did affect the handling. I put a lot of brake into it and those rotors were glowing red hot after the race. Claremont is a really tough place to pass on, so starting up front is a huge advantage. When you get in a side by side battle with someone it takes a number of laps to make the pass and the single file leaders just pull away. Unless there is a caution, there isn't too much chance to run them down."

"I have to thank our crew chief Robbie Harrison for all his hard work, even with the cast on his leg," said Eddie Mac. "We have been together only a few races and I think we are really getting to know one another. As usual, our crew is great and even though we were missing a few of our regular guys, other guys stepped up to help and we really appreciate it. One great reason for one of the guys to miss the race is because of a new baby. Ashley and Warren Grant welcomed a baby boy into the family this week and all are doing fine. We are all so happy for them. Our sponsors continue to be huge supporters of this team and we all thank Kerry Rinaldi, Denise Lemieux, and Debbie Bakie for providing all the food for our team every race. Everyone truly appreciates everything they do."

Eddie Mac and the team will partner again with Matt Drake from Mooresville, N.C. in his car and Dave Lemieux's engine this coming weekend for the $10,000 to win Pro Late Model race at Jennerstown Speedway Complex in Pennsylvania with practice and qualifying on Friday and the race on Saturday. The event will be covered by Speed 51.
Photos by
Richard Casey

Wednesday, JULY 28th, 2021
Eddie Rallies to Finish Fourth
at Seekonk Speedway
After leading for 60 of the 150 lap Bay State Classic PASS feature at Seekonk Speedway (Mass) on Wednesday night, Eddie Mac rallied from a flat right tire on lap 123 to post an impressive fourth place finish. The veteran racer started on the outside pole after easily winning the second of four heats in the 32 car field.

Eddie Mac took the lead on lap five at the "Cement Palace" and cruised to an early lead for the first 50 laps. The fourth caution of the event littered the track with debris and it was at that point Eddie Mac believed his tire issue began saying, "When you are the first car through after a caution, you run the risk of picking up stuff on your tires. It was soon after that the car began to feel tight and it was probably due to a small leak in the right front tire."

Eventual winner Johnny Clark made the pass for the lead on lap 61 and by the halfway flag the EXIT Realty/Hancock Electric/Grimm Construction Chevy ran in the third position. With DJ Shaw fading, Eddie Mac powered the Dave Lemieux owned ride into second place on lap 120 only to have the tire blow two laps later forcing Eddie Mac to the pits. The crew quickly changed the tire to get the Rowley, Mass. veteran back on the track for the final 26 laps.

Starting P10, Eddie Mac put on a masterful display to power past lapped cars and position cars to run fifth with only ten laps to go. With four to go, Eddie Mac drove underneath Derek Griffith to take fourth place as the checkered flag waved. It was not the finish the team wanted but the run and finish was somewhat satisfying.

"We definitely wanted to contend for the win but we have to be proud of this entire team's effort today," said Eddie Mac. "The guys worked hard all day and got the job done to change the tire and get me back out on the track. Crew chief Robbie Harrison had a good plan for today and the car was great. I don't think we could have caught Clark but we were definitely a second place car. I could feel the car change after the restart and it is just unfortunate to lose a chance for the win because of something we picked up on the track. But our finish shows the determination this team has every time we race. I am so proud of our team's efforts."

Eddie Mac continued, "We have been so thankful for the longtime sponsors that make this all possible: including Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty, Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric, Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction, Dave Lemieux and car owner from Lemieux Builders, Brian Neal from Neal Excavating, Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto Body, and Arvo's Auto."

Eddie and the team must now prepare for the Granite State Pro Stock Series event at Claremont Speedway in New Hampshire on Saturday, 7/31.
Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by Norm Marx

Sunday, MAY 23rd, 2021
Electrical Issue Parks Eddie
at White Mountain Motorsports Park
An electrical issue again plagued Eddie Mac's challenge for the win in the PASS race at White Mountain on Sunday as it did recently at Stafford Motor Speedway. The team believed the problem had been resolved yet near halfway in the 150 lap feature the engine began cutting out again and finally forcing the 17ma Chevy to the pits on lap 78 to post an 18th place finish.

Eddie Mac's Grimm Construction/EXIT Realty/ Hancock Electric Chevy started sixth in the Pro All Star Series 21 car field after posting a third place run in the second of three Super Late Model heats. The Dave Lemieux owned car showed no signs of an electrical problem during the three practices or the heat. The only problem expressed by Eddie Mac was the car was tight in the center of the turns. Crew chief Robbie Harrison and the team addressed the lone issue before the race.

When the green flag waved, Eddie Mac drove to fourth by lap three and rode comfortably in the fifth position to save tires until the caution flag on lap 42 with the veteran racer reporting, "The car is too free up high in the turns causing the front end to wash up the track." The decision was made to stay out. On the restart the #09 slammed into Eddie Mac nearly turning him around on the front stretch but Eddie was able to save it but slipped to seventh. Eddie regained one spot before the trouble began.

During the lap 60 caution, Eddie Mac reported the issue to Robbie Harrison saying, "The car is cutting out, the same as it did at Stafford. It shuts off in the turns and is sputtering when I get back to the throttle. I don't want to get run over and cause a big wreck so tell the guys behind me (to spotter Brendon Barker) when we restart that it may not go."

The problem persisted with Eddie Mac falling back in the pack before finally exiting to the pits on lap 78 saying afterward, "We really thought the problem had been fixed and I was surprised when it started doing the same thing again. I feel bad for all the crew who worked so hard all day and for Robbie (Harrison) who came on board as our crew chief. We really worked well together and I hope we get the chance to work together again."

"Our team has a great bunch of guys and women who work hard every time we come to the track and in the shop," said Eddie Mac. "I am always so thankful we have had the same group of fantastic sponsors for such a long time. They provide the consistency a team needs to be successful every season. Rob Grimm from Grimm Construction, Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty, Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric, Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto, and Brian Neal from Neal Excavating have been the mainstays for the success of our team. Of course, Dave Lemieux from Lemieux Builders is an awesome team owner. I am so thankful and lucky to be surrounded by such fantastic people."
Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by Norm Marx

Sunday, MAY 16th, 2021
Retirement on Lap 58 for an 18th Place Finish
Photos by Norm Marx
Saturday, APRIL 24th, 2021
Eddie Places Fourth at Stafford in the GSPSS Event
Electrical issues near the end of the Granite State Pro Stock Series Casagrande Builders 75 lap race at Stafford (Ct) Motor Speedway stalled any chance for Eddie Mac to challenge for the lead. Inexplicably, the car's engine would shut off on each straight away near the end of feature.

"It was definitely a surprise that this happened in the closing laps and we didn't have any problem with it prior to that," said Eddie Mac. "I don't think I could have caught Joey Pole (eventual winner) but I think I could have challenged for second with the two cars battling for that spot."

Team owner Dave Lemieux teamed with Mooresville, North Carolina car owner and crew chief Matt Drake for the race. The two had been planning to team up for a race in Drake's Fury car for some time and finally decided Stafford would be the event to join forces. Drake provided the car with Lemieux's engine on board with Eddie Mac saying, "The Fury was definitely different to drive and I wish we had more time with it to get a better feel. We didn't have great practices and time trials but when the race started, the car drove pretty well and I was able to ride in the top five for most of the race.

Eddie Mac started second as a result of the inverted draw and was able to take the top spot until lap 15 when Joey Pole powered past everyone to hold a commanding lead the rest of the way. Eddie Mac battled the 24 car field to stay in the top five and rode comfortably in fourth with eight laps to go but was unable to advance when the engine continued to suddenly shut off before re-firing.

"It was great to work with Matt and driving a Fury car was fun and different from what we have," said Eddie Mac. "The crew worked hard as they always do and their efforts are always greatly appreciated. Thanks to Warren Grant, Tom Rice, Craig Arvo, Brian Neal, Hoppy Hodgkins, Kenny Grooms, our spotter and tire specialist Dave Ricker for all they do."

"Of course, our long time sponsors are so important to our success and we thank them," said Eddie. "Grimm Construction has been with us since our K&N days and it was great to have Rob Grimm and Steve Vasey there for the race. Kenny and Scott Thompson from Hancock Electric have been with us for a dozen years and it is good to report that Kenny is recovering nicely from his horrific accident last year. I also have to thank Brian Neal from Neal Excavating for everything he does and Derek Beatrice from EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates for his continued support. Freddie Peterson from Peterson Auto is also an important member of our team. We couldn't do what we do without their help and they have our thanks."

Sunday, APRIL 18th, 2021
Accident Ruins Solid Run for Eddie at NHMS
Eddie MacDonald's gutsy three wide pass on lap 31 vaulted the 17ma Chevy into second place in the Pro All Star Series' Super Late Model 50 lap feature in the Northeast Classic at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Sunday, April 18 only to have his day ruined four laps later. Eddie Mac's quest for the twelfth win of his career on the one mile Loudon, N.H. oval ended after colliding with another car while fighting for position on a lap 33 restart. The incident damaged the right front fender and hood causing a severe tire rub.

"We were on the back stretch after the restart and a couple of cars got sideways and came down on the right front of my car and the tire started rubbing right away," said Eddie Mac. "At first it was rubbing only in the corners but then it got worse and was smoking all the way down the straight. I was hoping for a caution but when we didn't get one I had to pull off the track on lap 44 before the car ended up in the wall."

Eddie Mac started 14th in the 25 car field but quickly made his way to the front as soon as the green flag waved. The Rowley, Mass racer rode in the fifth position by lap 11 and into fourth when the competition caution flag waved on lap 30. Eddie Mac appeared poised to contend for the lead after the masterful three wide pass on the bottom of the track for second place. It was not to be when the caution flag on lap 33 put an end to Eddie Mac's run for his 12th victory at NHMS.

"You just hate to end this way with a 20th place finish, especially at Loudon," said Eddie Mac. "Everyone worked so hard to get us ready and to have this happen is just terrible. I think if I could have stayed up front we would have had a chance for the win. Unfortunately things happen in racing beyond your control and this was one of those days."

"Our team is so lucky to have great sponsors and our crew is the best but we all have to thank some members of our crew who deserve our gratitude," said Eddie Mac. "Denise Lemieux, Kerri Rinaldi, and Debbie Bakie do a fantastic job preparing food for the crew every week. They have been fantastic and we just want to let them know how much we appreciate everything they do."

Thanks always for Grimm Construction, EXIT Realty, Hancock Electric, Peterson Auto, Neal Excavating, Lemieux Builders, NAPA Ipswich Hydraulics, and Arvo's Auto for their continued support.

The team will compete in the Spring Sizzler at Stafford (Ct) Motor Speedway this Saturday, April 24 in the Granite State Pro Stock Series feature event.
Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by Norm Marx



Eddie MacDonald Opens His Season
with a Second Place Finish

Eddie MacDonald posted a solid second place finish in the 75 lap Pro All Star Series feature on Saturday's Thompson (Ct) Icebreaker on the fast 5/8ths of a mile speedway. The 17ma Ford qualified to start third after scoring a win from the fourth place starting position in the third of three heats.

Eddie Mac wasted little time driving the Dave Lemieux owned ride into second place on a second lap restart, the only caution in the feature. From that point on only two cars were in contention for the win over the remaining 73 laps. Eddie Mac trailed eventual winner Derek Griffith by 5-7 car lengths and was unable to close the gap. The duo easily outdistanced the rest of the field by a full straight away to take the checkered flag.

"It is always a little frustrating to finish second but Derek's car was just too good so we are happy to get a second place finish in our first race of the season," said Eddie Mac. "We had a good day of practice on Friday but the car didn't turn as well in the Saturday practices. We had a good run in the heat going from fourth to first but I knew we would have to be perfect to beat Derek."

"Hopefully we will have the car a little better for next Saturday's PASS race at Loudon in the Northeast Classic," said the veteran racer. "Rollie (LaChance) and I are really thankful to our crew that worked hard for the two days and they make all the difference. Our guys have been with us for some time now and they really get the job done."

"We all wanted to get the win for our great friend and teammate Bobby Wood who recently passed away but I am sure he will be happy with our efforts," said Eddie Mac. "Of course none of this would be possible without our sponsors who mean so much to this team including: Grimm Construction, Hancock Electric, EXIT Realty, Neal Excavating, Peterson Auto, Lemieux Builders, and Ipswich Hydraulics. It was great to have Rob Grimm and his son David, along with Steve Vasey make the trip from Pennsylvania for the race and they plan to attend our next two races.

The Northeast Classic at New Hampshire Motor Speedway is scheduled for a full day of practice for all divisions on Friday, April 16 beginning at 11:00am with practice, heats and features beginning at 9:00am on Saturday.
Photos by Richard Casey
Photos by Norm Marx

Naples, ME -- Pro All Stars Series (PASS) officials have announced a new loyalty program that will allow racers in the Northeast a choice of running the entire 20 race PASS schedule or the flexibility to participate in only the North or South races and the chance to win up to $10000. The Northern Series will be comprised of 13 races throughout the season while the Southern Series will be made of 10 events.

“With our aggressive 2021 schedule, we thought it was important to give our drivers some choices about how they race with PASS,” said President Tom Mayberry, “This way, drivers who want to race 20 plus races still can, but drivers who budget for less races can still race loyally on a smaller schedule.”

PASS has 20 Northeast points paying events on the overall schedule and will crown its overall Champion on those races. From those races, The Southern Tour will see 3 races at Seekonk, 2 at Thompson, and 1 each at Loudon, Monadnock, Lee, Hudson, and the July event at White Mountain Motorsports Park. The North Tour will consist of 5 races at Oxford Plains Speedway, 3 at WMMP, and 1 each at Loudon, Thunder Road, Lee, Monadnock, and Hudson.
New England North Event = NEN
New England South Event = NES

April 10 - Icebreaker - Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, CT NES

April 16 & 17 - Northeast Classic - New Hampshire Motor Speedway, NH

April 25
- Oxford Plains Speedway, ME NEN

May 1 & 2 - Rain Date if needed

May 16 - Lee USA Speedway, NH NEN NES

May 23 - White Mountain Motorsports Park, NH NEN

June 6 - Oxford Plains Speedway, ME NEN

June 20 - Hudson Speedway, NH

July 4 - Monadnock Speedway, NH NEN NES

July 11 - Oxford Plains Speedway, ME
( To Be Confirmed )

July 17 - White Mountain Motorsports Park, NH NEN NES

July 28 - Weds. - Seekonk Speedway, MA
- $ 10,000 To Win NES

August 8 - Rain Date if needed

August 15 - Oxford Plains Speedway, ME NEN

August 28 & 29 - Oxford 250 - Oxford Plains Speedway, ME NEN

Sept. 18 - White Mountain Motorsports Park, NH NEN

Sept 25 - Weds. - D. Anthony Venditti Memorial - Seekonk Speedway, MA

Oct. 1 - Thunder Road International Speedbowl, VT NEN

9 - World Series - Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, CT NES

Oct. 16 - Oxford Plains Speedway, ME NEN

Oct. 23 - Seekonk Speedway, MA

Non PASS Points Events:
There will be two 100 lap, non-point races at OPS - a 250 qualifier in July and a TBA.

In August there will be a non-point "Run-What-You-Brung" TBA.


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Grimm Racing Is More than Just Winning 
Racing may be about winning but it also has plenty of room for support and compassion for people and causes and this is what Grimm Racing is all about. If anyone has any doubt about the validity of the statement, all they have to do is to look at the vinyl covering the car. The MS, New Path Adventures, Boston Strong logos, and the Eric Williams emblem are displayed on every Grimm car.

Recently Megan Spaulding, the daughter of Carla and Rob Grimm, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In an effort to support MS Awareness Week, the #71 carried the logo for the first race on the rear quarter panels at Bristol. Rob Grimm decided the MS banner would be permanently displayed on the car for the entire season. The family and members of Grimm Nation will participate as the “MS Warriors” in the May 5 MS Walk at Pocono Speedway.  (

The Grimm family was deeply moved by the horrific events on Marathon Monday in Boston and the decision was easily reached to display the “Boston Strong” ribbon on the car. Eddie MacDonald and many of the team members call the Boston area home and felt the need to support those killed, injured, and their families was something Grimm Racing does for all those in need.

Rob Grimm decided that “New Path Adventures” logo would be displayed on the back of the car for the season. New Path Adventures is based in Dallas, Texas and ministers to troubled youths ages 13-19. Crew member Steven Owens, nephew of Rob Grimm, is proud to say his brother Jonathan Owens and Alan Owens offer guidance and a positive change in the choices these youngsters make in their daily lives. The Spanish to English Ministry recently completed a very successful bike ride across the state of Texas, an 865 mile journey, to raise money. Alan and Jonathan work with a group of 7-10 youngsters by taking them from their environment and harmful behavior, minister to them while living out of backpacks in the wilds of Texas. is a good source for information.

On February 25, 2013 Corrections Officer Eric Williams was murdered in the line of duty at the U.S Penitentiary located in Canaan, Pa. that is within sight of the Grimm Racing shop in Waymart, Pa. In order to honor Officer Williams and those men and women that serve, every Grimm car will display the emblem for the remainder of the season. (

Being a member of Grimm Nation is much more than supporting the #71 on the track. It means a commitment to show support for those in need.

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